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Test Server Feedback

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!! Test Server: Information Listing !!

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#1 - 2011-09-06 06:51:37 UTC  |  Edited by: CCP Falcon
Below is a list of important information regarding development, test servers, bug reporting, etc.

Also included are links to threads that may be of interest to players wanting to make use of the test servers.

Daily scheduled DT on Singularity from 05:00-05:15 GMT (there might be unscheduled ones too).
Daily scheduled DT on Duality from 03:45-04:00 GMT (there might be unscheduled ones too).

Need to know how to connect to test servers?


Mirror status:

When were the mirrors taken from TQ:
Singularity: October 6th, 2014
Duality: June 15th, 2014

Additionally to these full mirrors were are now doing daily updates of account data, delayed by 12 - 36 hours. This includes for example account status and password changes.

What to do if your account is not active / has a wrong password?
If your TQ account was active for longer than 36 hours and your Singularity account is still not activated: Post in this thread with the correct character.
If your Sisi account is not updated with the current password or if you have other problems: Send an EVE-mail to CCP Habakuk.


What does the test server status mean?

  • Status: Incompatible (Release / Version): You don't have the correct version installed and you need to get a patch. Sometimes there are no public patches when we test stuff in private. Best to start the Launcher again to check for new patches.

  • Status: Unknown: That means that Sisi is down or it can also mean that your firewall is blocking ExeFile.exe so you don't get access to the internet via the EVE client with that file running or something else with either your connection in general or on the way through the internet.

  • Status: Not accepting connections: The server is running but only CCP employees can access it for testing.

SISI - Server Status (fan-site) is very useful to see the status.

Important threads and EVElopedia articles:

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