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Fanfest : CCP Keynote

Lacrime DelSole
Swift Express
#1 - 2012-03-24 17:11:51 UTC
Covering the Keynote for Velicia again!

-Thanks everyone!

-CCP has gone through various phases.
-3 year phases.
>>Innocence > EVE 200k Subs > Internal Expansion > Deliver the future
-Fanfest go through stages too!
-Montage of Fanfest so far
-Charity raised 1.5m ISK (icelandic)
-Thanks to CSM6
-Big voting turnout in CSM7
-10,058 votes for CSM Chair 1
-CSM7 is :
The Mittani, Two Step, Elise R., Greene Lee, Trebor D, Kelduum R, Seleene, UAxDeath, Hans J.... (Moved on too fast, didn't get the rest)

-EVE Future Vision Trailer played

-Technical Things :
>>Graph showing Crashes per day.
>>>>Advanced parsing to show minute by minute issues
>>More frequent Releases
>>>>To do this, requires certain goals
-EVE Launcher
>>Why are we doing this?
-Old EVE Patching over HTTP gave CCP no control on delivery
>>New System lets this be reported.
-Release individual files as updates to your game
>>Programmer can check fix and release it immediately to fix issues right away
-Move login procedure to Launcher to login to EVE, possibly using Google cred/Facebook cred to log in to EVE

-New VIVOX Client for EVE
>>Would rather have something out of game, not in game.
-Configure voice chat the way you want to.
- Vivox Beta @ (

- Opens up to all other platforms.
- Team Cobra Kai
- From EVE 1.0 to Trinity to V3
- Normal Mapping - Illusion of Detail
- When you get close, it's fakery, 2007 state of the art
- If you take the camera and do a close up it's obvious
- Normal mapping is an issue for massive scale changes
-2012 and DirextX 11 - Tesselation
>>Allows you to generate triangles
>>If you can do it, should you do it? Nvidia partnered to show demo with this technology.


-Demo of what we can do > Asteroids flying with a Sansha supercarrier whizzing by and colliding. through the belt.
>>Close Up of carriers details, pipes in clear modeled detail
-NVidia took the base assets and used tesselation to make mesh that wasn't there originally - normal mapping. Compare before and after. The detail is in the normal map. But now the tesselation can.
>>Wireframe comparison of normal mapping then tesselation.
-Showing colliding rocks against Supercap bouncing off models.

-Should we do it?
- The work of upgrading the Engine and renovating - Equivalent of 5 man years of work. or 1 scrum team for a year.
- Trinity was 50 man years.
- Phat L00t

Tony Tamasi
-Nvidia Prizes GTX 680, GTX 560
-Buying your Ticket for PLEX
-ISK > PLEX > Fanfest (Stage Dive Optional)
-Lasting memory, bruises.
-ISK > PLEX > GTX560
-WTF. o.o

-$19.99 PLEX , 20 PLEX = 1 GTX 560

One per account.

- Launching EVE players into space
- Video to introduce program

-CCP Stands For the Classified Cosmonaut Project

-If you want to make an applie pie from scratch you must first make the universe.
- We created the EVE Universe, and now after 15 years on this universe
- Countless hours of simulation.
- We are finally ready to take our first actual steps into space.
- Keeping the Cosmonaut project classified has required us to keep layer upopn layer of deception.
- It has taken us many years to fund and build this advanced facility
- It has taken us years to build this crack team of scientists to fulfill our vision
*Hamster on floor*
*Scientific physical experiments*
*Crazy scientists talking*

Hamster Astronauts - Skywardsphere

- Chief Marketing Officer at CCP
- New to Company, but following CCP for a long time.

- First Story on CCP jouney
- 2006 article on Murder Incorporated on PCgamer, "The Heist" caught his attention.
- Interesting to him this was true behavior from an audience of gamers...
- CCP didn't interfere because there was no EULA breaks.
- Didn't get a chance to think about it in 2007 -
>>Left Xbox
>>Recruiter called asking if he heard of CCP
>>Did you hear? CCP bought Whitewolf.
>>Interviewed in Reykjavik.
>>Didn't work out and moved on into a marketing agent in other games.
>Lone wanderer.
>>Worked NCSoft
>>Was seeing the change in asia F2P market.
>>MMO pattern was that launch had big peak of users, and then faded to minimal community.
>Moved to CA to work for Trion.
>>Not as much innovation
>>Marketing, RIFT
and yet...
- EVE The subscriber curve grew again.
- 2011 Game of the Year
- EVE Online.
>>Was clear that he needed to be in CCP
>Joined in January.

