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VNI Nullsec ratting fit?

Olivia Soliette
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#1 - 2017-08-01 02:40:18 UTC
I want to try out ratting in nullsec since I mostly mine, heard the VNI did 15-20m a tick, so a build that hits that would be nice. Im in the Rogue Drone territory. I don't have too many points into drones so I'd like to stick to t1 or faction drones like maybe imperial praetor? also what class/difficulty should I stick to? Thank you!
Forum Toon
#2 - 2017-08-01 09:23:51 UTC
drone skills are always great to invest. iirc faction drones are more expensive but tankier.
erg cz
#3 - 2017-08-01 10:33:54 UTC
[Vexor Navy Issue, Providence ratting]

Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Omnidirectional Tracking Enhancer II
Damage Control II

100MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner
Large Azeotropic Restrained Shield Extender
Thermal Dissipation Amplifier II
Phased Scoped Target Painter

Drone Link Augmentor I
150mm Light AutoCannon II, Republic Fleet EMP S
150mm Light AutoCannon II, Republic Fleet EMP S
[Empty High slot]

Medium Drone Speed Augmentor I
Medium Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer II
Medium Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer II

Imperial Navy Praetor x 5

Target painter should keep agro on ship, not on drones. You can also swap it for omnidirectional tracking computer (drop drone link augmentor for that) if you are going to gamble with AFK ratting. The more large rats in anomaly the better - they will not be able to hit your ship due to small signature.
guigui lechat
the no fock given
#4 - 2017-08-01 12:11:44 UTC
3 things are required. The [X] means in the X slot.
- [L] 4 Drone Damage Amplifiers in low to increase damage
- [M] an enduring 100mn (oversized) to avoi dmost of the damage.
- [D] 5 heavy drones. T1 if you are low on money, faction if you can afford, T2 if you have the skill.

then things that can help

- [M] a large shield extender will increase your tank by a lot. a restreined one will increase your sig less, thus making you more tanky
- [D] 1 or 2 fleet of tech 2 fast small drones. infiltrator for em, warrior for explo.
- [R] polycarbon rig help you orbit faster, align faster, so you can tank rats and warp out faster
- [L] shield power relay increase your rep, helping tank the rats that can track you or when a new wave spawn 50km in fornt of you (sanctum). however it makes you less cap stable. gor for the other shield passive rep until you can fit one and be cap stable.
- [L] damage control help having more tank in case something turns out to be bad. gives you more time to destroy that kitter inty that just warped in. also helps when new spawn on your head and you dont have the possibility to get a better trajectory
- [M] specialized shield hardener. active or passive is up to you. should be the lowest type of the rats you fight : kine for angel(/drones?), thermal for guristas/serpentis, em for sansha/blood. you should go for active if you can sustain it.
- [R] shield purger. however I consider the increas in sig means more rats will hit you, thus the rep gain is not IMO worth it
- [R] shield hardener. like the M slot but also increases your sig so you get hit more.

- [M] a tracking module whill help kill the smaller rats faster. I prefer the active mid slot omni because it can be loaded with a tracking speed script to give way moar track speed than the low. get the enduring one untill you can fit the T2 and be cap stable.
- [R] a drone speed augmentor will help catch the BS that drift away faster, unless you focus on them first.
- [H] link augmentor to be able to send your drones on the rats from further away. costs CPU however.
- |L] signal amplifier. counter the damps/jam on serp/guristas. also helps target from afar but this should not be your main issue when orbiting at 10.
- [H] auto targeting unit. activate it when a neutral pops close to you, eg a stratios. you will auto target his drones and be able to defang him with your advanced-damaging drones. Happened to me several times.