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Extension for The Agency missions due to bugs?

Sirran The Lunatic
Pandemic Horde High Sec Division
#1 - 2017-07-24 20:47:08 UTC
I see it expires in 9 days. I've been trying it out just for funsies, but bugs preventing the timer from resetting and having to stay logged out overnight for them to reset has set me back a day or two, possibly more if the issue persists.

Really enjoying it, and it's a fun carrot to work towards while I only have casual play time, but I feel a bit screwed with the bug and being set back.

Not that I fully understand why you're putting a time limit on it like this anyways, but any chance you can extend the expiration date for the Agency missions to allow those of us whose timers are bugging out after every (failed) reset?

If not I'm not sure why I'd continue doing them if it's impossible to fully complete thanks to a bug.
Vandeer Pelt
Militie Templi
#2 - 2017-07-25 09:08:45 UTC
I have the same problem.
When the timer reach 0s it will remain there for several hours. I've tried Everything to trigger the missions to come back, but nothing happens. You just have to wait for it to Wake up again, crap... Evil