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Ideas for new modules

First post
Deena Amaj
Native Freshfood
Minmatar Republic
#1281 - 2012-09-10 14:55:46 UTC
Probably suggested somewhere, but here is a recap.

A plethora of "special-abilitity" modules that require/consume PI-commodity goods.

Without spamming all sorts of ideas on the modules, I will just mention general things.These PI-modules shall consume PI P1/P2 (and a few P3) commodities as ammo/fuel, depending on their efficiency. Somewhere, P2 should be the basic standard.

The respective PI-modules must be loaded with PI goods like how it is with ASBs or charge-consuming Turrets/Missile Bays.

We would also see not only a variety of useful "specialist" Highslot weapon turrets but also medium and low slots modules (all modules are thus "ACTIVE", not passive) . For balance sake, all modules need high fitting requirements, and all shall have their uses, and not just making "another ASB". Versatility is the key here. Again, I will refrain from suggesting specific modules here, but will add a link sometime later where I would list all PI-module ideas. This is to avoid spamming stuff here and let the community spill tears of complaints on. Pirate

This idea in general would also give more uses and need for PI-materials(!) making it lucrative and smart for industrials to produce them. it is also important that somewhat all P1/P2/P3 goods get their uses. This would also give people (industrialists or not) some more versatility as for what to produce other than PoS fuels like Enriched Urinium Lol and Coolants.

These mods would also be a way to break the cookie cutter setups. But if this were ever to be implemented, there must be a dedicated concept and mind that is aware of making useful mods without "making more single-path cookie cutter fits".

Lastly, while all ships should be able to fit some 2 of these special PI modules, it would be cool to have Industrial vessel types, Science/Explorational ships and others to be able to fit a lot more of these (so that said, these vessels would have a special bonus of lower fitting requirements for PI-modules).

Again, the modules should be STRONG in their aspects, but shall have high fitting requirements that make them only viable for taking some one or two along (unless being in the aformentioned types of vessels).
There shall be flavors of offensive, defensive, and support PI-modules.

As I look on eve-uni's list of PI commodities, here is one example that falls in mind:
- A burst-Afterburner module that consumes Rocket Fuels. Applies very shortlived, high acceleration straight-ahead. We're talking about some emergency ultra-high powered NASA rockets. For the very short duration of some 10 secs, webbing/slowing effects are negated while the vessel gains a flat +1000m/s or so speed dead ahead (turn rate must be heavily penalized for the duration)
Icon: AB icon with red flames
Consumes: Units of Rocket Fuels


2nd module idea; based on specific ideas I had posted elsewhere.

Special modules that require m³ cargo space to fit and that apply special buffs (commonly AoE buffs, debuffs, auras).

This was based on the idea of having more combat-themed industrial ships that are not fragile but versatile and unpredictable, along with following the optional concept of Tier3 BC's "smaller vessel, bigger guns" concept and much more. All could be balanced around the need of having m³ cargo hold room to fit these special modules. For industrial ships, the idea was that the ship would be fitted with massive crew-related nodes or aux-power cores to support or apply whatsoever buff.

So the more effective a module (High or Medslot) should be, the more fitting space it requires.

Frigate specific example:
+1 charge fired (Meaning firing +1 missile along per turret)
Penalty: -major tracking speed debuff, penalties to Missile explosion radius and Turret Signature Resolution
Requires -400m³
(yes, this will raise your general DPS, but your accuracy won't be that great in wilder fights)

All sub-capital vessels:
A very rapid-fire FoF missile launcher array would apply a -1000m^3 to fit.
A special long-range laser array system; with low sig resoliton and very lousy tracking; would require -2000m³
An AoE hull and armor resistence buffing module would require -3000m³ to fit.
General AoE/aura modules for buffing vessels (regardless friend or foe) that lower missile, or turret dmg (or their respecitve values like missile explosion radius/velocity) ; requiring -4000m³ to fit.

Would be neat to have for each vessel-class bracket specific modules. Kind of like how it is with 1MN, 10MN, 100MN propulsion modules. (AB/MWD flavors are also attributed by the mass/agility penalties too)

Stuff like that.
It is extreme, but this is just to spark some ideas and get gears moving.

