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Why do I suck?

Stukkler Tian
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#21 - 2012-03-23 05:33:28 UTC  |  Edited by: Stukkler Tian
1) (RvB Fleet) Please for the love of god dont listen to the people who are telling you to stay away from minmitar ships. They are correct you will be primed right off the bat but there are several ways around it.
A) (beginners RvB trick) warp in a bit late and do hit and runs during the battle fly in fire off a few shots and fly out. You can stay alive for a wile and it really helps your team as they will waste alot of time trying to kill you while you pull rang
B) (advanced) warp in with the fleet and have a mwd on as soon as you hit pull range and look for the snipers. if RvB is anything like it was when I was part of it there will be a few people in kestrels and other such sniper ships flying around and you can pick them off. you will be far enough away that the opposing fc wont primary and it takes alot of dps off the table. Those shield setups you have been using work great for this just keep the scram on and try to fit a gyro for added dps the faster you can take someone down the better

The rifter is a great asset to a RvB fleet if you think for yourself and use it like the agile and quick hit and run ship that it is.

2) (RvB Dueling Solo) you have two options for this.
OPTION 1- Fit the standard stuff and master it. In my Opinion the best standard fit is x3 tech II 150s with a vamp up top / a web a scram and an ab for the mids/ and then a damage control II a 200mm plate and a small armor repair II/ with two ambit extension rigs and one dmg rig. then just set yourself up at 6-8km with barrage and slowly whittle away your opponent. The drawback is the guy that your fighting is expecting it and he probably has a similar fit so it becomes a skill points war

OPTION 2- Fit like a crazy person, make a fit people don't see coming. The first setup i had real results with wa
x3 200mm tech II auto cannons and a rocket / mwd, scram and small shield extender / x2 gyros and a co-processor / dmg rigs. I would warp in overheat EVERYTHING and fly right at them the fight would end before i could make any mistakes and about half the time the other guy would panic at the dps i was putting out and die

Basic solo tips-get EFT or some related tool alot of your fits are missing mids and lows or are just plain strange. Be a bit spendy you can fit a rifter for under 400 thousand isk but that ship will perform like **** and there isint much you can do with it/learn from it. If you spend just a little extra for tech two guns and better named stuff your ship will perform well. My rifters generally run between 4-6 million and I am almost never disappointed. Do research before fights, look up your opponents kill board to find out how he fits his ships and game plan accordingly, (he likes shields load emp he likes armor load fusion). Look at his speed if a rifter is going faster than 1050m/s its probably shield tanked, If its between 950-1050 its gonna be active armor, if its slower than 950 its most likely armor buffer fit.

3) Words of encouragement, looking over your kill board I have seen an improvement in your fits. RvB may seem like a great place to start out (and it is) but it is also very hard on new players. Pvp skills take time and experience to develop and you arnt as bad as you think. I lost close to 50 ships before I got a single kill and now i have become a somewhat decent solo pilot. Just keep undocking and eventually you will get it.

EDIT: Dont use cains and other battle cruisers to often in rvb everyone hates those guys. and avoid cruisers for a good while stick to frigs and fight other frigs
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