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EVE on Linux constantly crashing, esp. in high population systems

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Minmatar Republic
#1 - 2017-06-30 06:10:16 UTC
So, this'll sound odd, but I've already fixed the problem. After hours of searching online, I found the solution in a topic not related to my problem, so I'll share it here so other folks with similar issues can find it.

Using Arch Linux, btw. I got the installer to work through some trickery and got the game up and running. However, I found that I would freeze in high-population systems. The higher the pop, the more likely I would be freezing.

I scoured the web, even searching for Mac issues similar to my own (since both Mac and Linux uses wine), but no solution was found. I ran the included debugger, but couldn't quite make sense of the output.

Long story short, there's a wonderful tool built into the Linux launcher that verifies the game cache. Turns out, I had almost 10% of the files corrupted.

If you're experiencing frequent crashes, use the 'E' menu from the launcher and select "Shared Cache". It'll give you an option to verify the cache which may clear up your issue.

Huge thanks to the devs for creating a Linux compatible setup that is so easy to use. Snorlax needs massive props and a beer when I meet him.