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Ideas for new modules

First post
Atata Kaiko
Caldari State
#1141 - 2012-06-29 21:24:16 UTC
One-shot Cyno Drones; like sentry drones they stay where you drop them, and after a random 30~60 seconds generate a cyno. If multiple cyno drones are within range of each other (~20km), only one cyno will be generated at a time -- the other drones will wait until the first one pops, then they wait the random time and generate a new cyno. Cyno drones would have to be large (125m3), and will automatically take the required about of fuel from your cargo before launching (and shouldn't launch if you don't have enough). Cyno drones take damage when on; enough to cause them to essentially self destruct after ten minutes.

External heat sinks. This high-slot module provide a reservoir for heat from overloaded modules (essentially a transfer of heat damage). They cannot repair themselves, but can withstand a considerable amour of heat damage before dyeing (e.g., Medium Heat Sinks could have around 300 HP). Unlike normal modules that offline themselves, heat sinks become particulate that dissipates into space, and cannot be repaired either by nanites to by using in-station services.

Point-shields (reverse engineered CONCORD shields) operate for only twenty seconds but increase your shield resistances by 99.5%. Point shields do not suffer any stacking effects, but only one point shield can be installed (like Damage Controls). However, the reverse engineering is imperfect, and the module will overheat itself instantly after cycling, thus disabling the module. So-called because they can sometimes save a ship from being pointed in large-scale combat (at least for one-or-two cycles).

Combat tractor beam. This high slot module is a modified version of the standard tractor beam, but is modified to create shearing forces instead of unidirectional forces. Damage done to the target automatically bypasses shield and armor, and does pure hull damage. Damage is proportional to the transverse speed between the two ships as well as their relative masses (small ships cause less shearing force; likewise fast ships increase the shearing force). Combat tractor beams require a normal turret hard point.

Smart Bomblets. There are two tpes of smart bomlet systems, FoF and Defender Bomblets. This smart bomb deploys a dozen micro warheads which using the FoF routine, home in on any enemy targets within range then explode. If no enemies are in range, the bomblet self destructs causing no damage. The Defender variation is similar except that each bomblet is fired individually and continuously. Smart bomblets individually do little damage, so several hits are required to destroy larger missiles. Like regular smart bombs, smart bomlet systems do not require a hard point. However, they do require ammo, and the four basic damage types should be provided.

Viral script. If the targeted ship is running any scripts on any modules, one script (randomly) becomes infected and adjusts their positive effects to half, and their detremental effects doubled. Viral scripts are used with Remote Sensor Dampers. For example, if the other ship was running Scan Resolution script, the infected version would provide only a 50% scan resolution bonus (from +33.8% to +50.7%) and a -200% maximum targeting range bonus (from +33.8% to -33.8%). This effect only remains so long as the Remote Sensor Damper is engaged; once disengaged, the target ship's built-in defense mechanisms can purge the virus automatically.

Nano Drones. Or anti drone drones. These modified small drones have superb tracking speeds sufficient to pick off other drones with ease. Nano drones are otherwise similar to small drones in size, speed and bandwidth. Unlike normal drones, nano drones will NEVER attack the ship targeted, but will use that as their orbit point which attacking other drones. For example, you would target an enemy ship and issue an engage order for the nano drones to attack any enemy drones near the enemy ship (for example, logistics drones, etc).

External conversion rig. This Rig converts one high slot into one medium and one low slot, and adds a huge protruding pod onto your ship model. Only one external conversion rig can be installed per ship. The ship must also have one high slots to accommodate the rig, otherwise the rig cannot be installed. The pod modifies the ship model, and adds some weight to the ship, making it somewhat less agile, and slower to accelerate. It does, however, give a little "taste" of T3 to every other ship.

Radial shielding. These high modules extend the shield radius of the ship to encompass other nearby ships (much like POS shields). Large ships such as carriers could have a shield radius more than 20km. Only damage crossing the boundary of the shield get's bypassed to the ship with the radial shield module. Ships on the inside cannot likewise target or shoot from within the shield. Radial shields take enormous power diverted from the main engines causing the ship to stop when engaged.

Tractor drones. Medium and large drones that go to the targeted object then drag them back to within 2500m of your ship. Unlike tractor beams, tractor drones can of course be destroyed, but do not waste a high slot. Tractor drones are also not quite as fast as they must travel to the pickup point and latch on before dragging them back. Large tractor drones are a lot faster (faster than regular tractor beams), but require a lot more drone bay space, obviously.

