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T3 Battleship Ideas?

Imperial Academy
Amarr Empire
#1 - 2017-08-03 03:44:10 UTC
So Iv been wondering since the T3 cruiser changes I was wondering if there was anything in the pipeline for T3 Battleships. I did have a few ideas in mind in how they could work close to how the T3 cruiser changes currently work but with a slight twist. There would be 3 different styles of the T3 battle ship with the 3 "subsystems" Each giving the battleship something different. Here are my ideas as follows:

The first would be a glass cannon module which would allow the use of polarized module units which would effectively double your damage out put but you would suffer the loss of all tank. You would be able to fit buffer to it but not much and you would struggle against anything smaller than a cruiser, simply because of the tracking. Normal battleships with a decent set of skills allow you anywhere between 1.1k - 1.4k dps depending on fit. This battle ship would allow you put in well over 2k dps easily but of course suffer the massive loss of tank.

The main area in which this would work would be in mid to large fleets with a nice amount of logi to cover the in coming damage. Remember you cant have resists but you can have buffer. Gives groups the ability to brawl again which doesn't really happen very much these days and also allows more logi pilots to shine.

The second would bridge the gap between supcap and cap more smoothly. Currently you can only use fighters with carriers and super carriers. The main idea would be able to have 1 fighter tube in your battle ship to launch fighters. You would be able to use standard tank set ups for any race and the use of turrets or launchers whatever race you're going to fly. The average DPS would once again be around 1200 and you would be better suited for things such as 10/10's and null sec ratting. This would be a great balance between the gap and would serve a a solid purpose in the current game.

This set up can also be solid in solo pvp or fleets of ships and would also be versatile in what they can do. Keep in mind this setup would probably be one of the most ones used.

The final one is what a lot of fleet commanders have been asking for, for a while. A ship that does no damage but has a pure brick tank and can shift at speed to keep up with smaller ships like cruisers. Having the skill to use 3 command modules, the increase in target painters and a huge tank would really allow them not to be sniped off or head shot which would make for great fights in mid to large pvp situations.

For example there would be no reason for you to be targeted because you're not doing any damage and if they did it would take even a blops fleet a good couple of cycles to pod you. I feel that this should would also serve a good place in any fleet and something that FC's would truly enjoy.

Id love to hear thoughts on what people think and if you have anything to add then please do share. Of course there would be ways to balance the ships but the core principles would be there.

Thanks for taking the time to read.
Murkar Omaristos
The Alabaster Albatross
Unreasonable Bastards
#2 - 2017-08-03 05:19:30 UTC
#1 is a Vindicator with polarized neutron blaster cannons.

#2 is an escort carrier, which has been proposed before several times (I kind of like the idea TBH, but then what would be the point of battleships? Or marauders?).

#3 has also been around for a while.....I think hasn't come into existence because killing the FC is a legitimate fleet tactic. For large fights anyways, if you stick the FC in a bastard tanked command ship & logi keeps them pre-locked, they will be quite hard to kill. You should have backup FCs anyways also for larger fights - if you don't, that's a costly failure. And taking strategies to hide your FC are also legitimat tactics (e.g. making sure the FC isn't your anchor, for example, which makes them easy to pick off). So this takes something away from the gameplay.