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SOMER Blink - Microlotteries that Finish in Minutes! 1 QUADRILLION ISK Won!

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Rol Durand
#2461 - 2014-08-21 12:01:42 UTC

Thanks for providing some entertainment and distraction -- something internet spaceships have failed to provide for a long, long time...

P.S. Can I have your stuff?
Imperial Academy
Amarr Empire
#2462 - 2014-08-21 15:35:18 UTC
so the tokens are waisted money now? i spent so much on the site for the sole purpose to get tokens to play out a large amount of money now
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#2463 - 2014-08-22 07:55:48 UTC
It's a shame really. I quite enjoyed losing billions of isk at this site. Truly I did. Straight
mr h4ppy
#2464 - 2014-08-22 23:34:35 UTC
Well after stopping playing eve about 9 months ago I still payed each month to keep my account open so I could move money to Somerblink and to collect winnings. That was £90.00 to CCP for 9 months and the total time I was logged in during that period was about 15 minutes. Now that I can't play Somerblink I have canceled my account as there is no in game gambling.

So.. CCP, Please put casinos into the game. I would love to see say maybe 12 gambling licenses sold in a biding war. Then each licence can be allocated to a player owned station in 0.0. It would be awesome to walk about then in station and sit around tables and gamble with friends and strangers alike, people would also have an incentive to buy expensive clothes to show of their wealth. The alliance that owns the station will of course have to employ a pretty big army/police force of players to keep the gates free from pirates etc possibly even offering escorts to tourists. The Alliance would also have a vested interest in keeping their prizes nice and tasty with good odds whilst at the same time trying to disrupt the competition, for instance by hiring gangs of pirates etc to kill tourists. Each Alliance would want their Station to become the new VEGAS at all costs! The licenses would also be renewable yearly.

My idea is that the 12 gambling stations would be roughly evenly spaces around eve so people would not have to travel too far to have fun. I think it would add a huge new bunch of content and employment withing the EVE universe whilst simultaneously creating a large isk sink.. (which I hear CCP likes)

A lot of people work long hard hours in real life and don;t want to come home and play EVE the way it is currently meant to be played. They don't want to fly endless missions or mine or rat all the time, or PvP, at least for me is pretty stressful sometimes and not what I want to do for the few hours before sleep as it causes insomnia!!. They might just wanna log on and chill out in a station with a couple of drinks or a smoke, whist chatting to their friends about whatever, and gamble a couple of hundred million isk. I know I'd love to do that. After a hard weeks work, £35.00 (or whatever it is for a couple of plexs) is not much to get a bunch of isk to happily gamble for a couple of evenings.

I used to be on Team Speak chatting to 3-4 other gamblers having a few beers and would maybe gamble away 300mill isk in about 4 hours or do. Mostly just small gambles here and there, but it was a nice social thing to do when I could not be bothered to go out IRL to a casino or bar. A lot cheaper too!. Ships that I won over time I have store up for PvP when I can be bothered to get back in to it.

Please don;t take something away that was as fun as Somerblink and not give us an alternative. If you bring it in game then you will have full control over it and make more real life money. I promise!

As for Somer, I'm sorry that things turned out the the way they did and wish an alternate solution could have been reached but rules are rules I guess.

Anyway, I'm off now, I hope a Dev reads this and brings it up in the next content meeting to discuss. bye for now, I hope to be back in the future.
Emily Vartas
Republic University
Minmatar Republic
#2465 - 2014-08-23 00:00:18 UTC
58,098 Tokens in my account :(

and I apparently missed out on some 'retro' credits :\

I'll miss blink. only reason I log into eve sometimes.
Kane DeCesaille
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#2466 - 2014-08-23 01:20:50 UTC
185k tokens in my account....but that's not the point. Been playing blink since 2011. Spent.....trillions actually...lost tons, won quite abit...but i still loved it actually. The only proper gambling site Eve had, with fantastic prizes. It saddens me that it's all over....whether i win or lose, with many moments of rage....(spending 50b isk in an event and not winning crap...) Blink has been a part of Eve for ages.
Who knows...maybe CCP with change their directives, maybe they will forgive for whatever has happened, and maybe something will come up in the near future. who knows :)