Emergency Jump Drive. With enough fuel on-board, this one shot drive jumps the ship to a random point in a random system within 3 ly with a 50% chance that the of jumping into WH space instead (without the benefit of an existing WH to leave by). This chance can be mitigated by higher quality EJDs and/or the Jump Drive Calibration skill which reduces the chance by 5% per level. EJDs take a low slot and cause 100% damage to themselves when engaged. They can be fit on any ship, but must be sized appropriately (e.g., small EJD on Frigates, etc).
Sarah Ultra
Center for Advanced Studies
Gallente Federation
#1142 - 2012-06-30 15:09:40 UTC
I want to see a jamming communications module. It can be activated in a single target and will stop outcoming communications on both ships. Also racial scripts for ECM jammers or scripts that enhance strenght against optimal range or the opposite. Also a good idea that was mentioned is that fleet members not be able to warp to 0 but in random posistions in the grid.
Andy Landen
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#1143 - 2012-07-02 22:41:06 UTC  |  Edited by: Andy Landen
Is CCP reading these ideas?

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." Albert Einstein 

Andy Landen
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#1144 - 2012-07-03 12:59:41 UTC
CCP New module database hacker - medium slot - this module hacks into the CCP New module evaluation database to reveal CCP's current thoughts, evaluations, and feedback on all the new modules submitted here. This module even extrapolates the amount of interest and work expected on each module in the next 6 months to one year. Unfortunately, it makes no guarantee on the extrapolation as it may seem to indicate very strong interest and excitement only to find all the interest disappear after a month.

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." Albert Einstein 

Atata Kaiko
Caldari State
#1145 - 2012-07-03 19:04:59 UTC
Make defender missile capable of targeting bombs; as it is, no one uses them, this might make them more useful.

Jump bombs: Think EMP for jump drives and gates; this temporarily renders a ship or gate incapable of jumping (e.g., leaving). This includes gates and super caps. Jump bombs do not do any damage, however, but this would make stealth bombers crazy lethal unless defender missiles could stop them.

Nano covert cloaking device: This can only be fit onto rookie ships.
Atata Kaiko
Caldari State
#1146 - 2012-07-03 19:09:24 UTC
Singularity bomb: Smart bomb that leaches momentum from all surrounding ships (area effect webbing) by creating a momentary singularity. All ships in range instantly loose 75% of their speed when hit.
Bouh Revetoile
In Wreck we thrust
#1147 - 2012-07-05 12:22:00 UTC
Armor active buffer : be it a script for armor reper or a new module.
If a module, you could use this name : armor energy absorber

This module is base on an old idea I proposed :

When active, incoming damages are absorbed by the capacitor.
Small/medium/large version could absorb something like 10/20/30 % of the incoming damage and consume capacitor.
Damage to capacitor conversion could be same as for the already existing armor reper : 2hp/GJ for tech2 ; which mean that you will consume 1 GJ of capacitor for each 2 point of damage the module absorb.

And a new module : armor damage absorber augmentor (or energized armor harmonizer)
Increase the amount of damage the active armor buffer absord by 30% (for tech1 ; that would take the amount of absorbed damage for small/medium/large module to 13/26/39% respectively).

You can also add a skill : armor energy harmonization
Skill at using active armor buffer. Increase the efficiency of the module by 5% per level.
This would make a tech2 module to consume one GJ of capacitor for 2.5hp instead of 2.

Numbers shall be tweaked of course.

Brief example :
When you take 200 damage with 50% resist on the armor for this damage type and with a medium armor energy absorber, you will take 200/2 = 100*(1-0,2) = 80 damage on the armor and use 20/2 = 10 GJ of capacitor.
Test Alliance Please Ignore
#1148 - 2012-07-05 23:18:32 UTC

I was thinking of some modules that project an effect to reduce resistances and / or repair capabilities. Something like:

Shield Destabilising Beam, -X% Shield resistances.
Corrosive Armour Spray, -X% Armor resistances.

