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Citadel Control Roles need refinement

Murkar Omaristos
The Alabaster Albatross
Unreasonable Bastards
#1 - 2017-07-31 01:24:43 UTC
ATM citadel roles & access rights are pretty sketchy. Not unworkable though.

However, if you as a CEO or executor want to assign people ability to control structures (e.g. assigning an industrialist to apply fittings to an sotiyo etc.) they ALSO automatically get the ability to transfer ownership.....that's a huge liability. Also, you cannot for example control whether someone can fuel a citadel very well. Also there are bugs where those who are not in the holding corp cannot view the fighter bay. I could go on, there are a lot of these issues.

What most of them boil down to is this: There is too much overlap and too little refinement in terms of what you can control. Several abilities are lumped together under some roles when sometimes you want to allow people to do one thing, but not something else.

What I would propose is pretty simple: get rid of the notion of "roles" as giving a whole bunch of things lumped together. Replace them with control over individual functions. Something like this:

Anchor structure: Yes/no
Transfer Ownership: Yes/no
Unanchor Structure: Yes/no
Fuel structure: Yes/no
Defuel structure: Yes/no
Use citadel guns: Yes/no
View figher bay: Yes/no

This would allow the present structure of access lists & roles to be modified without having to pour a lot of resources into completely restructuring it. Just refine what roles can and can not grant a bit.