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SOMER Blink - Microlotteries that Finish in Minutes! 1 QUADRILLION ISK Won!

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Eranu Uvavu
#81 - 2011-09-08 07:28:27 UTC
Somer Blink is a great way to spend your ISK. Been taking advantage of the ISK bonus when buying GTCs; last time I managed to get a Dramiel, Loki and Tengu with the proceeds. Lol
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#82 - 2011-09-08 07:29:27 UTC  |  Edited by: Atnaw
Number 100?!?! YAY

Edit: I was number 1 on the old new forums Attention
Caldari State
#83 - 2011-09-08 07:31:21 UTC  |  Edited by: Sugilite
I've gotten to bet on billions in prizes now -- and I've deposited less than 100m. To me, that's really cool. This is a fun way to spend small (or large if that's your thing) amounts of isk and enjoy the activity of gambling.

I really like how simple and how on your own time and pace blink can be. I'd recommend anyone try it, even if you don't think you'll want to go crazy on it.
#84 - 2011-09-08 07:32:10 UTC
Here is my review of playing on Blink so far:

It's fun, addictive, thrilling and well put together.

There is many lotteries services in the world of eve, but i have yet to come across any other that offers this much in one bundle.

- Fast action.

Each blink ends fairly quick keeping the excitement going and if chosen so your winnings gets transfered instantly to more credit keeping you up and running.

- Multiple choice of winning outcome.

You can either choose for you winnings to be transfered to Blink credit (with a bonus), ISK to account or have the ship of interest delievered to you. The last option has saved me lots of time moving the ships myself.

- Bonus benefits

With every deposit you make you get a FREE chance to win a so called promo blink. Also you have the possibility to unlock certain achievements giving you free credit aswell. And trying to win a blink just for that one achievement makes it even more fun to win, at least for me it does.

All in all a well put together service, with great people behind.

Oh and my personal stats? Well so far i cannot complain, but i would like to get that damn Rorqual some day :)
Tactical Narcotics Team
#85 - 2011-09-08 07:37:11 UTC

Quality lotto game, where you WILL win something!

free bets with promo blinks and YOU can control what ships are up for grabs !

play it and rock your socks !

Ivor !!!!!
Melina Lin
Universal Frog
#86 - 2011-09-08 07:39:52 UTC
Blink! The best thing since sliced bread and a great thing for the last minutes of the lunch break. "Just watch me win this Bhaalgorn! 3...2...1... \o/"

Only problem I see is, I only win ships I can't fly. But that's just me I guess. Shocked
Dirt 'n' Glitter
Local Is Primary
#87 - 2011-09-08 07:45:58 UTC
Posting to say that blink is the spend way to spend your isk. Ever.

I've won well over seven billion worth of ships because of blink. Anything ranging from T2 frigs all the way up to capital ships!

Another good thing is that most blinks are done within minutes and prizes are handed out within 24 hours so you can enjoy your winnings; not to mention free shipping to high sec systems!
Runnak Orozar
Horde Vanguard.
Pandemic Horde
#88 - 2011-09-08 07:50:06 UTC
Blink's pretty decieving. One day you can win hundreds of millions, the next day you lose 200 hundres. All round it's a pretty amazing way to spend some off time, and hugly additive :D. Keep it coming, and let me win once in a while Cool
Pandemic Legion
#89 - 2011-09-08 07:51:24 UTC
Ever since I won my first blink (A Dram) I was hooked and even though I don't play as much now due to discovering PVP to be so much fun and now being poor I still put in all my spare isk. So come join and have some fun playing or just chatting in the blink chat room. Blink hard or go home.
Morwen Lagann
Tyrathlion Interstellar
#90 - 2011-09-08 07:58:17 UTC  |  Edited by: Morwen Lagann
I admit I was a little skeptical when I first tried out blink, but after a bit of encouragement from some friends who were playing around with it, I gave it a shot.

Haven't regretted it, either - it's a fun thing to do when I have a few minutes to spare, and whether winnings get turned back into credit or something I can use in my hangar, I always have the choice of whatever suits me at the moment. The achievements are a great touch as well, rewarding people for just "playing the game" as it were.

There's a social aspect to it as well - I remember that the first promo blink that I won (a Stabber Fleet Issue) I wasn't even aware I'd won until a friend started cursing at me that I'd won it instead of him! Lol (I've since fit and named the ship after him just to be a troll. Blink)

If there were anything I'd like to see more of, though, it's the trivia questions - I've not come across one I didn't eventually figure out the answer to yet, but as someone who really enjoys riddles and word games, racking my brain to try and figure out exactly what the answer is is a blast.

