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Ideas for new modules

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sprototles Ganzo
Big Fat Panda Corporation
#1841 - 2013-04-24 08:16:20 UTC
i would like to see missile attack battlecruiser

Battlecruisers skill bonus per level:
5% bonus to Cruise and Torpedo (damage or Rate of Fire) per level
5% bonus to Cruise and Torpedo missile explosion radius reduction per level


My ideas...pls chceck them :) Battleship Yamato - Nice Missiles - OVERHEAT Drones -

Stegas Tyrano
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#1842 - 2013-04-24 13:58:02 UTC
Marcus Walkuris wrote:
Drone bay launchers.
Launches drones at current direction at 3 times normal MWD speed for 3 seconds.
Or a minimum of 500 MS for 3 seconds.
Sub capitals only, I would guess.
Oh active module of course.

If that would be overpowered fix it but the concept is understandable.

This would be pretty awesome for PVE and PVP. The drones could be stored in rockets which are than fired out of a missile launcher.

Lock target, fire drone launcher. The rocket is then fired at the target and deploys the drones a 5km away from the target.

Herping your derp since 19Potato - [url=][Proposal] - Ingame Visual Adverts[/url]

Hard Knocks Inc.
Hard Knocks Citizens
#1843 - 2013-04-24 15:55:32 UTC  |  Edited by: Legion40k
Stasis Field Generator:- New toy for the HIC

Very similar fitting/activation cost/fixed 30s cycle as the Warp Disrupt Field Generator, Banned in Empire

16km Range Field that webs all ships by 35% (parent ship 60%)

Can be loaded with a script > Focused Web > doubles web effect to -70% on target and reduces parent ship to -90% speed

HIC's gain new effect of the Skill Bonus > 5% to range of Stasis Field Generators per lvl

The field does not stack with others and is not affected by Skirmish Links

Some interesting effects;
- It's now possible to web Supercarriers and Titans \o/
- Noobler HIC pilots can accidentally catapult their target into warp if they don't point it first!
- Obviously people will whine its a boost to gatecamps, but the field is not crippling to those that want to run away
- Some funky code might be needed to exclude Drones & Missiles from being affected (lol)

Astrid Rho
Anarchistic Angst
#1844 - 2013-04-24 21:07:59 UTC  |  Edited by: Astrid Rho
What about a ship/module which uses the scaled down shield technology of a POS? it could create a very small shield that other fleet ships could temporalily group in offensive or defensive situations (in dangerous space only) ........rather like an Eve version of the "Lufberry" used by WW1 pilots.

Like full size POS version, the fleet ships could not use targeting systems inside the "Luf", but the shield could be manouvred sub-warp by moving the mothership.

The "Luf" would need to be a bit unstable (fear factor) and should be able to be destroyed reasonably quickly by attacking or defending fleets (or even a single ship). I think it should be powered by feeding a highish % of capacitor off all ships who are within its protection.

Just a thought, apologies to anyone else who has mentioned something like this and I missed it.
Lothal Antedeluvian
Valdor Industrial Incorporated
#1845 - 2013-04-25 13:02:44 UTC  |  Edited by: Lothal Antedeluvian
Augmented Probing Result Analyzer

+5% scan strength, 5% reduction in maximum scan deviation, 5% faster scanning

T2-version: Everything 8%

At least Lv. 3 in all Astrometric-skills, high CPU, low energy grid requirements.

The APRA is essentially a specialized computer-system dedicated to analyze the information send back by probes. Even though it can be a drain on a ship's CPU-reserves, having a dedicated analyzing platform apart from the normal systems can greatly enhance the results of a scan.

Explorers and pilots hunting ships likewise try to fit at least one of these modules.

Scripts can be used to alter the effects of the APRA-system.

APRA-Scan-script: Doubles scan strength bonus, negates everything else.
APRA-Deviation-script: Doubles reduction of scan deviation, negates everything else.
APRA-Time-script: Doubles reduction in scan time, see above.

