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[Development Thread] {Project entering Hiatus} Eve Morning Report

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Abditus Cularius
Clancularius Industries
#121 - 2012-06-26 06:40:06 UTC
Will look forward to the next time this resurfaces for a month. ^-^
Magnu Stormhawk
#122 - 2012-06-26 09:37:31 UTC
Thanks for all your efforts Erik, always enjoyed the show.

Good luck with everything :)
Alain Kinsella
#123 - 2012-06-26 15:02:56 UTC
Utemetsu wrote:

It's going to sound cliche, but I am leaving New Eden to focus more on my art. That's right -- I do stuff other than podcasting. In fact, I someday want to be a 3D character designer (though that's admittedly a long way off). To get there takes dedication, time, and perserverence on a scale that I've really been putting off for some time. EVE has been my go-to activity for some time now, and that's started to bother me. I want my go-to to be something that I can apply later.

So I'm embarking on the true grind; and it's one not of standings or MD reputation, but it is one quantifiable only by yourself. My friend said to me a week ago at my first piano lesson in 10 years, "3 hours a day will make a virtuoso in 10 years." Frankly, I likely don't have 3 hours a day, every day, but every moment counts. I can no longer justify playing EVE in lieu of the practicing of my craft, or the practicing of a skill that I so desire to attain.

I know that feeling; My work on our Icinga conversion project is beginning to lure me back into the FOSS scene.

Good Luck, and most of all have fun!

"The Meta Game does not stop at the game. Ever."

Currently Retired / Semi-Casual (pending changes to RL concerns).

Nous Defions.
The Initiative.
#124 - 2012-06-28 21:35:26 UTC
Wow, bummer for us addicts, but understandable.
I debated picking up a podcast, for about 5 minutes, then realized I have a full time job, starting full time back at college and have 4 kids... no way I could get a cast out regularly.

Will miss you, and good luck!
Elijah Craig
Trask Industries
#125 - 2012-06-28 22:36:54 UTC  |  Edited by: Elijah Craig
All the best! You did a good job here and I was glad to see you return this time around, so I enjoyed it while it lasted!

I'm sure there's a 'silent majority' out there who didn't comment in this MD thread or give you direct feedback, but they nevertheless appreciated the episodes popping into iTunes eachday and enjoyed the cast, especially the weekend shows. I'm sure they'll start to wonder why the episodes dried up on their feed and eventually come here to see what's up - I was one of those folks :)

Thanks again and hope to see you back again sometime.
#126 - 2012-06-29 19:41:47 UTC
I have just enough time to get one last post in --

Thank you, all of you, for your support and well wishes. I'll be back, someday, to see what you've all made (or destroyed).