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Experiences with “The Agency”.

Eldorado Exploration Expedition
#1 - 2017-07-28 03:56:48 UTC
Executive summary:
This article is an attempt to provide constructive feedback of “The Agency” event from my prospective as I progressed through it. Others are encouraged to post their experiences to provide a fuller prospective on the event and its pros and cons. With constructive feedback, it is hoped that this post and other comments are read by those who are the creators of content.

Day one:
I was kind of surprised that there was an event. I had no prior knowledge that the Agency was starting, until it went live. I am not sure if this was intended. If I would have known what was coming I would have prepared ships in advance. I happened to be in my favorite constellation for doing these kinds of PVE interactions, so I had several ships on hand, and quickly refitted for the local NPC. It took me a couple of hours to complete the 4 working quests, as the T3 cruiser and Battlecruiser quests would not complete. I spent quite a bit of time scanning down various combat sites thinking that only certain sites would trigger the 2-ship type use specific quests. This ultimately exacerbated a point I make further on.

The next couple of days went on with me just ignoring the ship specific quests until I noted a patch applied and then would try them again. After a few days those quests began to function, but differently worded indicating a 10 Faction NPC kill count instead of a combat site.

I received the single PLEX reward, but subsequent rewards were not delivered until 7/27 four days until the expiration of the event.

Once all the quests began to function correctly, I developed a methodology to do as many of them simultaneously as possible, I have lowered the time to complete to a little over an hour. This is difficult to reduce further as the scanning down of combat sites takes a while when lot of players are looking for these sites, and I must clear my cache to reset the timers from 0s or at least I did up to 7/26. This is an irritation that I could have done without.

On to pros and cons:

This appears to a long-term project to provide additional PVE content to those of us who have been moaning for additional/improved PVE content geared towards the single player or small groups, for something like 13 years now. Well, there have been improvements overtime, but PVE is an area that a lot of the player base does participate in, and feels it is neglected. I’ll take anything I can get that is considered content for this area, and I play it out if only to provide feedback and logs, no matter how bugged it is.


The rewards were not very incentivizing to entice a veteran. I don’t care about PLEX, but what I do care about in order of appearance: Ships, skill points, skins, boosters that increase primary attributes, ISK, boosters that increase effects, Tee shirts (Clothing), Trinkets/collectables and finally PLEX.

The inclusion of quests that require a T3 Cruiser are out of reach for Alpha accounts. I used a Gnosis out of convenience for a Battlecruiser, I had it handy and it is a “do all” boat. But, it is the only option for an Alpha to use. Unless an Alpha can get ahold of a Gnosis, the battlecruiser quest is not possible for them. Because of this I think many Alpha accounts don’t bother with the event, because they can only do 2/3 of the quests without obtaining an expensive and limited edition ship as well as the end reward being a skin for a ship they cannot fly. The market for the skin will likely be saturated for some time, so even selling the skin won’t be that profitable given the effort to obtain it. If possible, present a different set of quests to an Alpha that are all completable, and with rewards that are appropriate to Alpha accounts. This especially applies to true Alpha accounts and not Omega players alting an Alpha.

The 23 hour wait time to repeat the series is too long. This timer should be around 20 hours. This still holds to once a day repeating, unless you are obsessive about it. The reason for this is due to the time it takes to complete all 6 objectives. If you don’t finish all within a short period of each other, you won’t be able to repeat them simultaneously on the next cycle, unless you wait for all the quests to become available and then start. (This made the must clear your cache to reset timers bug extra infuriating) The result moves the repeat cycle ahead again for the following day. If you just proceed without all the quests available, you will spend nearly the same amount of time completing all 6 as you would have if you waited until all 6 were available and could be completed simultaneously. For the casual player, this ultimately pushes the time that you can complete the quests later into the evening in my case, originally starting at 9pm and over the course of the event moving to 12am before quest resets occurred. As the event progressed and I got faster I could keep this timer from additional advancement into the wee small hours. But there is little chance to reverse the time of reset once it progressed.

Summary: Yes, there are more cons listed than pros. But this isn’t designed to be a beat down, only some suggestions of where the activity could be improved as I suspect it is being designed for a long-term deployment loaded with various quest content over time.