Just an idea I had recently.
#1846 - 2013-04-25 18:16:07 UTC
Yophant wrote:
Area of Effect: Can Looter I

With introducing "Loot all" button it became much simplier for carebear to salvage/loot all wrecks in mission/anomaly, but now it's pure "double-click party" when number of wrecks reaches 50-70. I've even bought a special mouse with hardware "doubleclick" button.
It would be great if such module could loot all "safe" (only white/blue) cans within 2-2.5 km from a ship. Maybe such module should restricted to be fit only on Noctis.

This would come high on my list, can't stand click spams.
Panthe'r Rigmorgan
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#1847 - 2013-04-26 09:10:30 UTC  |  Edited by: Panthe'r Rigmorgan
Maybe this is a CRAZY idea but here goes my thoughts on the issue. I have considered the implacations and Impact on eve and feel with the current set up of the system IT should be able to handle the proposed Idea.

I know Customization of the exterior and look of ships is a bit much to ask of a MMO of this size. Also, as I have seen it may be in the works in the form of having Corp Logos on ships etc.

My idea is more along the line of production.

I would like to see the T2 production modified in a way. I figure you are spending time and ISK on a ship, why not be able to at least cutomize it kinda like a T3 once you have the BPC for the tech 2 item.

The flow of production would stay the same EXCEPT... once you have the BPC it gives you a limited number of components that may be fitted (AKA all the Faction based Tech 2 Components already on the market).

Let take a Caldari Ship because I am most familiar with them. The components for tech two are as follows:

Grav Sensor Cluster

Graviton Pulse Emmiter

Graviton Reactor

Magpulse Thruster

Quantum Microprocessor

Scalar Capacitor

Superconductor Rails

Sustained Shield Emmiter

Tritanium Diborite Armor Plate

Set each of these components with a set value of what it effects both positive and negative. Say I wanna fully armor a Buzzard with armor plates (which is stupid I know), but that would slow it down by adding mass. But if I want to sacrafice armor and energy capacity to increase scanner effency I can put on MORE Sensor Clusters (maybe use a diffrent race to add to types of sensors I have) and remove a few armor plates and reactors. I wanna give it a faster base speed..ok add more thrusters...

Each race has a set of these for their ships, and tech 2 components use a mixture like the Adaptive Invulnerability Shield.

Why not make it so you have a set number of components that can be fitted to a ship to make the basic tech two model already in play but have the OPTION to change the parts? Even change out with other racial parts? Maybe require a special "Integrator RAM" in the production for the interracial mixes.

I just think this would give more flexibility with out making it over complex to change the game mechanic. Also, It would give people a chance to throw a curve ball at pirates and gankers. Say you see a ship you know has Grav sensors so you jam with the appropriate ECM to counter only to see that BS continue to fire on you and your group...ooops. Looks like he traded out his sensors for another races.

Now as far as how it would look it would look the same (no need to change astetics). On the market for people who make and want to sell them put a big "M" after the ship name. Or put "Modified" and let people pull up the stats to look at it to see what has been changed.

Its an idea I have been playing with for a few weeks and just decided to post about it on a whim. Not sure if it even makes sense. I just wanted to put it out there.

Also, a modue to modify Ore Holds and or Ship Maint Bay Sizes...

If these have been mentioned already im sorry but made it through 30 pages before I decided to post
Jonas Sukarala
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#1848 - 2013-04-26 16:11:28 UTC  |  Edited by: Jonas Sukarala
I would suggest you lower the mass of AB's to be much lower than MWD's as they don't generate anywhere near the speed so why would it be the same mass? also you need to give more reason to use AB's on ships especially any ship bigger than a frigate. Also as it is generally used to keep sig low and allow for brawling the extra agility would really help to orbit a ship and speed tank/sig tank

A new Afterburner module ... maybe called Ancillary Afterburner
- has cap boosters much like ASB's but doesn't require them to be used for mod to work its more incase of being neuted.
- higher fitting
-web resistance
-higher speed boost
-slightly higher cap usage

This is ideal for brawling when getting webbed and neuted but normal AB's speed is too low... this is designed to be used in place of the mwd in certain circumstances for ships that want to brawl and speed tank up close without being instantly neuted and webbed so you're pretty much a sitting duck.