Shield Boost Hijacking interface, -X% Boost amount (perhaps even steal a portion of the hostile boost?!)
Tactical Repair Disruption, -X% Repair Amount

They would in effect act like gang boosters for damage, perhaps providing a new role for some of the upcoming ship types. Obviously, such modules would have huge stacking penalties, and some careful thought to the chosen slot & specific numbers would be required. But I think there's something here to work with.
Infinite Duress
#1149 - 2012-07-06 03:34:45 UTC
Dampening field, replaces shield and instead gives a damage reduction.

Static field, replaces shield and gives a constant AOE against close enemies, radius dependent damage.

Static warp field, replaces shield and warps space to reduce signature radius.

Shield flux modulator: Enables shields to join with other ships shields to effectively create one larger bubble, will also work on enemy ships, making their shields ineffective at very close ranges against ships within the bubble.

broad spectrum shields: protects against energy vampires/neutralizers or perhaps some e-war.

Shield conducting armor plating: armor inherits shield resistances.

Warp assist field: improves the warpspeed/max speed needed to warp

Maybe a bit radical.
#1150 - 2012-07-09 18:53:08 UTC
Ancillary propulsion drives both AB and MWD. There is long RL history of drives with separate fuel supplies due to special demands etc. JATO, nitro, etc.

Suggest that all ancilary drives deliver 3-10 times normal output BUT take thermal damage during use as inheriently overloaded drives. As drives with separate fuel systems consider allowing them to be mounted in conjunciton with regular AB or MWD which are limited to one install by needing to be tied into standard cap and engine systems..

I note ancilary MWD could be so fast that a new control to limit duration by km might be necessary. This drive would possibly be used to close on PVP enemies so fast that fleet calavary charges with use of BS blasters might be more practical. (Sort of doubt it but it might look cool.)

If necessary these ancilary drive can be given reload safety limitations -- i.e. reloads in space may have a chance of causing explosions or not be mechanically possible at all. In fact you could go one step further with ancilary MWD and say most stations refuse to allow reloads due to chances of explosion. Only factory corp assembly plants may deliver preassembled and loaded ancilary MWD drives. Players can reload ancilary MWD at ship maintenance bays knowing there is hazard of explosions which can damage both ships or POS array. NPC corp which makes drive BPO would possibly reload at their assembly stations for free.
#1151 - 2012-07-09 19:04:47 UTC  |  Edited by: Udonor
Now for the ridiculous. Ancilary sub-capital lasers. For BS/BC technically capital lasers but taking some clues from Tier 3 BC and ancilary shield boosters -- the ancilary laser family gives most smaller ships the ability to mount guns normally available only on larger size class vessels. Powered by cap charges to meet the extreme weapon demands outside normal ship power and cap systems -- the number of shots before a lengthy reload is extremely limited and much cargo space consumed by reload charges.

Morever all to the majority (60%) of normal CPU needs (meta dependent in 10% decrements) must still be meet by the host ship.

A single Q-ship fire control unit of appropriate class might be a possible extra ordinary source of CPU for turret and missile weapons only but uses a high slot. Thus allowing your two high slot hauler to mount one big gun great expense. Note some regular ship CPU is required for interfacing the Q-ship fire control unit -- so Q unit additions and weapon use are calculated last and only if Q ship unit can be interfaced. It is suggested Q unit use degrade weapon range or tracking 15%.
Andy Landen
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#1152 - 2012-07-10 03:52:45 UTC  |  Edited by: Andy Landen
From:, "It is estimated that the Prometheus' Asgard hyperdrive is capable of speeds around 803.52 trillion miles per hour, or about 136 light-years per hour, or about a kilo-parsec per day." The ship would have to align to the point set in the hyperdrive before it could enter hyperspace.


A hyperdrive module would be a medium slot module or an astronautical rig that can only be activated after a destination is set (through the in-game map) to any celestial object, outpost, station, or sov structure in any system within its range of 15 AU (with JDC to 5). Every cycle/5 seconds, the module consumes 100 GJ capacitor or 40 of any available isotope if the capacitor drops below 33%. The rig would consume the entire amount of either cap or isotopes for the entire distance once the ship entered hyperspace, even if the ship dropped out of hyperspace early. Thus the rig limits the distance to the fuel available at the start in either cap or isotopes, which ever fuel is set by right-click. 25 CPU and 1 PG. Travel speed is 2.4 ly/min (25 seconds per light year). Travel in hyperspace would have warp animations similar to an intra-system warp. Insufficient fuel and capacitor, or simply Ctrl-Space drops the ship out of hyperspace between systems. The module would not activate again until after a 2-hour cool-down timer. The hyperdrive would not be affected by any cyno-jamming.
Optional: Other ships can lock onto hyperspace window while the ship is in hyperspace and pursue.