Quick fix:
PI-modules that require PI-goods as ammo and apply "cool/nice2have abilities or effects"
Special strategic modules that require cargo-hold space to fit. Frigates won't have +1000m^3 space, for instance, but they can fit the 300m^3 ones or so.


I'm probably typing on a Tablet too, which means the auto-correct is silly and fixing typos is a pain. I ain't fixing them.

Raelen Zyrud
Darkdust Industries Empire
#1282 - 2012-09-11 21:21:10 UTC  |  Edited by: Raelen Zyrud
Sorry for any submission of any already proposed modules. I haven't been able to read through all the pages.

1# As someone already mentioned, perhaps pirate modules for T3 cruisers. These would focus on each factions' taste in combat, ie. Shield and tracking modules for Sansha to place on the Legion.

2# An armor rig that has autonomous nano-repair bot that passively repairs armor.

3# Or perhaps a mid slot module that does the same autonomous repair of armor.

#4 A rig that allows you to swap turret hardpints for launcher hard pints. ( I realize that bonuses would be lost but it would be interesting to see a Drake bristling with pulse lasers or a Torpedo launching Nightmare. I also know that this gets you into the realm of the role flexability of the T3 cruiser but still may not be unbalancing)

#5 Armor/Shield drones that can be targeted back on you. (Nice for post PVP engagement to get you back up to full strength)
Aramis Defranzac
Immoral Sin
#1283 - 2012-09-11 21:36:17 UTC
Ice Harvester Drone Barges:

Only usable on an Orca, hell make it only usable on a T2 Orca (New capital Class Mining Vessel)

And give that thing a jump drive Big smile


Capital Strip Miners for the Orca/new ship formerly known as Unicron!!!!!
Bob's Watch
#1284 - 2012-09-12 04:16:00 UTC

Ive got some ideas of my own and some that ive seen that i would like to try and add to.

First of all the capital mining barge idea like mabie a orca variant i think is an awsome idea and ive had that in my head for some time now though if it were made i think it would be a lowsec or nullsec only ship wich is a shame because im a highsec miner :( .

Second - highslot subcap jump drive and smaller cyno i think this is a cool idea but i think it would be better if it didnt need a cyno you just chose a system and jumped to it and ended up somwere random but within the system. I think another good thing for it would be it is incapible of jumping anyone else with you so if you want to jump a hole fleet you need all fleet members to have this module.

Third - Faction Battle Cruisers where are they?? I fight serpentis brutix's all the time in my missions and yet you cant get them you can get the serpentis vigilant cruiser and the vindicator battleship but no bc why not?

Four - Faction subsystems both pirate and navy i think would be awsome and diversify the T3 situation and make it truely unpredictible what you going up against. And mabie officer and deadspace to but i dodnt think those will be needed as standard subsystems are about 100mill each average so i think faction will be shiney enough for everyone.

Five - I did have a 5 but in the prosess of typing all this i have forgotn so i will do another post when i remember.
Cardano Firesnake
Fire Bullet Inc
#1285 - 2012-09-12 05:55:24 UTC  |  Edited by: Cardano Firesnake
Item Idea: 50mm, 100mm, 200mm, 400mm, 800mm, 1600mm, Crystalline Carbonide Plates II

Increases the maximum strength of the Armor. These special plate technology are as resistant as their Tech I version but also lighter.
Penalty: Adds to your ship's mass, making it less agile and maneuverable in addition to decreasing the factor of thrust gained from speed modules like Afterburners and MicroWarpdrives.

Perequisites: Hull Upgrades V
Fitting: As The Reinforce Steel Plates II.
Armor HP Bonus : As The Crystalline Carbonide Tech 1 Version.
Meta Level 5
Mass Addition As The Crystalline Carbonide Tech 1 Version -50%.
For Example:
1600mm Crystalline Carbonide II
HP: 3900 / Mass adition: 1500000 Kg

Posted - 2010.07.01 11:24:00 - [4] Erase learning skills, remap all SP. That's all.

