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A few suggestions for Science & Industry

Bellasarius Baxter
Zilog Enterprises
#1 - 2017-07-26 23:45:05 UTC

I have a few suggestions for Science & Industry.

Blueprint window
When I look at a blueprint , I have the input materials on the left, and outcome on the right.
When I hover the mouse over one of the materials, I get the a window with quantity needed, and the total cost of that input material.
I would like to get the price per unit added to that window, like I get if I hover the mouse over an item in my item hangar.
The same goes for outcome, again, here I get the quantity and total sales value, and would like to have the unit price as well.
That would make my life easier, so I wouldn't have to resort to a calculator to find those prices.

Also, I would like to see the total cost INCLUDING factory cost, and possibly a profit/loss number below the factory cost on the right.

Those are fairly small things, but useful, at least to me.

Building component parts
When I build a T2 item, capital ship, or any other item that contains other components, I would like an option to build the component parts myself, so that I can see the TOTAL materials needed, all factory costs/fees/whatever, taking into account the ME of the needed BPOs/BPCs. In short: When activated, I would see the total quantities needed to build e.g. an Orca. And showing unit prices/factory costs and so on for the entire build, preferably with the profit/loss shown as described above.
It should take into account ONLY the component parts that you have a BPO/BPC for, and treat the "missing" BPOs/BPCs as it does today.

Merge BPCs
I have a lot of T2 BPCs, since I have made quite a few invention runs, and haven't gotten around to building the items yet.
All those BPCs are cluttering up my hangar view, and are annoying to look at.

What I would like to get is an option to merge BPCs with the same stats into one BPC with the total remaining runs in one BPC, up to the max number of runs of a single BPC for the item in question.
Like this: I have five 1-run BPC's for a Hawk, I select them, right-click, and select "Merge BPC", and then I get one Hawk BPC with 5 runs. OFC the system should check that all other stats are the same, and do one merged BPC for each ME/TE combination.

I hope you will find these suggestions interesting. Comments, thoughts, and improvements to the features above are very welcome.

Fly safe.