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[Mercenaries - Surely You're Joking] W-SPACE NULLSEC LOWSEC MERCS!!!

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WInter Borne
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#41 - 2013-01-16 20:25:16 UTC
Available for hire
Sai Talos
Gallente Federation
#42 - 2013-01-23 05:45:42 UTC
Immediately got in contact with them when I asked for a contract.
Near-instantaneous reaction time.
Excellent execution.
Excellent FCing.
Excellent efficiency.
Followed through and committed.

Bump for a recommend.

The guy that does all the videos

WInter Borne
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#43 - 2013-01-30 18:34:09 UTC
Available for hire.
Riapsed Alvilla
#44 - 2013-02-08 03:30:30 UTC
Great bunch of guys. Really went out of their way to help me out when I was in a bind. Pell worked all the money issues out to make sure the job got done. Thanks bro.,
Shockwave Innovations
#45 - 2013-02-12 21:12:56 UTC
Bump for a good outfit. You will enjoy working with them!!
Rules of Acquisition
#46 - 2013-03-06 04:19:05 UTC
This is the best service of its kind. In less than an hour, they were takin care of business. Quick, professional, NO Bullsh^t, honor their agreements to the fullest and beyond. Best damn isk I ever spent. If you need help, they can help. The best fleet operations I have ever witnessed. I can not praise this group enough, I would use them again for sure. I recommend this group to any one in need. Thank you Pell for every thing. And thanks to the enitre SYJ crew, great work.Big smileBig smile
Jon 1
Demonstrably False
#47 - 2013-03-09 01:43:59 UTC
Wormhole POS eviction carried out for us smoothly and quickly.

Zero problems and Initial contact was a pleasure. This was our first time hiring mercs so we did so with some trepidation not knowing quite what to expect so anyone on the fence about hiring some muscle should give these guys a call.

Highly recommended


I used to be called 'Sturmabteilung' but CCP said it was offensive.

Shockwave Innovations
#48 - 2013-03-12 12:38:54 UTC
Free bump for great group. You won't be disappointed.
Red Star Conglomerate
#49 - 2013-03-16 10:29:59 UTC
Mail sent some days ago to Pell
T'ango A'lee
Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#50 - 2013-04-30 01:57:36 UTC
Come hire us - we're ready to blow ships up!!!
Havoc Virus
Johnny's Fresh Hot Antimatter Delivery Service
#51 - 2013-05-06 04:47:37 UTC
Friendly bump
Michael MitchellM
We're Only in It for the Money
#52 - 2013-05-19 21:34:47 UTC
I would definitely recommend them.
They had a fast response time, and did their job well.
I would use their services again.
Goonswarm Federation
#53 - 2013-05-27 17:08:35 UTC
Great group of people
Fast working and they get the job done
I would use them any time i need
If you ever need a reference feel free to eve mail me i will stand up for them anytime
Thanks once more Guys
Perpetual Motion Industries
#54 - 2013-05-27 20:44:45 UTC
Excellent service!
Professionally managed , fast and reliable service!
I was impressed when his fleet arrived and start doing what they do in a excellent manner. Pell did a great job taking care of my issue and gave me good advices for the future.
I definitevly will use this service again.

WInter Borne
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#55 - 2013-06-05 17:52:55 UTC
Open for contracts
Native Freshfood
Minmatar Republic
#56 - 2013-06-06 16:32:51 UTC
My favorite group of merry marauders, after my alliance of course... Twisted

Excellent wormhole mercenaries, well rounded pilots, and a blast to shoot at, or be shot by!Cool

Blog: Twitter: @Cipreh I am also available on Skype, details available upon request. Feel free to contact me via any of the above methods,or in-game.

Sai Talos
Gallente Federation
#57 - 2013-06-06 19:42:10 UTC
Accepting contracts \o/


The guy that does all the videos

Don Kay
#58 - 2013-06-10 14:22:19 UTC  |  Edited by: Don Kay
I can highly recommend these guys. They responded very quickly to a ping for assistance, and waited patiently through a weekend-long POS defence/bash after what looked like a big fight turned into blue-balling.

They were suddenly needed in the wee hours of the morning, and had pilots pew-pewing immediately.

We did at least get something funny on the KB's for all the time invested:

Retreat gone wrong
Seraph IX Basarab
#59 - 2013-06-11 07:11:48 UTC
The last people you'll ever need to hire for your wormhole operations.
WInter Borne
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#60 - 2013-06-11 16:59:50 UTC
Appreciate all the endorsements guys.

We are once again open for contracts.