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The all new "rookie's best friend"

Aurelius Valentius
Valentius Corporation
#21 - 2012-03-02 03:04:56 UTC
KanashiiKami wrote:
Pinky Denmark wrote:
Who cares - they're better than the current lunchbox models...
Though I would agree the minmatar would be lovely if replaced with another model :-)

The important thing is wether they will rebalance them at the same time.
Noob ships should be able to fit a group of civ guns (at least 2) in addition to the miner and have enough slots to fit afterburner, shield booster and armor repper at the same time... Also allow each ship to carry 2 light drones.


i know what u are thinking .... a fleet of 100 of these with 2 drones ...

It would be nice if:
1. The gave some additional visual love to the Vialator and the Reaper (alot more to the reaper).
2. They gave them rigs
3. They gave them a bit more in the way of a lowest level frigate rather than a seperate class... but keep the multi-role function of them... make them more useful than they are, also the Amarr needs some cap and PG love - while the others can fit two of the civ weapons, the Amarr can't fit two lasers, this has always been a flaw... if you EFT them you find that the Amarr is the worst for fitting and the Reaper is the best, though you can fit the same fit as the reaper on the Impairor you don't get the bonus to ACs (obv) so it is substandard in all ways... you can't fit it as well with the bonused and crossed trained get you less also... what they should do is make it so each rookie has CPU and grid to fit either - 2x miners or 2x of the factional weapons provided... or a mix... that should just be standard all around... the rest if pretty much fine as it is I guess for a ship you may not want to spend to much time in, but they could make excellent low end ships also if give a little bit, as a back in the hangar - say a larger cargo spaced shuttle for free (what I use them for when I am running around, rather than a naked pod)...

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