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Trade Bots

Almir Kadric
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#41 - 2012-02-05 22:33:39 UTC
Rita Jita wrote:
well i think having the names of people trading on the market would help with identifying the people who are trading round the clock non stop don't you ?

This is actually still hard to determine unless you're actually following them 23/7. I for one trade around the clock as I run my own business and work from home. My eve window is open almost all the time unless I got lazy one day. I basically check every order and update. Usually try and scare my competition away. That being said after I update an order only in certain times of the day do I need to compete continuously. Other times no issues. So perhaps I haven't seen a bot in my region.

However I have traded in Jita before when I was manufacturing a lot of ships. And if you say you're trying to detect a bot in that region I will slap you. That market is crazy active around the clock. All you can do is use scare tactics and get the one or 2 items you're after. But if you want to trade be ready to fight.

Rita Jita wrote:
Please explain what makes you suspect they're a bot.

OMG again with the pointless question, the fact is people use bots
make it easier to detect these people by showing trader names in market window.

This is a very valid question. If you can't justify the means you can't justify the action. If you have no idea they're a bot, then go pick up a role less challenging. Just read up, now think about how cut throat Jita is. Now think about the podding and stealing that would occur with non-anonymous trading. I have friends who taught me how to trade. Guess what's scare tactic 1.
- Buy an item they updated with a whole bundle
- You have their name
- Track them
- If they fly a freighter
- wait till they fill it
- pop them
- rinse & repeat

Maxpie wrote:
I believe 'obvious bots' are the ones that .01 up the top order instantly and every time. When I used to trade a bit, from time to time I would see this. Regardless, it's silly to claim they don't exist - I just did a quick Google in another tab and it seems pretty clear. We need more tools to detect cheaters - many of us would (and do) actively go after them and report them. I can only think of one reason why someone wouldn't want us to do so.

I don't bot but I do 0.01 up every order. It's typical scare tactic to try and 1,000 up or even 100,000 up an order nothing better then to tell them to get bent and 0.1 it every time they try. Imagine over capitalizing on a risk and realizing it's not going your way. We traders don't really care what we pay provided we can turn over a profit. The point is we keep single item buyers off of buy orders for 1 reason. And that's because they don't belong there. They should be buying our orders in the window above.

Jacob Stiller wrote:
Bingo. A human can be very efficient at updating orders over reasonable periods of time but noone can keep it up 23.5/7.

This is true. Humans can be extremely efficient, and they do miss certain windows of opportunity. As life is.

Now this isn't a matter of if bots exist or not. They do and that's a fact. But the problem with this post is the means to solve the issue is just plain stupid. Any real trader would never agree to displaying a name near their items. That's just suicide.
#42 - 2012-02-07 11:21:08 UTC
I wonder since trade bots are legal in Wall Street why are they illegal in Jita ??
Buruk Utama
Science and Trade Institute
Caldari State
#43 - 2012-02-07 11:36:02 UTC
JitaPriceChecker2 wrote:
I wonder since trade bots are legal in Wall Street why are they illegal in Jita ??

I would hazard that since Earth is cut off from Jita when the wormhole collapsed and stranded EVE that the big money and corrupt businessmen of Earth couldn't bribe the Jita officials so the powers at be in Jita have tried to keep things actually somewhat level regarding trading.Lol
Daemon Ceed
Ice Fire Warriors
Infinite Pew
#44 - 2012-02-09 00:26:52 UTC
I personally love trade bots. Easy to maniplate. Too dumb to know better.
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