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Playstation 4

#21 - 2012-04-01 07:12:16 UTC
Justin Cody wrote:
fact 2: the hardware will be mainly AMD designed, CPU and GPU both. This may present some challenges for CCP because their graphics systems are optimized for Nvidia. Hopefully they will be able to transition an or get proper support by then. They will be eliminating backwards compatibility for their own sake. If you want to play the old games keep your old system. Duh. PS# has a 10 year lifetime they have said and they will be transitioning to a new platform.

Rumors != facts.

The "fact" comes from an unconfirmed, 'anonymous' source.

"Facts" like these have been leaking for years. Late last year, a "fact" was released by an "anonymous" source of one of Sony's suppliers that the PS4 would be shipping right now.

If you want to hope that it turns out to be true, be my guest, but prepare to be dissappointed :P

If you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all...

The Unwanted.
#22 - 2012-04-01 12:51:08 UTC
Selinate wrote:

The point is that there have been reports surfacing for video game sales on consoles fairly consistently over the past few years in how the sales have been dropping, and developers have been stating that they don't intend to make games for the current console generation (such as the developers for uncharted).

I'm under no illusions of the situation, and they will not be able to keep this up.

utter horseradish

"1st March 2012" wrote:
Vivendi hailed the "exceptional profitability" of games division Activision Blizzard, which increased earnings before interest, tax and amortisation by 46% year-on-year to €1bn. Revenues rose 3.1% to €3.4bn.

"IDC Finds the Demise of Game Consoles Is Greatly Exaggerated" wrote:

18 Aug 2011

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., August 18, 2011 – Despite recent macroeconomic instability and particularly weak overall video game spending in North America this summer, the latest International Data Corporation (IDC) forecast of the worldwide video game and interactive entertainment console market points to a rebound beginning in 2012, largely driven by new platform releases and rising console penetration and spending in select developing economies.

“Total console hardware and disc-based software revenues are on track to slide a few percent in 2011 compared to 2010,” says Lewis Ward, research manager, Consumer Markets: Gaming, at IDC. “But prognostications that consoles have peaked as a product category are premature. I expect that the launch of the Wii U, a revamped interactive entertainment console from Microsoft in the 2014 timeframe, and the arrival of Sony’s ‘PS4′ circa 2015 – along with more than a few exclusive, innovative games – will help drive a new wave of console-centric spending in the next several years.”

IDC forecasts direct global console hardware and disc software sale revenue will increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.6% from 2010 to 2015, reaching $39.7 billion in 2015 with developing economy growth rates about twice those in developed markets. Despite this rebound, the installed base of actively used game consoles won’t keep pace with the number of worldwide households. IDC expects there to be about 257 million active consoles worldwide by 2015, or 12.7% of anticipated households that year, down about 1% when compared to same console penetration figure for 2011. In this sense, it’s possible to conclude that console popularity will slip due to the rise of media tablet gaming, casual, free-to-play/social online PC games, etc.

This IDC study, Worldwide Game and Interactive Entertainment Console Hardware and Software 2011 -2015 Forecast (IDC #229438), assesses and forecasts the demand for, usage of, and revenue associated with video game console hardware and software on a worldwide basis through 2015. It provides a competitive assessment of the leading current-generation console platforms based on survey data, interviews, and other research sources and models next-generation platform releases based on historical precedent and other inputs. Worldwide game console totals are broken down into four regions: North America, Western Europe, Japan, and the rest of the world.

The forecast also shows the PS3 will have the largest active installed base of any game console worldwide by 2015. In this sense, the PS2′s “long tail” may ultimately repeat.

You are disillusioned to think the video games industry is having problems.

It's a 100 billion dollar industry, and if you add all entertainment it's a $2 Trillion market.

IF there is anything which exemplifies this point more than anything else, it's that in 2011 the sequel to Duke Nukem was released; because even crap shooters can make it to the Number One on the Sales Chart - if you have enough boobage, of course.

Makes me think though...Dust 514 does have a distinct lack of females in it. What do the bunnies get up to when no one has hired them and they are all alone on a planet?

What do they 'spin'?


This space for rent.

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