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Would you change anything to the alpha clones skillsets ?

Kalahira Sarlain
#1 - 2017-06-29 16:57:08 UTC  |  Edited by: Kalahira Sarlain
Hello to all, please don't get angry, this is just food for thought.

Imo the alpha limitations are cool, CCP did an excellent job at making the clones viable without disminishing the value of subscriptions - even though the Gallente alphas are somewhat OP (shield and armor rigging, best industrial ships, and better dps than any other race thanks to drone skills and great drone boats).
BUT if you could change anything to the system, would you do it, and what would it be ?

I for my part would 1) expand the 24h skill queue limitation, and 2) would take some missile skills away from the Minmatars in exchange from more drone skills, for ex Interfacing. This is because missiles are useless except on dedicated missile boats, of which the Mins have only a few, and none seems very good, except perhaps the Cyclone which is off limits to alphas. Drones meanwhile are valuable assets on any ship that can fit them ; and since according to vets, Minmatars currently display the worst frigate line up of all four races, having a tad stronger drones would be an advantage which would compensate for that and even the playing field for alpha Mins. Dunno, maybe this is a crappy idea, probably in fact, but here it is.

Your turn, if you wish. Cheers !