-Assuming world doesn't in 2012.
>>Return to the Core
-If you're a gamer and you see what they're investing in.
-Titans of industry - Investing in the shallow end of the game industry.
-Industry returning to the core of hardcore gaming slowly.
-"Don't make it easy" - "I want consequences".
-Epic Achievement and Loss - and noone is doing it better than CCP/EVE
-All of a sudden F2P games don't have to suck.

-Things changed with League of Legends. F2P but hardcore, and fabulous success.
-World of Tanks reinforces the F2P.
-With this in mind - How to take F2P to apply to core games.
-SONY partners competitive versus XBox
-PS3 (FREE2PLAY Network)
- DUST coming to PS3, Important change forever

- 2012 Laws of CCP Marketing
-NOT Going to : Don't make EVE something it isn't. Hardcore game for real gamers, don't need to make it easy, don't need to change the business model, there's nothing that has grown year over year, marketing doesn't need to change this product to bring in new player.

- We don't need more Jesus features to get new players.

Going to :
-Launch Dust as AAA shooter
-Targeted at BF3 Player, Halo
-Most will never have heard of CCP.
-They will notice that Player contract, then get sucked into CCP/EVE
-They can enjoy that day to day moment.

Lacrime DelSole
Swift Express
#2 - 2012-03-24 17:12:03 UTC  |  Edited by: Lacrime DelSole
-Make bigger and bigger moments for our expansions.
-More around Inferno and more to come.
-We will portray New Eden and its citizens with authenticity.

- Where could we be in Fanfest 2012, next year
-Our ambition - in 2012 - that EVE + DUST is the world's largest game universe
-CSM - unique. Elected base
- Lots of new unique things in EVE
-Thanks to EVE Players for giving "me" the opportunity for being EVEs marketer.

-Growing into international markets
-Japanese localization
-Localizations haven't been great
-Working on improving those developments.

-Moving towards making people pay in their own Currency.
-Next year they can pay in YEN
-Mini fanfest in Tokyo with Torfi

-Shout out to Japanese players for support.

-PLEASE : Promote EVE to Japanese players.

-Increase in Japanese players since localization improved.


Video Address

Video thanks, and promotes connections with EVE. Praises CCP, and CCPs connection with SONY on delivering .


Surprise Prize is OLED 3D glasses!! (WTF)

- Soliloquoy on EVE achievements, Thanks.

DUST514 winners :
2nd place announced.
First place announced.

BEST KDR - Some dude in a red shirt with an angel. Lucky!

Exec Producer , Dust514

>First time at fanfest.
>>Fanfest is truly special.
-Never worked on a project with this much interaction with the community.

Not a one way street - CCP, CSM, Alliance, you.

-Only video game company in the world that has that.

DUST player Questions :
Dust in Wormholes
Non-temperate planets
Fix planetary anamolies
Gravity differences

These questions showed enthusiasm and they are excited to see that.

Lots of great feedback on Dust.

> Conversation has officially begun. Dialogue will continue.

- Quick Summary on DUST514
>Every EVE player and Dust player are logged in the same server
>Mail system is the same, chat, same, economy, same.
>Orbital Command Center which EVE players own.
>Surface Command Center
>Orbital Artillery (shoot ships)
>Orbital Bombardment (shoot down)
>Doing this over resources, FW, Planetary control.

DUST514 for PS Vita, Market, Skills, etc.
-Looking into real time possibilities
-Looking into multi-boxing capabilities.

DUST514 Beta >
Currently Closed
Fanfest Attendees get in April.
Additional entry between April and June
Opens further in June around E3
>Iterating and make it right

Oh, one more thing...
How about a couple more?

Drop a few bombs.

>>What about PVE? Yes.
- Rogue Drones, survival game mode. - Zombie Drone Apocalypse mode.

