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500 Million ISK grants available

Elgon Smitehand
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#1 - 2017-07-25 14:59:02 UTC  |  Edited by: Elgon Smitehand
Hey guys. I've decided to be less negative and stop shaming every scam that comes along... Never mind, I'll still do that. However, to make up for it, I'll be giving away chunks of 500 million ISK to newer players to use for their industry ventures. I have enough ISK to fund many people so don't worry if someone posted ahead of you. I realize people will try to game the system. I will do my best to catch you and call you out. Its one of the reasons I am asking for an API.

Note: This was completely the idea of Jerry T Pepridge and I'm pretty much just copying it for a good cause.

Below will be an application template to see how it works.
Can you provide an API either privately or publicly?
How did you discover Market Discussions?
How long have you been playing Eve?
Do you know about the SCC-Lounge ingame channel where everyone hangs out and I ask stupid algebraic questions?
What was the original reason you started playing Eve?
What did you end up doing in Eve?
What do you plan to do with the ISK I'm providing? This answer needs to be enlightening and in paragraph format. It needs to enlighten me of what exactly you are doing with my ISK. Any lazy attempts will be treated as such.

Approved grants will be paid almost every day! Send me donations if you wanna help the cause!