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Window State

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T'Laar Bok
#1 - 2011-09-09 00:32:15 UTC
Where I live cattle properties are bigger than some countries. On these properties are gates, in some cases many, many gates. To get to some gates you need to travel for days. The rule when going through these gates is to leave them how you find them.

Its really simple, if the gate is open you leave it open. If the gate it closed close it after you go through. It saves the property owner many lost hours and thousands of $$$ having to check his gates all the time, besides its just common sense and courtesy to do so.

I know its a really Wild Kooky Way Out Idea however I suggest the same concept for the windows in Eve.

If for example I open or close my cargo, corp hanger, ore hold etc etc. How about leaving them in that state and location until I chose to do otherwise with them?

This has been an ongoing issue since day 1 of Eve and the latest attempts to fix it are, as we have come to expect from CCP, pathetic.

Please, once and for all, get it right.

TL;DR Leave all windows where appropriate in the state they were left in. Simple.

Amphetimines are your friend.'Laar_Bok

Arcana Noctis
Shoot First.
#2 - 2011-09-09 21:58:26 UTC
It's my understanding that what the changes they've made haven't been for our convenience, but to frustrate bot miners by breaking their scripts.

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Darius III
Interstellar eXodus
#3 - 2011-09-09 23:51:42 UTC
I would really like to see the windows stay where I tell them to stay, and will forward the idea.