SomerBlink, you did well, made tons, gave us alot of entertainment, fantastic prizes even though many cried for losing....But gambling is gambling anywhere...and the "Casino" always wins...But i did get great prizes, and so did others. Hope you come back....:):)

Delta Tremor
Second Hand Souls
#2467 - 2014-08-23 03:33:26 UTC
omer, You and your whole team were always straight shooters. Your rules weren't rigorous but were fair, written to be easily understood, so it was always humorous to me when someone came whining into the forum complaining about being unaware about the first rule in the list about having only one Blink account. We all know that person wanted to have as many blink players as possible to pick the "low hanging fruit" of your generous achievements for just playing the game.

I see a lot of ppl are crying on this forum about about having "bought" a lot of tokens which really were free with one being given for each million deposited or won, then the tokens could be used to play the minibonk which often had Jump Freighter sized prizes or to get one ticket on a promotion which had things like 10 billion Blink Credits every now and then. Ppl will follow me and tell me how they "bought" those tokens, but if you never dreamed up mini-bonks or promotions, no one would complain. I think the complainers are the ones who never really played the game but made deposits to get the tokens and then had some form of automationthat got around your safeguards and just played promotions. Promotions were supposed to be rewards for people who were present and playing. They'd bet some and take the prizes in ISK and I guess came out ahead playing all 30-50 promotions each day without really playing much of the game to help pay for the prizes given out.

I'm here to confirm you were true to your word and refunded my blink account isk balance, shipped, at no expense to me, the ship I won at the last minute to the station I wanted and then contracted it to me, at no expense to me.

Not exactly as others who probably did not even have accounts have said, took the money and run. You were always fair and honest. And your customer support was a model of efficiency some other big operations around here
could take a lesson from.

I wish you and your whole crew nothing but happiness and success. I know you will have success. You can walk away from this mess with your head held high. This is CCP's loss, not yours.

Maybe I'll see you in another game before long, as I won't be here very much longer. I knew I never should have plexed ahead!
Replacement 234
Tremor Recorded
#2468 - 2014-08-23 06:02:29 UTC
The Blink Haters Envy Club might have just pulled a Wile E Coyote fireworks display on themselves. If, as one has said, she deceived players into buying plex for cash so they could sell it back for ISK.

So the scammers who claim to want to buy two plex for well above the going price are not deceiving players into buying plex for cash so they can sell it for higher than market value?

I don't know the details of any three letter acronym against the EULA and ToS other than ill founded conjecture of others complete with 5th grade math examples but I wonder how far one has to open that door to be considered in violation of CCP's rules enough for them to act?

Corps with click thrus to eve resellers have never ever been known to opened that door wide enough to let light shine on the rats.

How about a an authorized PLEX reseller having an eve account and keeping it no secret? Would that be opening the door far enough?

Has anyone drawn a line in the carpet with a light saber inside the closets of her indiscretions, if there in fact are any indiscretions which tells others how much they can bend the rules before moving from good natured rule bending to foul, swing em from the yardarm rule breaking?
Name Invalid
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#2469 - 2014-08-23 14:19:49 UTC
I'm in the same boat as many other people, Only with 10k tickets, but I'll be the first to tell you that I enjoyed Blink as much as one of the other supporters.

A game like this can be not exciting at times, (Living in a wormhole, and most of your corp isn't on.) Blink was an amazing way to pass time, and to actually have fun. The Community was great, you could always find a conversation down at the Somer Blink Channel. I'm sure half the reason why every one was there so we could hear the person say "Promo!" but still...

Somer Blink will be missed, I hope something happens in the near future and allows Blink to become a thing again. You can't replace Blink's Micro Lottery with the other odd EVE gambling sites, you just can't. lol

Rennseslear X
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#2470 - 2014-08-23 14:28:55 UTC
i see lots of crying and blaming CCP for the actions of somer.

the actions of somer.

of somer.


