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EVE Developer meet up: London, April 27

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Knights of Nii
The 20 Minuters
#41 - 2012-04-13 20:28:37 UTC
Yes i should be there! jus booking a hotel now..... :)
#42 - 2012-04-13 20:53:47 UTC
I'll be there in my freshly dry cleaned drinking trousers!
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#43 - 2012-04-13 21:25:22 UTC
I'll be there
Grever X
The Black Crow Bandits
Brave Collective
#44 - 2012-04-13 21:40:14 UTC
I'll be there for sure even though i have an exam the next morning :) Can't wait to see all the guys i met at the last meet again and meet new ppl. And pls somebody stay near me after the 4th pint and translate :D
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#45 - 2012-04-13 21:50:43 UTC
I plan to be there though may have to shy off the drink (Engineer on Call) Roll
Talon SilverHawk
Patria o Muerte
#46 - 2012-04-13 22:30:06 UTC
Will be there : )


Talon SilverHawk
Patria o Muerte
#47 - 2012-04-13 22:31:51 UTC
Stunter wrote:
I plan to be there though may have to shy off the drink (Engineer on Call) Roll

I'll have yours Big smile


Caellach Marellus
#48 - 2012-04-13 23:38:59 UTC
Goddamnit, the one weekend I'm not in the country Straight

When your gut instincts tell you something is wrong, trust them. When your heart tells you something is right, ignore it, check with your brain first. Accept nothing, challenge everything.

Pandemic Legion
#49 - 2012-04-14 00:16:05 UTC
Count me in! Really looking forward to a very mini-fanfest Big smile
Ortho Loess
The Legion of Spoon
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
#50 - 2012-04-14 00:42:05 UTC
I'm there!

I'll see how many corpies I can bring along too Big smile
Ching Tao
UK Freedom Fighters
Wrecking Machine.
#51 - 2012-04-14 02:39:35 UTC

Count me in! I really wanted to go Fanfest this year but not alone (awwwwwww lol) but a few Pints with fellow EvE Pilots in a local! Sounds like a great night out!

see you guys there!
ExoGen Foundation
#52 - 2012-04-14 06:48:07 UTC
Hope to make it as well, and hope to bring some corp mates along!
Lady Galadriel
Amarr Empire
#53 - 2012-04-14 07:12:00 UTC
knobber Jobbler wrote:
Lady Galadriel wrote:

Please ensure there is a load of cider ready , and wallets full of money to buy me drinks all night long.


If you were from Black Frog I'd get you a pint. ;)

Thanks , One pint of vodka please....
Calistai Huranu
Imperium Cartel.
Literally Triggered
#54 - 2012-04-14 07:40:57 UTC
Will be attending, will be drinking, looking forward to having a beer or three with some fellow rvber's.. Blink
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#55 - 2012-04-14 08:44:22 UTC
Well isn't this a nice little surprise after sadly missing fanfest Big smile
Leontius Reverte
Gallente Federation
#56 - 2012-04-14 09:41:00 UTC
Sounds good, I will try to be there!
DragonHelm III
Native Freshfood
Minmatar Republic
#57 - 2012-04-14 09:48:48 UTC
Yay, I be there if at all possible.
jab jr
Freelancers. United
#58 - 2012-04-14 10:50:49 UTC  |  Edited by: jab jr
I'm gonna try and do my best to be there and hopefully drag a couple more with me. :)

I'll look into some digs and let the drinkin commense! :D

Hotel booked!

I'm a commin :D

Cya there!
Admel Lamp
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#59 - 2012-04-14 10:51:07 UTC  |  Edited by: Admel Lamp
Attending , work permitting.

Update: Travelling to...
Caldari State
#60 - 2012-04-14 11:06:55 UTC
Book a seat for me too! It would be glad to meet some peepz in real :))

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