Cardano Firesnake
Fire Bullet Inc
#1286 - 2012-09-12 10:13:40 UTC  |  Edited by: Cardano Firesnake
Here is a perharps strange idea:

Small Repulsor / Medium Repulsor / Large Repulsor
Slot : High / High / High
CPU : 8 / 47 / 76
Powergrid : 30 / 200 / 1000
Activation cost : 30GJ / 75GJ / 200GJ
Actvation time : 10s / 10s / 10s
Range of effect: 5km / 10km / 15km

Skills required : Energy Pulse Weapons I / Energy Pulse Weapons III / Energy Pulse Weapons IV

The repulsor push smaller ships away, the distance depends of the deference of mass between the two ships.

I don't know if this a good idea or not. But I see a lot of manners to use such items :-)

Posted - 2010.07.01 11:24:00 - [4] Erase learning skills, remap all SP. That's all.

Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#1287 - 2012-09-12 10:48:59 UTC
Bring back mines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111one

No Worries

Deadshocked Grey
Federal Navy Academy
Gallente Federation
#1288 - 2012-09-12 10:49:58 UTC
Updated Integrated Drones. Replaces drones ability to deal second damage type for other none damage combat abilities.

Integrated Drones:

-Amarr: Cap vamp and cap transfer. Steals small amounts cap from target and transfer some of the energy stolen back to the drone controller.

-Caldari: Can shoot down defender missiles, does not interfere with the drones normal damage, and transfers small amount of shield back to the drone controller when there no defender missiles.

-Gallente: Remote armor rep. Drones provide small amounts of armor repair and will automatically repair each other and the drone controller if the drones are at full health.

-Minmatar: Navigation and tracking relay. Drones and the drone controller have small bonuses to their ships acceleration and agility and small bonuses to weapon tracking.

Versions of drones:
T1, T2, Faction. At least two factor versions, one that deals less damage than T2 but have larger bonuses and another that deals more damage than T2 but have lesser bonuses.

Damage Chart:
T1 < Faction #1 < T2 < Faction #2
Bonuses Chart:
T1 < Faction #2 < T2 < Faction #1
Harvey James
The Sengoku Legacy
#1289 - 2012-09-12 12:47:22 UTC  |  Edited by: Harvey James
How about instead of new modules you fix all the broken /unused ones?
micro anything is unused
meta 4 stuff is often better than t2 mods
weapon upgrades like bc's heat sinks etc have a bunch of meta's some like 10 or so with little point of their existence as they don't offer anything worthwhile often using more CPU than t2 which is rather odd.
Drone damage amps don't have meta options either and drone dmg rigs now that would be useful new mod to have.
Why do all missile launchers use the same pg besides a few t2 versions whereas guns differ wildly.
There are so many glaring inaccuracies that have to fixed first surely?
including drones needing a big buff to everything they do really including making the faction/pirate drones worth using and actually affordable for what is a very disposable piece of equipment its almost like throwing cash at other ships and hoping they don't remove it from you :P.

T3's need to be versatile so no rigs are necessary ... they should not have OP dps and tank

ABC's should be T2, remove drone assist, separate HAM's and Torps range, -3 HS for droneboats

Nerf web strength, Make the blaster Eagle worth using

Erhenrang Heavy Industries
#1290 - 2012-09-12 13:50:40 UTC  |  Edited by: AnarConn
Jade Imp wrote:
I've always had this idea of a new ship and modules to go with it that would be along the lines of a destroyer from WW2 in the atlantic. This T2 destroyer hull would have a modified scanning array and probe launcher that allows it to get on grid with cloaked targets in system, but not ontop of them. Once on grid they would have a 15km or so area of effect "smartbomb" like module that would deloak anything hit. Their scanners and probe would get them withing probably 20km or so of the target at max skills. This would allow them to hunt down cloaked targets in system but if the person cloaking is active it would still be almost impossible to catch them.

Also once on grid the destroyer can use their modified directional scanner to get a good idea of what direction the cloaked ship is in relation to them.

Because of the excessive electronics involved in this shiptype It has a rather weak tank and cannot of course drop bubbles of it's own and would need a gang backing it up to even take on a bomber. It should have enough tank to survive a few hits for the gang to get there but not enough to hold the target indefinatly.