Morus VI
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#2471 - 2014-08-23 15:18:29 UTC
@ CCP i had a Account Balance of 30 Billions in Somer!

All is gone - 3 paid Accounts!

@ Somer you did a great Job i loved / hated somerblink for 4 years.

Bye Eve

@CCP i hope the whole company will be bankrupt by the end of 2014!
Jake Rivers
New Planetary Order
#2472 - 2014-08-23 20:00:28 UTC
If the only reason you play eve was to gamble on somerblink, so long, not a single person is going to miss you.


PS can I has your stuff
Imperial Shipment
Amarr Empire
#2473 - 2014-08-23 23:03:07 UTC
Just wanted to take the time to thank each and everyone of you that had anything to do with this site,, you all treated everyone oh so awesome! yes i will miss the fun i had but will never forget the fun i had! Thanks guys you were and still are the best! thanks again Firestones
Replacement 234
Tremor Recorded
#2474 - 2014-08-24 09:53:03 UTC  |  Edited by: Replacement 234
I thank everyone associated with Blink for a lot of good times. I really thank the Chat folks, well most anyway. I decided to stop reading the pop-up forums last night and not go back until all the facts are assembled. I just don't understand the hatred. (pop-up forums = as soon as I got to page 6 of a new forum, it was permanently closed with a link for a new one. I'd get there and it was permanently closed Somer, you never did anything in a small way!)

I think it will be interesting to see how CCP moves forward in their selective enforcement. It starts right with CCP Falcon breaking the Privacy Policy regarding sanctions. I think generally he is moving well through a large minefield. One trait of CCP is to go into hibernation for a week then announce a decision along the lines of the most vehement forum rats which they can loosely tie to a paragraph or two in Rules. They have never been constant in rule enforcement except when it costs them money, like Character Sales. I biomassed some nicely skilled toons with -10 standings rather than take them to Ebay to sell them. It was against the rules to sell them, and at the time there was no way to transfer a character to another account unless you owned the account and accounts. like now could not be sold. But Ebay always had a big selection of toons, ships, mods and I can't see how everyone of those people did not get caught. And Bots all over now...

I still haven't seen any evidence of why the action was taken, but I have not looked for any in over 24 hours, either. One thing I did notice in the vitriol was an absence of any mention that the number of PLEX you would buy back were the number each player had bought from Markee since CCP asked you to cease the bonus pending investigation back in November. If I could have caught up with a pop-up forum before it was closed, I was going to mention that.

I had bought some PLEX from Markee since November and had a number of how many I thought I was limited to selling to you at the current Blink Credit price. My friends were bringing up plex from many locations and I was trying to get a count on how many we had scattered over New Eden, so I was just slow and didn't see the sh^tstorm on the horizon.

Unless I totally misunderstood it, the number of PLEX "things" (not tokens, but you named them something unique to those PLEX bought during that period from Markee. The Blink Buy Back was being called an endless cycle of profit when it was really a reimbursement for a finite number of PLEX which were bought while the "bonus" was suspended and the time when CCP legal decided it was not against the rules. I know it is not any different than just about every corp out there giving a bonus to a player who bought through the corp site's click through and supported the cost of the corp expenses. Interesting to see how the waffling will take place on the selective enforecement.

My friends and I discussed this very problem when PLEX came out and decided that anything which could be purchased in one form of currency real life cash and sold in ISK could just as easily be transferred the other way. Our corp expenses are nil as the server our corp sites sit on is wholly owned by one in our group. Being all old retired military farts, we understand how to pay our own bills and do what we can to help each other. We thought from the start of the PLEX being handled as a commodity instead of a character sale was a big mistake and would end up in a SNAFU. The PLEX is a financial transaction between the player and CCP and has no place in the game. It has no use in any game mechanic.