Pictures on video. (WIP)

>> Competitive Gaming/ eSports?
- Yes. Specific competitive gaming features in Early '13.
- Gladiator Arenas.
- Supporting game modes like CTF and solo DM, custom matches.
- Betting & Viewing matchines in EVE & Dust

>hostile Non-temparate environments? Lava, gace, snow/ice"
-YES! Expansion in 2013.

Pictures *WIP*

>> MTACs?
-YES. 2013.


Presents Jon Lander > Extends on EVE


- Feedback on EVE Keynote.

Quick recap>
-Concentrate on the Core Game of Internet Spaceships
>>Perpetual Machine
-more fixes, renovations, balancing - stop forgetting about things, stop stale, and revamp EVE.
- Listen to what you are telling us.

INFERNO Escalation (Pre-expansion launch)
-Incursion iterations
-Rogue Drone Iteration
-Ship Balancing

INFERNO Expansion
-New War Dec System
-New Modules
-WAR UI improvements
-FW Iteration
-Unified Inventory
-Missile Effects, etc.
-New Module Effects

-This will change things, make them exciting.
-Setup for DUST514 interaction framework.

Continue V3 Momentum
>Ships, objects, etc.

--New mining - Asteroids bouncing into ships, asteroids fracturing - and Ring mining. Develop immersiveness of the world.

--Avatar game without detracting from core game of EVE. In addition to, not instead of.

DUST514 is almost here.

-More ships, more options for players.
-This is the direction we're headed in.
-Strong compelling vision.

- I will deliver (Jon Lander)

-Crowd Wave Coordination.

Up the HARPA and down the HARPA.


-Brilliant Fanfest.

-Life and Death
-Eternal game.

>Harvest > Craft > Destroy

Healthiness of all pillars.

Focus on Destroy mostly lately.

Showing destructions... Crazy supercap lighting on fire and blowing up in sequential stages.

Next phase will be to focus on Harvesting > Ring Mining is coming!

Vision is different than typical mining. More calm and smooth and collaborative. Trawlers working together to find goods on the rings, and to find Moon minerals on the rings.

Solidified foundations for harvesting. Refocus on Crafting. Industry.

Done more at starbases where it should be done. NEW POS'. Build a new and cool POS system. Modular system, create modular platforms in space.

Awesome pictures indescribable.

Something more accessible than current starbases, single or small group of players can establish in space. Minecraft in SPACE!!. (CCP devs faint).

CCP Future Vision, Beachhead in first move in connecting the EVE + Dust

And how players interact with DUST will determine the deepening of the connection. Take stuff away from NPC who think they rule new Eden.

Many services run in stations and services taken over by players.

Smugging should be exciting. You do it for the kicks. It should feel like shoplifting. That rush as you're jumping through the gate and you don't want to get caught.

-Boost Lowsec

Little malnourished. Lacks rewards, will improve all that. Improve presentation of what's already there.
Lacrime DelSole
Swift Express
#3 - 2012-03-24 17:12:12 UTC  |  Edited by: Lacrime DelSole
NEW INTERFACE Weapons hitting shields. Pictures of your target, seeing actual damage, new cleaner overview.

Newer and improved tactical view with actual tactical data. Toggle and switch to a cleaner picture. Still see your enemy getting blown up.

New avatar gameplay.

Exploration and deep exploration. Find a distant location, explore it, get welded in and shut down. Derelict stations.




>EVE is CONNECTED - Cloud, Mobile Devices, PS3, Web, iPhone, PS Vita,etc.

> Fanfest 2013. 10 Year Anniversary.

April 25th 2013.

If Dust explodes in awesomeness, we'll need to rent TWO venues most likely.


To really Thank You - One last thing.

We have been working on something.


(Sorry this last post took a few. I was still recovering from the trailer.)
Merch Industrial
Goonswarm Federation
#4 - 2012-03-24 17:34:56 UTC
Thank you for this, I do rather wish they would archive some video clips of this for those of us who are multitasking.
Velicia Tuoro
Light Speed Interactive
#5 - 2012-03-24 17:39:37 UTC
Keynote is still going and loads more to add! Keep your eyes on the thread.