I quite like the idea of a stealth hunter, as it is now its way to easy to slap on a cloak on ships and have no threat to you whatsoever unless u mess up by warping to something that decloaks you or accidently hit decloak. a glasscannon destroyer/friagte would prolly be best suited hulls for this whose sole purpose is to quote jade imp here are get a approximate of where they are and give ppl a slim chance of hunting em down, obviously need modules to support this and for this hull only or perhaps a revamped version of directional scanner of sorts to give a idea of where the target is

perhaps a cone like mid slot modul that for a very brief period of time consumes all cap from the stealth hunter and makes it inoperable for a brief period of time, or a highslot mod that gives the pilot a ghostlike view of stealth ships so he then needs to relay this to his comprades, give them directions where to go to decloak them
The Initiative.
#1291 - 2012-09-12 17:07:19 UTC
Tracking Links,

There is little benefit from using this module it drains more cap and gives no better bonus that a tracking computer, (unlike remote sensor boosters). Furthermore the need/desire to remote sensor booster or remote eccm is far more common.

Needs some love.
Dagus Rex
24th Imperial Crusade
Amarr Empire
#1292 - 2012-09-13 02:22:40 UTC
I'm sure someone has already suggested:

A Coolant System - Low-slot, Active. Could consume some material gained from Ice-Mining. (Helium, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen)

Would require Thermodynamics (3) -> Cryogenics

Wouldn't this add a fun extra dynamic to PvP? Players would have to gauge the benefits of overloading vs the bonus of damage modules.
Dr Ted Kaper
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#1293 - 2012-09-13 02:46:11 UTC
Two original module ideas:
Damage Reflecting Module-
Converts incoming damage into offensive damage.
Explosion Radius- <10km
Reflected Damage- 50%
HP- 3000

What the following stats mean is that for every 6000 incoming damage the ship will only take 3000 damage, while the other 3000 damage is redirected at all the opponents under 10km from the ship. After 3000 damage has been reflected the module will be destroyed, this means that every module can only deal 3000 damage. If this module only fits in high slots, then it might even be irrelevant unless the ship is specialized to use it. Since even a ship with all 8 high slots full of these can at best deal 24000 damage, anything with a higher ehp than 24000 is going to easily kill the ship.

'Jurisdictor' Remote Protocol Override Device-
Can control 2 high slots of any other ship. Only 1 module of this type can be fit to a ship at a time. 98% reduction in velocity when active. VERY high mass to discourage use in WHs. Only has 50% chance of being effective. Cannot activate the target's weapons on the target. Uses lots of capacitor to discourage use while using guns or other capacitor hungry devices. User must have the needed skills to operate the opposing modules, which makes T2 equipment less vulnerable than T1. I've posted this idea before and the biggest problem is how the server will manage the situation, and the huge advantage it will provide to a well thought out fleet. A solution to the OP problem is to have a specific ship class which can use this, that cannot fit guns and is not well tanked. However I think it will add depth to fleet pvp.
Bob's Watch
#1294 - 2012-09-13 03:52:28 UTC

I saw around that ccp wanted to make tracking disruptors work on missiles now i dont think this idea is entirely a good one and i will exsplain why.

Missiles (all types) have less dps than guns but for this dps loss we get far greater range than guns.

If they make td's work on missiles sudenly our dps could be cut down even more than it already is compared to guns.

I think if they make td's work on missiles it should be a different td module for missiles only.

Here is how i think this module should work it should be mid slot like all ewar and not be a targeted system so in a fight you turn it on and leave it on if people are firing missiles at you.
This module would try to disrupt any missile fired at you some missiles could go haywire some may just shut off and the rest may do less than there total dps.

This module would not effect any missiles not fired at you so if your buddy is next to you and gets fired at there will be no disruption to the incoming missiles.