Keep on doing what you're doing, Somer. <3

Morwen Lagann

CEO, Tyrathlion Interstellar

Coordinator, Arataka Research Consortium

Owner, The Golden Masque

University of Caille
Gallente Federation
#91 - 2011-09-08 08:00:11 UTC
I first depostied 10mill isk to test it out, my very first blink and I won a hurricane, I couldn't fly it at the time so I converted it back into blink credit. Ever since then any and all loss change has gone into blink and I have deposited over 1.4bill isk and have no intention of stopping! :)

If you have some isk laying around and don't know what to do with it I highly suggest this. It's quicker than normal lotteries so you don't have to wait in suspense to see if you won or not, the website is just sweet, and the customer service is a damn sight better than any real life company.
Black Rams
Radicalized Apes
#92 - 2011-09-08 08:00:20 UTC
first of all very nice going on the blink site and the lottery service.
plannign to keep using it.

currently i play for a few weeks and looking at my hystory i started with 50 mil isk as a depot and started blinking my ass off.
and 35 minutes later it became 1.7 bil isk in ships and payouts.
been blinking since and it dropped my some very nice gems.
everyone should try this its fun and it gives yo ua way of getting much wanted goodies cheaper if lucky ofcourse.

also enjoying the tokens got lucky on 2 promo's earned me 2x 50 mil blink credit.
not even mentioning the 50 trillion event.
the server went crazy on the blinekr onlien at that moment even missed on blinks because they wwent in seconds.
that was pretty exiting since the prices also were juicy

all in all, if your a poor starter in eve or a tycoon.
it doent matter drop in a few mills evry know and then and get lucky.
get that ship you cant afford yet or sell it for profit.
eitherway its not hard to get rich fast from it adn it could jsut be reached with 2 mil to start or 1 bil.
that is the the gamblers rush that will kick in and enjoy the fun.

Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#93 - 2011-09-08 08:12:04 UTC
Hate to say it, but Blink is too addictive for my own good :) .
Zaelle Lousso
Gallente Federation
#94 - 2011-09-08 08:17:20 UTC
I've been here with somer Blink since february, and its still awesome !

My husband won a lot of price ( Avatar at the 30T ( ? ) and the Supercap at the 50T ) Thank you so much for him !

Always ponctual, with promos, and there's a lot of staff online, who can pre auth you... its fast, and you don't have to wait a lot of time since you know if you win or not.

I luv this page! I'm too addicted !

Thanks Somer !
#95 - 2011-09-08 08:19:52 UTC
Somer blink is awsome some people can due to luck make a lot of isk.

I started out to be lucky.

2 of my friends have won the mini bonk and bonk a JF and a adresti .
Luckky bastards but thats Somer Blink some are lucky some not so lucky.
The Black Crow Bandits
Pandemic Horde
#96 - 2011-09-08 08:29:56 UTC
Somer blink has saved my sanity on many evenings of POS bashing. From promo blinks to real isk raffles, the excitement and thrill of winning is the same. Fantastic game and always speedy payers.
Whisky Visions
Savage Pumpkins
#97 - 2011-09-08 08:30:24 UTC
Win some, lose some (most), but always fun.
Amarr Empire
#98 - 2011-09-08 08:31:48 UTC
Well what can I say? blink is actually what I spend most of my ISK on, its fun, and moreish... kinda like heroin.Smile

I would reccommend it to anyone, except heroin addicts as you evidently have better things to spend your money on :)
Ferlia arian
Irresponsible Productions Inc.
#99 - 2011-09-08 08:34:30 UTC
still like blink a lot, even after playing it on and of for more then a year. keep up the great work.
E Wan
The Positron
#100 - 2011-09-08 08:40:34 UTC
Very nice and thoughtful idea and well organized group of people.

Winnings can be claimed almost anyhow, you can cash them out, you can convert to more credit for gambling or even some prizes can be delivered to your desired system or Jita. Most of my winnings I asked to be shipped to my address in New Eden, and to be honest I was blown away by their professionalism and operative. Max 2 days delivery! Bloody hell! This is really exceptional! Also one more thing, they have service to monitor your shipment. Imagine that, like FedEx, they say when it's in storage, when it started moving, when it reached destination... awesome!

They also have Free Promotional lottery with various of prizes where your luck can be tested.

System is developed really good, responsive (they need to fix it for mobile devices though cause on iPhone you can't "Start New Blink" because button does not exist).

As for me, I play this every day while at work and also check for promos whenever I remember over iPhone. My current gambling status is +60m but over 2 billion in flow Big smile

Highly recommended playful experience!

Keep up the good work!