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Devara Biotech
#11761 - 2013-12-13 15:01:36 UTC

Why would a badass combat hardened guy like you spend so much money on skin care? Sorry mate, but it looks very wrong when the skin is so perfect.

Also, the eye looks weird. Kinda makes it look like you got a hollow head.

But still an overall nice style.



Kairavi Mrithyakara
#11762 - 2013-12-13 15:38:57 UTC
Mizhir wrote:

I've always liked your character. It is about the only one I've seen that can make nose rings work, really. Then there's that tattoo (and the subtle tint of arm tats, which I'd honestly like to see more of.

The things that let down this particular portrait are the shadows and the colour contrast. First, the illumination: The light source seems at odds with the background. The light also creates those weird marks on the forehead, which look more like pencil scratches than hair shadow.

Second, there's the colours... Red highlights paired with the green eye shadow, coat, background. To my eye, it seems to clash.

Over all, 8.5-9/10

I know, I wrote stuff about problems, but I can't help it, I like your character. I suspect I have an inherent bias towards Vherokior girls...

Mizhir wrote:
You have an interesting "alienlike" look.

Devara Biotech
#11763 - 2013-12-13 15:40:37 UTC
Don't take it negatively. It is meant as a possitive thing.


Kairavi Mrithyakara
#11764 - 2013-12-13 15:45:18 UTC
Uh... Wait, that was the wrong smiley. My fingers are too fat for this phone, apparently.... It was meant to be this: Twisted
Naomi Tichim
Sovereign Hospitaller Order of Saint Katherine
#11765 - 2013-12-13 20:37:49 UTC

She looks like she's staring into the soul of the person to my left.
Tenaris Zeratul
General Megadrive Corp.
#11766 - 2013-12-14 02:41:14 UTC
I think she's some sort of giraffe/human hybrid
selket Shihari
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#11767 - 2013-12-14 04:43:54 UTC

looks high as ****...been drinking too much quafe again?

When life gives you lemons...BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!

Captain Firefly Morgan
Killmail Crusaders
#11768 - 2013-12-14 04:56:41 UTC

Looks like a pirate that's about to forcibly take my booty.
Ashelynn Kelonik
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#11769 - 2013-12-14 04:59:44 UTC

Appears to be a tired man who got his lips stuck in a vacuum cleaner.
Commissar Kate
#11770 - 2013-12-14 05:37:19 UTC
Did you just see a naked amarr man?


#11771 - 2013-12-14 14:25:51 UTC

You look upset about something
Colonel Selene
#11772 - 2013-12-14 14:45:38 UTC
Lewai wrote:

You look upset about something

You look like your trying to hit on my sister.



Solar Winds Security Solutions
#11773 - 2013-12-14 15:14:10 UTC
Looks like a generic "randomize all" and put on a jacket.

Epic Space Cat, Horsegirl, Philanthropist

Solar Winds Security Solutions
#11774 - 2013-12-14 15:15:54 UTC
Kairavi Mrithyakara - now there's a sexy portrait.

Too bad she's going to be a WT soon. :(

Epic Space Cat, Horsegirl, Philanthropist

Commissar Kate
#11775 - 2013-12-14 15:38:43 UTC
Sorry but I don't like human pincushions.

Solar Winds Security Solutions
#11776 - 2013-12-14 15:44:07 UTC
Another cookie cutter.

Epic Space Cat, Horsegirl, Philanthropist

Jane Shapperd
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#11777 - 2013-12-15 12:15:49 UTC
Lipstick and hair matches the dress .
Eyes matches the brackgound .. but the plush makeup is a disaster .....

Kristina Volkanov
Pator Tech School
Minmatar Republic
#11778 - 2013-12-15 14:32:52 UTC

The tattoo goes well with the makeup and hair, and the eyes match the background really well. Not a fan of the pose though 8/10.
Luna Pryde
We Who Walk Alone
#11779 - 2013-12-16 09:15:06 UTC

The spidery tattoo looks awesome, and the red hair frames the face nicely. Looking slightly above the camera gives it a thoughtful feel. 9/10

Wolves don't lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.

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Jove Death
Garoun Investment Bank
Gallente Federation
#11780 - 2013-12-16 11:35:40 UTC

Way to goth for me but very nice Big smile

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