We all thought it should be sold and bought through an electronic NPC Market in every system or directly from EVE. in any system. We saw it best being handled so it never left EVE's control. Our idea that a buyer should be able to buy a PLEX on an NPC market or from EVE no matter where the player was by opening their character sheet, then open PLEX at the bottom, see all the market options in New Eden (maybe just the domain?) then buy from either the Market or EVE. Once bought, the buyer has two options, Activate or Sell. If he chooses Activate, a list of all toons owned by that player across all accounts drops down. The buyer selectis a toon and the PLEX will activate on that account. If the player selects Sell then market info appears and the Seller can select sell at a price he chooses and in any system he chooses. Maybe a choice would be to keep it in a PLEX Hangar at EVE and sell it or activate it as described at a later time.

The key would be not letting the PLEX leave EVE control. When bought, it is activated, put on the NPC market or stored in EVE's PLEX Locker. Get rid of the ICON

Getting a line of people started up as Authorized Resellers seemed like a bad Idea as it could lead to pricing out of EVE's control. It added middlemen who ate up CCPs profits. CCP gave the Resellers enough profit to have a 24 hour staff at 25 locations when they could have kept the profits and have one 24 hour staff at one location. CCP could offer and control the uniform amount for each click-through.

My best thoughts are with you all from Blink. Somer, your return of assets to players speaks volumes about your character, especially in this scamming is ok game. Me and all by friends got everything we had in your control. We are all looking around for some new game. Incarna taught us not to PLEX out too far because it was just a matter of time for CCP to give us reason. We think they jumped the shark on this one. If you rob Peter to pay Paul, you can always count on Paul, Needy Paul. Selective enforcement will always divide a group! Even some of the loudest shouters will find themselves under selective enforcement someday. You just knew CCP couldn't have something successful running near them!

And I read somebody I never heard of saying no one will miss us, I wonder if he asked them all?
Jam Kirk
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#2475 - 2014-08-24 13:48:52 UTC
I have very much enjoyed playing blinks the last couple of years. I think the blink staff should be commended all the way across the board. It is very sad that the fun is now gone. I will miss all of you and wish you nothing but the very best in all future endeavors.

Gone too is one of the very best chat channels in the game of EVE. I have met some of the best people in the game simply by asking a few questions in channel. I will greatly miss the channel and the friends I have made in there. It seemed no matter what time of the day or night there was always a friendly smile to greet in that channel that is now closed.

I will miss all of you greatly. Please remember not everyone will forget. I hope you all know and remember well the joys and the interactions Somer gave us all.
Jack Breacher
Center for Advanced Studies
Gallente Federation
#2476 - 2014-08-24 16:40:21 UTC
Jam Kirk wrote:
I have very much enjoyed playing blinks the last couple of years. I think the blink staff should be commended all the way across the board. It is very sad that the fun is now gone. I will miss all of you and wish you nothing but the very best in all future endeavors.

Gone too is one of the very best chat channels in the game of EVE. I have met some of the best people in the game simply by asking a few questions in channel. I will greatly miss the channel and the friends I have made in there. It seemed no matter what time of the day or night there was always a friendly smile to greet in that channel that is now closed.

I will miss all of you greatly. Please remember not everyone will forget. I hope you all know and remember well the joys and the interactions Somer gave us all.

Aww, I miss blink; losing billions too :p
Root Canals
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#2477 - 2014-08-24 19:43:58 UTC
no blink = no eve

nuff said

and no, you cants has my stuff cuz I sold it all to play blink
Jadzia Ezri Dax
Space Dust Industries
#2478 - 2014-08-24 22:00:38 UTC
Gonna miss ya Somer - Thank you for all the fun.

Luckily I've found another site to waste all my time on. You can't stop the degenerate gamblers from gambling :)

There is an referral to all you other degenerate gamblers like me.

They have Raffles
Slot Machines!!! (YES OMG SLOT MACHINES)
Leaderboards with Monthly Prices
User Referral Program
Token Reward Program
ISD Ezwal
ISD Community Communications Liaisons
ISD Alliance
#2479 - 2014-08-24 23:44:43 UTC
As the OP of this thread has been banned and the service it advertises is shutting down, this thread serves no purpose any longer.

Thread locked

ISD Ezwal Community Communication Liaisons (CCLs)