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Choosing a burner mission hub

Zetetic Elenchus
EVE University
Ivy League
#1 - 2017-07-23 19:02:23 UTC
I'm mainly looking for an alternative to Lanngisi for Gallente missions

I read a guide and am trying to understand the mechanic that results in burner missions usually spawning within 2 jumps in Lanngisi.

From what I gathered from other random places on the internet, it has to do with the constellation layout and how all/most of the systems in the constellation are within 2 jumps.
Based on this, I thought Junsoraert would be a good one
but the burners are still usually about 4 jumps.

Any ideas on a good gallente burner mission hub?
Goonswarm Federation
#2 - 2017-07-24 12:31:31 UTC
The trick is to maximize the number of systems that are just 2 jumps away while minimizing the ones that are farther than that. Keep in mind that Burner sites can spawn in the mission hub constellation and any constellations directly connected to that one.
Chainsaw Plankton
#3 - 2017-07-26 00:14:57 UTC
Lanngisi works because the mission spawn algorithm tries to avoid sending players through Hek as it is a busy system. In that constellation there is nothing preventing a mission spawn in a nearby constellation so you are going to get most burners 3-5 jumps out.

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guigui lechat
the no fock given
#4 - 2017-07-30 23:03:31 UTC
it's not that it is a busy system, it is that the system is internally considered as a hub
from SDE /fsd/universe/eve/Metropolis/Barvigrad/solarsystem.staticdata
corridor: false
fringe: false
hub: true
international: false

Here is the algorithm I use

basically you can rank an agent system a by iterating over its contel and adjacent constel system.
for each system in contel, you weight the distance by 1
for each system in adjacent constel, you weight distance by 3
if the system is only reachable through a hub, you divide the weight by 10
Then you make ponderated average distance and that gives you the average number of jumps to perform for a burner.

I personnaly consider 1.5min/jump+3 min for the kill/switch mission/repair to be a correct average time required.
Thus you rank a system as
bRate = 60/(3+1.5*avg_jumps) to have the number of burners you can do .

You have a bonus that applies to reward which is a multiplie :
trueMult = 2-truesec
base reward of a burner is 8300 lp I believe with skills V and isk reward around 2500 isk

I personnaly consider the BO/BO @jita method with 3% trade tax to net the isk/LP ratio of corporations.
lpRate=max [ (isk_sell-isk_in-taxes) / LP_required ]

the formula for a burner is then, in M isk/burner
bReward= (lpRate*8.3/1000+2.5)*trueMult+5

then you multiply breward by the brate to have your average isk/hour for a given agent.

Then you should avoid systems which have a too high chance of LS burners. I personnaly set the rank of any system with >=10% chance to LS to have a rank of 0 isk/h

Also to note is that the burners destinations are actually within a timely limit higher in a constellation. That means, if the agent sends you to LS and there is one constellation only in LS, the chances that the next one after you decline his offer will also be in LS are higher than usual. That's why I consider 10% is too high, because I will have LS strikes that will reduce my standing to -2 quickly (by experience).

Finally those values of isk/burners, time etc depend on the choices of burners you run. you MAY consider the drops of burners which actually can weight more than it seems.

That's almost how I compute an agent ranking. I actually have specific avg jumps because some systems I noticed strange things ; and I factor in the value of the burners drops that I compute on a weekly basis.

I also use lower values of burners/hour because I get bored so quickly ^^ I basically use 4mins/kill