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2 problems

Sandra Xanadu
Gallente Transport Production And Mine
#1 - 2017-06-30 10:11:36 UTC
I have standing to The InterBus 4,57. I want to make distribution mission level III in Aporulie VII - Moon 16 - FedMart Retail Center for Tiuken Ikka. In agent finder she is available for me, but if I ask her for mission she says:
Tiuken Ikka Division: Distribution 0,8 Aporulie VII - Moon 16 - FedMart Retail Center Effective Standing: 4,5

I'm sorry, but what I've got is promised to another pilot already. Could you come back later?

Is it a bug or natural behavior? Why.

I can do mission for that agent: Kakkichi Alasa InterBus in Alachene why cannot do for Tiuken Ikka ?

2. I cannot exchange my Interbus Corp. Loyality Points. No station for this corporation.