Cyno-jamming modules or scripts for a HIC, a cyno-jamming pos module not requiring sov, and a cyno-jamming sov upgrade in the IHUB.

New interstellar probes that can scan down ships stranded between systems after they have left hyperspace to provide a point to which a hyperdrive can lock. Fleetmates can enter hyperspace and travel to each other if the travel takes them out of their current system.

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." Albert Einstein 

The Church of Awesome
Shadow Cartel
#1153 - 2012-07-11 06:47:44 UTC
I really really really want a flame thrower for my drake.

Esaf Itog
Faulcon de Lazy
#1154 - 2012-07-12 13:04:17 UTC
Stasis web scripts,

Range script increases web range while decreasing webbing effects.
Web strength script increases webbing effect while decreasing range.

AB/MWD scripts,

Speed script increases speed bonus and signature radius
Sig radius script decreases sig radius while decreasing speed bonus.

Warp Scrambler/Disrupter scripts,

Range script increases warp jammer range while increasing cap usage.
Power script increases warp jamming strength while decreasing range.

Maybe needs to be thought out more...

Weapon upgrade scripts.

RoF script increase RoF bonus and decreases damage bonus.
Damage script Increases damage bonus and decreases RoF bonus.

That is all for now.
This is not the corporation you are looking for
#1155 - 2012-07-12 20:48:04 UTC
Area of Effect

Area doomsday What?
Atelierele Grivita
#1156 - 2012-07-13 08:23:08 UTC
Shivanthar wrote:
Another aspect of game which needs some change is Salvaging. Since this is not a new module but a module that has changed ability, I don't find it wrong to write it down here.

- Change salvager so it always "succeeds". This will make the job less boring (especially for Marauders?)
- To compansate this, really lower the loot when salvaging. (Preferring 3 empty loot rather than 3 failed salvage)
- Change the salvaging skill in a way that it increases the loot when salvaging.
- Change the salvage tackle bonus so that it increases the loot when salvaging.
- Add bonus to salvager II so that getting salvaging V skill means something more.
- Change noctis bonus so it increases salvage loot value per skill.
- Make salvaging someone else's wreck to be a reason for open fire (as same as looting it).
- Make Noctis + all rigs = salvage tackle + Salvaging V + salvager II = today's current loot value so salvaging becomes more like a specialized profession rather than everyone's side-job. This will make rigs more expensive and hard to make, but hey, you already did this with current loot table changes didn't you? :)

The result is more people salvaging less parts and selling them for more expensive value. So less people bind parts together and create rigs (a real profession at last). Parts will be more expensive and enjoying to sell, as well as rigs themselves. Since parts will become expensive, salvaged parts' sell value will compansate the purchase value of the rigs. See everyone happy?

This will make sure all salvagers will be happy while keeping balance with salvaging/loot value. Watching failed attempts only turns missioning into a nightmare.

Not everyone will be happy as the fitting cost of every ship will increase. You're only seeing this from the salvager/industrialist/trader point of view but not from a combat pilot point of view. Making the standard fit more expensive means people will be less inclined to field them or to engage in combat. Or they just won't rig their ships anymore and we're back to a few years back when rigs were considered somewhat luxury. T2 rigs will see even less usage.

It is however a good idea to modify the "chance" with "loot quantity/value" as I don't see how hammering a metal husk 100 times should eventually yield the same result as skillfully disassembling the wreck. Being better at salvaging should be similar to the difference between a butcher and a surgeon.

