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SOMER Blink - Microlotteries that Finish in Minutes! 1 QUADRILLION ISK Won!

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The Scope
Gallente Federation
#21 - 2011-09-08 05:54:43 UTC
Blink is okay.. It works for me, every once ina while, since I dont' win ery often, but that's a lottery for ya'! Good Luck everyone
Dead Rats Tell No Tales
#22 - 2011-09-08 05:55:43 UTC  |  Edited by: Simmonite
Same with Trey :) My first blink win was a Federation Navy Webber promo. Had no idea what I was doing and spending isk I dont really have to spare. I even mailed Somer asking if its possible to get blink credit on promos, but soon found out why. The joys of being a noob to something. If i remember right I won maybe 2 frigs my first day out of 15 or so blinks. Wasnt really sure where else to spend my isk so why not. But it's fun to find out right away if youve actually won a blink or not. Iz hope to win something big at 60T.

Never gonna be able to get all the achievements if more keep getting added :P
Now if you'll excuse me *goes back to spending money in Blink.
Elenor Pewpew
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#23 - 2011-09-08 05:56:57 UTC
An Excellent way to pass time whilst your FC finds a new and hilarious way to destroy your ship - while he's busy getting this one killed, you can find 5 more!

Or lose all your money.

But usually it's the ship.
Debug Ireland
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#24 - 2011-09-08 05:57:22 UTC  |  Edited by: Debug Ireland
I must be horribly unlucky then since everone seems to win something but me!

But i only started using it today so time will tell!

I couldnt afford my first blink and someone actually helped me pay for it which was nice!

I have so far initiated two of my own blinks and lost those and lurked around waiting for two of the promo blinks and lost both of those also...

But i have hope!
Haunter Ace
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#25 - 2011-09-08 05:58:26 UTC
Being in an NPC corp, the Somer Lottery chat offers a busy environment to share the awesome experiences that occur during blinks. It's always nice to have a place where people shout out promo so you don't miss any freebie blinks.

I only started playing recently and I was definitely hooked by the fast pace and cool prizes. The system is so slick that you can get lost in the fun. Just try not to fall in too deep.
Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#26 - 2011-09-08 05:59:17 UTC
ISK Deposited 10,007,812,318 ISK Value of Blinks Won 19,196,000,000 ISK Not sure i have to say so mutch more. Its a real fun site to be on no need to win all the time, it gives you some extra action when you not doing to mutch in game. You can just be on Blink play some fast and some and some slower action Roll
Quazal Atreides
Prometheus Allegiance
#27 - 2011-09-08 05:59:42 UTC
Well been playing blink for quite some time, until recently one of the top 3 Shocked in most of the categories.

Yes ive lost a lot of iskies.. but hey ho only pixelated cash...Roll but still i come back..

Some you win some you lose, come on over play a few blinks, earn yourself some bonus credits see how it plays have fun but remember join the chat channel say "hello" you never know you might have more luck than me Big smile

Either way blink is & can be very fun

So Somer. Andrev et al thanks for creating a gambling house that is simple to use, simple to play and open 24/7 ;)


Still the only person to offer corp creation free of charge. Created over 200 was 3rd on the all time corporation job history on eve-board. This service is in stasis due to personal game time...

Zoey Redbird
#28 - 2011-09-08 06:00:26 UTC
somer blink is a site that has given me alot of fun in fact i have won more isk from somer than i have put in. also i used somer to secure my own personal lottos becuz somer also secures lottos. with a little luck and maybe a little skill this can be ur funnest source of income.

so blink today becuz if not ur eyes will dry up
Mike Hibbert
Incompertus INC
#29 - 2011-09-08 06:00:28 UTC
I have won and lost a fortune playing Blink, its been fun whether i was winning or losing because of the great people i have met while playing it.
#30 - 2011-09-08 06:01:10 UTC
I have been playing for a while now. They are very good at rewarding winnings in a timely maner.