Here is why i think this module would be better than an ordanary td being able to disrupt missiles.
1 - There are not that many pvp ships out there that solely use missiles (there may be more than i think but there is no way its even close to 50/50 with guns)
2 - if an ordanary td could disrupt missiles the number of pvp ships using missiles would drop even more. (because we already lack the dps compared to guns a td would just ruin our time)
3 - A dedicated td module for missiles would mean that only people who know there going up against missiles would use it and there for in the small gang and solo pvp enviroment missiles would almost be uneffected.
Aaron Greil
Heresy Incorporated
#1295 - 2012-09-13 06:13:16 UTC
Feedback array:
3 versions, small, medium, and large.
Utility high slot, active module

This module can target another ship within range (similar or longer range than neuts). Incoming cap drain (from a neut) or cap boost (from a cap transfer array) can be redirected to a targeted ship on a point for point basis. Different meta levels are capable of handling different maximum amounts of cap per cycle, but in general, one of these mods can always handle at least two unbonused neuts of the same size class.

This mod would provide a solid defense against neuts, or could be used for friendly neut "chains" allowing for tactical gang options. Only one ship would be required to have neuts, and could direct that neuting power to other gang members perhaps in more advantageous places on the field. It would also add to the versatility of logistics, essentially adding extra range to cap transfer arrays by using friendly ships as stepping stones.
Dan Carter Murray
#1296 - 2012-09-13 06:54:41 UTC
t2 Crystals that do full spectrum damage equally (Lower dmg than using current me/therm crystals).

T2 Crystals that change dmg output over time based on enemy resistances.

Also, some midslot module for industrial ships (badger, iteron, hoarder, etc.) which prevents locking unless within xxx distance.

add highslot to freighters and module for them which puts them into siege for 5 minutes and increases all resistances to 99% for the duration of the module (maybe use a PI commodity as fuel). Maybe also a high module that uses fuel (PI commodity maybe) that insta warps A freighter but has a 30 minute cooldown. 50GB free space @

Test Alliance Please Ignore
#1297 - 2012-09-13 11:33:22 UTC
allow weapon control to fleet members just like drones are assigned to to guard or assist fleet members.. This idea can expand on defender missiles and turrets. or have his system work with target painters just like drones work . A from of skill based module that can link weapons with fleet members by range. 5 Kms to 25 KMs .. creating blobs that can be bombed for balance.
Test Alliance Please Ignore
#1298 - 2012-09-13 11:34:59 UTC
Fighter and or fighter bomber modules and remote rep/cap modules for P O S es.
Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#1299 - 2012-09-13 11:40:19 UTC  |  Edited by: McBrideCZ
Module Name: Auxiliary Nanobot Energizer
Slot: Low
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
Fitting: (object of ballancing)
Charge: Cap boosters

Idea behind this module is simple. Give armor tankers something usefull for active armor tanking, which could compete with ASB's. This module, when its active, will boost repair efficiency of your armor reppers by 35-50%(according to cap booster) for a short period of time. In pasive state, it will reduce cap consumption of reppers by 15%.

Module Name: Maneuvering Boosters Overcharge.
Slot: Low
Size: Small, Medium, Large
Fitting: (object of balancing)
Active module with no charge and fast cycle with hig cap consumption

And now something for pasive armor tankers. When activated, this module will remove 85% of any armor plates weight penalty, leading to increased agility and speed boost from MWD's and AB's.

New slot for all ships

Name: Tactical Combat Slot
One Tactical Combat Slot per ship, this slot can fit only Tactical Combat Units. Small, medium and large.
Only active units. Unit can be actived only once, its destroyed upon finising the cycle. New Tactical Combat Unit can be fittied in station.

Examples of possible units:

Thruster Boosting Unit: 15% bonus to maximal speed for 20s
Capacitor Refilling Charger: 25% bonus to cap recharge rate for 20s
Temporal Armor Hardener: 35% bonus to armor resists for 20s
Shield Hardening Field: 35% bonus to shield resists for 20s
Turret Hardpoint Energy Boost: 20% to tracking bonus for 20s
Missile Explosion Control CPU: 20% bonus to missile explosion velocity for 20s
Missile Ballisitic Prediction CPU: 20% reduction of explosion radius for 20s

and many many others....

This would allow players, with precise timing, change the course of the fight. Since the boost time is quite short, timining and skill of the player would be the most deciding factor of the succesfull use of the Tactical Combat Unit.
Test Alliance Please Ignore
#1300 - 2012-09-13 11:40:58 UTC
Player owned station modules turrets that docked players can use.