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Goodbye Captains Quaters

Bjorn Tyrson
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#101 - 2017-08-01 11:57:13 UTC
Mina Sebiestar wrote:
Rina Asanari wrote:
Bjorn Tyrson wrote:
Intar Medris wrote:
You can have the CQ, but in return I want an actual Bridge. Not some lousy first person camera with no model what so ever.

A bridge on a capsuleer ship would be redundant. A first person view from the perspective of the pilot would just be the inside of a dark, goo filled pod. Even if there was lights it would just show a murky view of a metal wall.

But if you think staring at a grey wall would help with your immersion levels. Then grab a glass, fill it with gelatine of your preferred flavor and stare at a wall through it while you play. It will simulate pretty accurately the first person view from your "bridge"

I think the intention was to have a free first person view of the naked body floating in the gunk, amirite? Big smile

Actually, lore says there is actually something to look at from the inside, video feeds from outside the ship are said not to be fed directly to the brain but projected on the inside of the pod... but I digress.

One psychopath is in advanced sensory deprivation chamber of jove origin other ppl on board are not, including bridge crew there is no reason for one not to exist after all ships are made for all users not just pod pilots.

your right, particularly on larger ships that have been established to have crews ranging from 1 or 2 extra people on frigates to hundreds or thousands of people on capitals.

that still would not be the view that the player character would see though. I mean yeah it would be kinda cool to see video feeds of whats going on in different parts of the ship, cargo being moved around the hold, people getting frisky with the exotic dancers in the lounge etc. but that would be even more pointless than the captains quarters, an even bigger waste of time and resources to develop. and more importantly. not at all what I think the original commenter was trying to ask for.