Site is wonderful for taking care of those gambling urges.
Mei Sing
Garoun Investment Bank
Gallente Federation
#31 - 2011-09-08 06:01:17 UTC
Love Blinking! Everytime I get that wonderful blinking blue tab I just grin from ear to ear Lol Great prizes at great prices, and the blink team is an awesome bunch of people.

Keep up the good work guys and I'll keep sending in my iskies Big smile
Wrong Hole.
#32 - 2011-09-08 06:03:41 UTC  |  Edited by: Xanista
Blink ftw! Nothing to do? Stuck in a station 'cause of war? Get on blink! Win stuff :O! \o/

Started blinking with the usual "This is probably a scam" attitude, yet right now I'm about 5-6b better off! Gotta love those promo's.
Sat there one night and unfortunately lost all my isk.. Then suddenly promo spam! I won 2 Bhaalgorns and a Machariel \o/.


King Vooch
Garoun Investment Bank
Gallente Federation
#33 - 2011-09-08 06:03:50 UTC  |  Edited by: King Vooch
Love it!

Blinks Played 188 ISK Deposited 235,630,279 ISK
Promo Blinks Played 778 Win Ratio 15.96%
Blinks Won 30 Value of Blinks Won 1,588,001,120 ISK
Megablinks Won 0 Winnings Transformed to Blink Credit 100,000,000 ISK
Promo Blinks Won 7 Winnings Transformed to ISK 0 ISK

They didn't include the 2 billion in promo ISK I won by playing promos with them. That's one thing I love about them.

I bought GTCs from SOMER blink -> Shattered Crystal.

Both great operations, imo!

- King Vooch
Maximille Biagge
Hydra Eternal
#34 - 2011-09-08 06:04:25 UTC
There Is nothing better than sitting in the Wormhole on Payday and spending all your isk on blink because you don't have a route to K-space to spend it :D

Keep it up!
#35 - 2011-09-08 06:04:48 UTC
Extremely addictive and easy to throw your ISK at. The speed of each lottery completion means that even the most impatient people will enjoy the micro lotteries as they are literally completed in the blink of an eye.

Always lots of practically free promo's each week to participate in.

Delivery has always been prompt and never had any problem receiving prizes in a timely fashion.

Would recommend if you have spare ISK you want to have fun with.
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#36 - 2011-09-08 06:05:50 UTC
To add more to my exprience, It seems to be highly random in my oppinion. After all, It is a lottery, so sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and I rarely win, but I play because I'm part gambler, and besides, it's fake money that can be earned easily, so I'm free for it. I at least have fun, even if it doesn't work always for me in my favor.
Explosive Chattel Disorder
#37 - 2011-09-08 06:05:51 UTC
i gotta say blink is a great way to buy a ship and have a lil fun im soooo addicted Lol very trustworthy site suggust you give it a try trust me once you do it once you will not be able to stop AttentionAttentionAttentionAttentionAttention
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#38 - 2011-09-08 06:06:40 UTC  |  Edited by: Yiphyin
Woot! Blink is awesome! As many have said, highly addicting and it makes you feel like you play EVE so you can play Blink.

The SOMER staff and fellow players are very helpful and fun to chat with. It's also great way to spend your idle hours playing when you're either not on EVE (via smartphone/work) or when you just can't be bothered to undock from the station. (Damnit fin!)

Blink's been very on the ball with isk payouts and credit, usually getting my winnings to me within an hour or less.
#39 - 2011-09-08 06:08:12 UTC
I joined Blink and basically said "I'm fine getting my hulls for a bit higher than market on average if I am having a good time gambling for them." 360,000,000 ISK deposited and 760,000,000 ISK won later and it turns out Blink has been even more fun than I bargained for.
Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#40 - 2011-09-08 06:10:13 UTC
Very fun and addictive way to pass time. Been playing for months and the one issue I've had was corrected very quickly. Staff is always around for quick payouts or to answer any questions

Just don't go broke Oops