Then improve normal Afterburner module compared to the new AB above
- lower mass
-lower fitting
-lower cap usage

This is the more general use AB and the extra agility and lower fittings might help with dual prop setups as pg can be too tight.

'Tech3 ships need to be put down, like a rabid dog drooling everywhere in the house, they are out of line' CCP Ytterbium Nerf missile range into place where is the TD missile change?  ..projectiles should use capacitor. ABC's should be T2 HABC and nerf web strength its still too high

Stellar Masons
Spades Alliance
#1849 - 2013-04-27 10:27:04 UTC
Armor drone that can repair there master. Sensor damp mag stabs if u get my lingo for the celestis. A module that steals armor from ur enemy and adds it to your own.
Jaz Antollare
UrAnus Probing Squad
#1850 - 2013-04-27 20:43:32 UTC

U want some challenging idea? OOOK, I have an Idea for that:

Imagine 3 or more (NEW) ships that can make some thing similar to a logi cap link, that makes a barrier, that can defend friendlies from enemy fire. Make them less precise.

May be one type of module for every attack type lasers\hybrids\projectiles\missiles.
the key thing is that only ONE of those modules can be activated at a time, so it can make only a one direction chain.
Those ships are linked in a way that in between them is an barrier that lowers the damage of throw-coming attacks.

U can imagine a sheet of paper (as that barrier) where all the edges are ships that make the chain. Or something similar.
Jaz Antollare
UrAnus Probing Squad
#1851 - 2013-04-27 20:51:23 UTC
Sensor dampener script

A script that totally remakes the sensor dampener effect from dampening the maximum locking range to dampening the minimum locking range, may be it could eat more cap on cycles or something like that. but it sounds kinda cool to make a blind spot for ships with ecm that has actually a big micro management abilities.
#1852 - 2013-04-28 09:49:53 UTC
Titan AOE doomsday script for doomsday weapon. Changes 3mil raw dmg to 15,000dmg to every ship within a certain radius =)
Alx Warlord
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#1853 - 2013-04-29 23:37:40 UTC
Please CCP, Take a look at this tread:

I'm just an engineer trying to improve eve : )
Niki Now
Conoban Innovations
#1854 - 2013-04-30 07:31:45 UTC  |  Edited by: Niki Now

With the prevalence of Titan bridges and Blackops gangs soon getting a buff, we need some kind of ability to counter the threat of the unknown (other side of the cyno) even if by only a small margin, but will make for some interesting game play.

To up the gameplay and maybe provide some alternative game play, what if a new module was invented that could give an area of affect to cyno jamming.

This doesnt block the entire system like the sov upgrade, but affects only the grid.

The new module would operate very similar to a cynosural field generator, in that it will keep the ship that activated the module in place for 10 minutes, and burn ozone or some other fuel type.

It would prevent a cyno from being lit, and also jamn an already lit cyno, that is within its field of range. (Whilst it is activated)

The Area of affect could be a range effect when activated on sub-capitals, ie within 50km, and if activated on Capitals, it would jamn the entire grid.)

If activated next to an already lit cyno, both ships would remain stuck in place in accordance with thier timers. It could then be a race to kill off either the cynosural generator, or jammer ship.

This module would first only be able to used in 0.0

This could also give some small counter to the afk cloaker in system too, buying that extra little bit of time, or for some careful manuvering by the cloaky cyno pilot.
Mashie Saldana
French Drop-O-Panache
Snuffed Out
#1855 - 2013-04-30 10:54:34 UTC
I would like to have "multi-spectrum" versions of salvager, analyzer and code breaker modules. Say a multi-spectrum salvager will work as a salvager but with the correct script loaded it will work as either an analyzer or code breaker at 50% efficiency. Same with the other two modules.

