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Vincent Athena - Running for CSM7

Vincent Athena
#21 - 2012-03-07 20:34:42 UTC
Hi Azure,

The campaign seems to be going well. I am getting support mail and messages, and visits to my blog.

Thanks for the support!

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asidburn Enaka
The 501st Legion
#22 - 2012-03-08 08:33:18 UTC
i just want to let everyone know about this scammer claming to be giving plex for votes dont be caught falling for this scam vote aganist darius III member of interstellar eXodus {IE-EX} they are scaming people pass the word on to everyone you can and vote aganist these undeserving jerks here is a copy of the chat log as proof of there unworthy actions!!!!!!!!

asidburn Enaka > what do i need to do
Darius III > go there
Darius III > vote for me then paste the message you got after vote cast into this chat
asidburn Enaka > your vote has been registered. We thank you for your participation.
Darius III > Thanks man
Darius III > that concludes our business
Darius III > Fly safe
asidburn Enaka > and what about the contract
asidburn Enaka > i will have my alliance vote aganist you about 250 people
asidburn Enaka > and then where will you be
asidburn Enaka > send me the contract and i will have them vote for you
asidburn Enaka > this is what we call a test of charecture
Darius III > Have them vote against me
Darius III > Sorry for the ssam
Darius III > But I wouldnt sleep at night if I didnt do everything in my power to make syure that Goons dont ruin this CSM
asidburn Enaka > your an idiot all your going to do is send more votes to the goons
Darius III > not really
Darius III > Goons will win chairman nbo matetr what, doesnt matter
Darius III > nothing can stop them
Darius III > and thats a real shame
asidburn Enaka > well you just lost 243 votes
asidburn Enaka > got 1 lost 243
Darius III > Didnt have them anyway
Darius III > didnt lose anything
Darius III > Just please dont make forum post about me, it would ruin my campaign
asidburn Enaka > not to mentone att the isk spam bans you r about to get
asidburn Enaka > too late
asidburn Enaka > and i just copyed this conv
asidburn Enaka > so i can post
Darius III > You wouldnt dare do it
Darius III > You too lazy anyway
Darius III > I dont have a thing to worry about
asidburn Enaka > haha i play eve 8 hrs a day and im retired all i have is time
Darius III > no lazy bones like you would waste their time. LOL so much for your empty threats LOL

rember i dont care who you vote for just dont voter for the
Gaia Ma'chello
#23 - 2012-03-09 18:34:15 UTC
You have my vote.
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