Senior Representative Light Speed Interactive

The Scope
#6 - 2012-03-24 17:44:57 UTC  |  Edited by: Myxx
David Reid wants it difficult with consequences?

nerf highsec and cut the cords of safety.
Lacrime DelSole
Swift Express
#7 - 2012-03-24 18:25:36 UTC
Myxx wrote:
David Reid wants it difficult with consequences?

nerf highsec and cut the cords of safety.

War Dec system is going to be pretty much a serious move in this direction
Taxation Damnation
#8 - 2012-03-24 18:39:46 UTC
thanks for this summary

Go beyond the edge of space... Explore

Velicia Tuoro
Light Speed Interactive
#9 - 2012-03-24 18:48:00 UTC
Lacrime DelSole wrote:
NEW INTERFACE Weapons hitting shields. Pictures of your target, seeing actual damage, new cleaner overview.

Just to expand on this, we had impacts on shields when the ships was in shield, then impacts on the ship when the ship was in armor, causing armor damage, and then finally impacts when the ship was in structure causing visible damage to the ship. Looks amazing if they can do it.

Senior Representative Light Speed Interactive

Velicia Tuoro
Light Speed Interactive
#10 - 2012-03-24 20:47:52 UTC
Structure Damage Impacts

Shield Damage Impacts

Thanks to Razin for the shots.

Senior Representative Light Speed Interactive

Ministry of Furious Retribution
#11 - 2012-03-25 00:16:41 UTC
Velicia Tuoro wrote:
Structure Damage Impacts

Shield Damage Impacts

Thanks to Razin for the shots.

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD THAT OVERVIEW!!!! ShockedShockedShockedLolLolLolLolLolLolLolLol
Velicia Tuoro
Light Speed Interactive
#12 - 2012-03-25 00:37:23 UTC
Concept art only. We aren't getting it this year, but you never know!

Senior Representative Light Speed Interactive

Thgil Goldcore
Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#13 - 2012-03-25 00:50:18 UTC
Thank you so much for this bulleted point version of the keynote. Very useful!

Otherworld Enterprises
Otherworld Empire
#14 - 2012-03-25 00:52:21 UTC
There was mining in there!

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Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#15 - 2012-03-25 00:56:19 UTC
Lacrime DelSole wrote:
Going to :
-Launch Dust as AAA shooter
-Targeted at BF3 Player, Halo
-Most will never have heard of CCP.
-They will notice that Player contract, then get sucked into CCP/EVE
-They can enjoy that day to day moment.

More like
-They'll enjoy that day up until that moment
The Scope
#16 - 2012-03-25 01:07:30 UTC
Chribba wrote:
There was mining in there!

CONFIRM/DENY PLEASE THAT YOU OWN THE ONLY REVENANT! Curious minds are wondering if this rumor is true!
Otherworld Enterprises
Otherworld Empire
#17 - 2012-03-25 09:07:19 UTC
Myxx wrote:
Chribba wrote:
There was mining in there!

CONFIRM/DENY PLEASE THAT YOU OWN THE ONLY REVENANT! Curious minds are wondering if this rumor is true!
According to CCP Diagoras yes mine is the only one Smile


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#18 - 2012-03-25 10:10:32 UTC
The fact that this thread isn't nearly as 'threadnoughty' as the others, makes me wonder: Perhaps EVE-players (the forum-dwelling ones at least) think all the ideas for the future cool and all, but the thing they really care about are the specific things that are an issue now.

But it makes kind of sense, doesn't it ? Seems Hilmar has real difficulty grasping this though. He might have (grudgingly) accepted it to some agree after Incarnage, but I still doubt he really understands it.

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Sin Meng
Federal Defense Union
Gallente Federation
#19 - 2012-03-25 10:19:09 UTC
YOU, yeah YOU, the OP.

You are awesome. Thank you for this.

Elements of the past and the future combining to make something not quite as good as either.

Grey Stormshadow
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#20 - 2012-03-25 10:29:14 UTC
I am very pleased to all the stuff what has been presented @ the fanfest. It looks like most of the important stuff has been addressed and will be finally taken cared off. This has provided you my official promise to stop complaining @ the forums for now and stop ruining your days with sometimes not so polite posts

I guess this can be counted as some sort of thank you from me to you all. I do like the new direction of things. Keep it up and sorry if I have offended some of you in the past. I tend to get frustrated about things which are not addressed and just keep being left there with no public plans what so ever.

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