However, the yield should remain the same or maybe a bit increased (perhaps a small chance to get T2 salvage from regular wrecks) but NOT lowered.
Uris Vitgar
Center for Advanced Studies
Gallente Federation
#1157 - 2012-07-13 19:38:59 UTC  |  Edited by: Uris Vitgar
Heavy Missile Pylon
a special type of missile which is fitted to a high slot on it's own without a launcher. It does great damage but cannot be reloaded, and has explosion velocity/radius about one size up, so frigate pylons would hit like heavy missiles, battleship pylons would hit like citadels etc.

small/medium/large exhaust velocity optimisation
astronautics rig
reduces the powergrid requirement of afterburners and microwarpdrives and the cost of reduced agility
HollowPoint Studios Inc.
#1158 - 2012-07-14 15:53:16 UTC
Would like to see a module that would be in the high slot that would allow a ship to target another ship , orbit with in 500m and use the ships as a partial cover, allowing a smaller ship to used enemy or friendly larger ships as "partial cover" so some damage target at the small ship is transferred to the targeted ship. Large ships like Titan will provide more cover than a cruiser

Someday I will have the time to play. For now it is mining afk in High sec. In Cheap ships

Deena Amaj
Native Freshfood
Minmatar Republic
#1159 - 2012-07-14 22:52:31 UTC  |  Edited by: Deena Amaj
somebody posted my 2nd module idea

Sorry for dbl post on that one.

Random brain farts:

[i]note: just remember that the disadvatages shall weigh heavily, either cap power consuption or penalties to ship mobility.

An active Hi Slot Module called "High Precision Turret Stabilizer"

Limitations: Frigates only - Designed to be used for artillery sorts of turrets.
(There's an issue with Lasers here, though - especially as it would buff close range lasers. I'd prefer it to be solely designed for the long range variant)

Advantage: Improves Optimal range OR Turret-based damage based on the mandatory script mentioned below; to stack somewhat with Tracking Computer.
Disadvantage: Greatly penalizes/reduces Turret tracking. High capacitor power consumption and usage while in use.

Designed to apply a noticable buff Frigate artillery-themed turrets. The major tracking speed debuff is intended as a balancing and "realism" method in terms of zero-G computing and all that fancy stuff.

Scripts: MUST be scripted - else it will be like having a Projectile Turret without ammo.
One script to apply either the Optimal Range or Turret damage buff (this should only be a minor damage buff).

This is to be exclusively for T1 Frigates.
Intention is to give them another tool for occasional sniping.

This one is a bit confusing.
Basically following a lighter version around the concept of the "Tornado-Battlecruiser" of using "Large Weapons" on a smaller ship class.

This module shall only be available for T1 Frigates and Cruisers.

Idea is based on a sort of modern-day ancillary wing pylon.
And since Ancillary is probably the buzzword of this year...

Hislot Module - "Ancillary Versatile Missile Pylons"

- Does not require the fitting requirements as the larger versions (HVY missile bay or SIEGE torp launchers)
- A non-reloadable missile bay - capable of carrying either a limited amount of HVY missles (say 20) or TORPEDOES (10)

So a Frigate or Cruiser could have a very limited amount of Torpedoes to fire upon a target.
Obviously, a cruiser would unlikely fit HVY missiles into this module.
A Frigate however would, and likely, with the torpedoes, it could act as a lighter stealth bomber without the specific bonuses yet capable of acting like a mosquito that should not be ignored.

Since there are only 10 Torp charges per Pylon (NO RELOADING IN SPACE - only in stations/POS arrays/Capital Ship fitting arrays), the pilot must try to do his/her best of hitting the trigger at the right time.

Once the charges are used up -> must either return-to-base or fight on with turrets.
10 Torpedo charges are probably too many. I don't know.

A player shall also be able to jettison the module (and lose it forever/cannot be looted/deleted) - but therefor getting rid of the mass/agility penalty explained below

- Applies a not so high yet noticable mass/agility penalties. Due to the heavier weapons
- Cannot reload in space.
- No other bonuses applied like with typical missile/Torp vessels
- Once ammo has been used up, deadweight. Player must choose to keep them or jettison them for good.

- Should naturally cost very few million ISK, just to make sure one does not just throw them away that easily.

Modules in such fashion would be cool - and several versions more, to give some versatility on ship fittings.
I know a few are screaming right now, but wth.


I'm probably typing on a Tablet too, which means the auto-correct is silly and fixing typos is a pain. I ain't fixing them.

Goonswarm Federation
#1160 - 2012-07-17 12:47:00 UTC  |  Edited by: Ganthrithor
Ancillary Titan Booster I:

Lets you be a Titan, but only for a few minutes. After the duration has elapsed, you have to be a pod for 60 seconds while the module reloads. The module consumes 1 unit of Spiced Wine OR Long-Limbed Roes per cycle.

e: for balance reasons, this module should cost at least as much as a Caracal.