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[MERC] Mercenary Coalition - EVE’s Original Mercenary Alliance

Sabre A
Licence To Kill
Mercenary Coalition
#1 - 2017-07-13 15:50:37 UTC
Today's Target Is Tomorrows Client

We Offer services such as:

High Sec/Low Sec/Wormhole/Null Sec Operations
War Decs/Assistance
System/Pipe/Regional Harassment
POS: Offensive/Defensive
POCO: Offensive/Defensive
SOV: Offensive/Defensive
Citadel: Offensive/Defensive
Hictor and Dictor Services for Capital Engagements
Strategic Planning
Security Escorts
Combat Training
FC Consulting
3rd Party Mediation

Mercenary Coalition conducts itself with Honour, Professionalism and Integrity. Client anonymity is our highest priority.

Send requests for contracts to Niffer Mac, KIATolon

Public Channel: Mercenary Coalition

Client Reviews

“Great service. Highly impressed with the efficiency and professionalism of this group. Would recommend in a heartbeat to anyone requiring mercenary services
Thanks guys”

“These guys are amazing! hired for a contract recently and the whole experience was increadible from the speedy-ness of completion to the fun laughs getting to hang in comms with them. i cant even write all the nice things i want to say as id be here all day. so one last time ill say thank you guys unending <3 for MC! i could not even consider going anywhere but right back to them for any contract that can be completed by the services they offer an no one else is even worth contacting MC is the greatest merc alliance in eve online! keep up the great work an i look forward to speaking with you all again next time <3 o/”

“Had a special job to be done, wich required some extra hands. Found the best mercs money can buy right here.
Not only do you get a full package. Most of these guys are vets, and you get a full timezone coverage. Neither have I see them getting bored, or wonder off during slow hours, They really get the job done!
Communication is definatly a plus here. They are very well orginised and have put the right people in the right places when it comes to leadership.
Would recommend this to anyone.
If you can afford them....take these guys!”

“Hello, I am Lenny Kravitz2 and I hired Mercenary Coalition as the first merc alliance in World War Bee. This is my review of their performance of said contract.
I contracted MC initially to help SW/RMC against the DRF. This contract fell through due to political reason within the Russian sphere and so through talking with Sabre A, came up with an idea that would become World War Bee.
MC performed exceptionally well while on contract for the 8 months they were hired. They were able to coordinate with the Lowsec Voltron guys and bring them together (under contract by me) and led them on the Tribute front after Black Rise and Lonetrek were more or less secure. They coordinated with the other fronts and provided support as needed and when requested. They also provided valuable information on the morale of the other alliances and gave me timely suggestions on how to keep those alliances in a healthy spot as the war raged on.
Literally could not have done with war without them and would hire them again. They are worth their weight in gold and if you chose to hire them, you will get your isk worth.”

“I endorse this product.
Not too many in the game has a pedigree like Sabre A. Need a job done 'Shock and Awe' style ... look them up.
Confirming: Mercenary Coalition [MC] currently is listed in the MERC Contracts channel and is a member in good standing.”

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