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Cash Flow for Capsuleers (9 of 10) Objectives. Destroyed warehouse...?

Murky Farseer
#1 - 2017-07-27 02:15:39 UTC
I was able to destroy the npc's guarding the gate, then when I warped to the next section, I see the next set of npcs, but past them is the main objective: a warehouse sitting on top of a large rock. I rush over to the warehouse, destroy it, and then kill all the npcs. No objective completion check mark. I went back to the station, and tried to hit complete, but it says I haven't completed yet. I tried warping back to that area, but there is nothing there. Bugged?
DeMichael Crimson
Republic University
Minmatar Republic
#2 - 2017-07-29 13:52:27 UTC
Well, definitely wasn't around long enough to get an answer before joining the ranks of Doomheim.

May he R.I.P.