Scripted drones could be fun, say sentries scripted for either tracking or range.
Jonas Sukarala
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#1856 - 2013-05-01 00:06:18 UTC
when i first thought heard of the heatsink mod i thought it would be some sort of cooling device a la RL...
so with that in mind i would suggest that heatsink
- bonus to OH duration of lasers and reduces OH damage to guns
- cap reduction usage of lasers
-slightly higher damage bonus than normal to comp for losing ROF bonus

This way you're not forced to use extra cap with ROF increase .... makes the name make sense and helps with cap usage.

'Tech3 ships need to be put down, like a rabid dog drooling everywhere in the house, they are out of line' CCP Ytterbium Nerf missile range into place where is the TD missile change?  ..projectiles should use capacitor. ABC's should be T2 HABC and nerf web strength its still too high

Dr Cedric
Independent Miners Corporation
#1857 - 2013-05-01 20:08:18 UTC
New Functionality with existing module type:

Rationale: Caldari and Minmatar have warfare link modules that are in line with racial traits (ewar and speed/agility). Creation of two new lines of warfare link modules for Gallente (drones) and Amarr (Capacitor warfare) is in line w/ lore and could give new options that will synergize w/ proposed ship rebalancing.

Capacitor Warfare Link Module


Drone Warfare Link Module

Current Line up for skill training is

Siege Warfare -> Siege warfare specialist (for the link module)
Armored Warfare -> Armored Warfare specialist (for the link module)
Skirmish Warfare -> Skirmish Warfare specialist (for the link module)
Info. Warfare -> Info. Warfare specialist (for the link module)

So it makes sense to have
Capacitor Warfare -> Cap. Warfare Specialist
Drone Warfare -> Drone Warfare Specialist

Cap. Warfare skill should boost Capacitor amount: 2%/level
Drone Warfare skill should boost Drone HP: 2%/level

Cap Specialist Link should boost:
- Cycle time of Capacitor boosters
- range of cap warfare modules (Nos/Neut)
- Capacitor Recharge rate

Drone Warfare Link should boost:
- Drone Agility (faster time to max speed, faster time to orbit velocity)
- Utility Drone effect (stronger web drone, better painter drone, etc) (might need to look at e-war drones)
- Drone sig. radius

The other idea for this, in strictly keeping with Racial Recon ship traits, instead of a Drone module, it could be warp disruption as such:

Warp-fare (play on words) skill should boost warp strength: 10%/level
Warp-fare Link should boost:
- Disruptor/Jammer range
- Decreased Cap. use for Disruptor/Jammer Modules
- Disruptor/Jammer strength (20%/level)


Open University of Celestial Hardship
Art of War Alliance
#1858 - 2013-05-01 20:27:19 UTC
Heres an idea I had that deals with Modules / Fittings and the Rorqual.

Right now the Rorq is a bit outdated with the intro of Jump Frieghters and here is an interesting way to modify its role slightly with (I think) not much effort.

Make the ship Modular like Strat cruisers but with just 1 or 2 interchangable indusrial slots that could be any or a combo of the following:
- Refining
- Manufacturing (On a limited scale of course or modularized as well)
- Ore Compression
- Gas Compression

Just an idea to consider
Rual Storge
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#1859 - 2013-05-02 10:11:32 UTC
smartbomb rigs

Spoolup weapon devices with differant damage scripts

Mini Siege devices for battlecruisers

Damage projectors (module that gives more input the damageship)

Suicide damage module (suicide creates aoe damage)

Kanonball module ( just for lols) Shoots kanaonballs at very low velocity but does loooots of damamge
Antimatter Launcher
ELVE Industries
#1860 - 2013-05-02 12:09:05 UTC
new modules ?

what about making old modules usefull ?

like 350mm railguns or other modules i never see on fittings.