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Totalitarian Elite-Anti-ism

Ottom Ephesianos
Mirkur Draug'Tyr
#1 - 2017-07-04 21:29:50 UTC
Isms are evil.

This is because; Something that might be is forced to be by the science of ism in order to prove the hypothesis.

The science of ism is to be hounded by,

government campaigns,

religious organizations,

military and mercenary corps,

leadership and teachers, philosophers and spiritual guides.

If something is then good.

If it is not, do not use an ism to force it to be so.

That is because now that which was not and now is is only out to get you.

Totalitarian Elite-Anti-ism responds to these isms who were not but now are.

Laments are noted by our passive and jovial natures, because the isms activated our time sensitive protocols.

Time is sensitive.

Normally time is a clock.

Yet when Time is it is because some ism made it tick wrong.

We do not like to tick off.

"Ticked off" is the urban term.

Totalitarian Elites are not normally ticked off.

Yet isms tick us off.