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Launcher killing wi-fi connection (mac os x)

Micky Nox
Decadent Court
#1 - 2017-07-19 13:49:29 UTC
I've found pretty weird bug with launcher - when ever I have launcher started pings to my wi-fi router are getting up to 500ms and TS connection getting 1000ms lags and packet loss. It makes nearly impossible to play this game with launcher running (lags/losses). Network health restores as soon as launcher quits (1ms pings to router and 50ms pings to TS server).

Launcher logs shows nothing (tm). Monitoring network with tcpdump shows nothing suspicious either. My best guess is that CCP found some magic way to mess with network driver/interface. The only suspicious thing I've found is a relatively large number of sysctl and ioctl syscalls with dtruss, but I've no idea if it's okay or not.

Things i've tried so far:
1. contacting tech support and sending launcher logs
2. 'download everything'
3. 'clear cache', do 'shared cache' thingy
4. switching to different versions
5. starting launcher with no DNS information available

Am I the only one experiencing this issue?