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Eve Gas Co. is launching.

D Rack
Gas Co.
#1 - 2017-06-28 03:25:41 UTC
We have started launching the Gas Co. buyback sites. They will be taking buyback contracts from the moment they are anchored. Will the business create content or bust? Will the buyback system be utterly destroyed or will it create fights? Stay tuned folks, I will be streaming attacks on the sites via

Gas Co. info.

Gas Co. is an Eve galaxy wide buyback program designed to bridge the gap between high security and low security space. With 24 low security locations opening near you, any pilot can have access to a location where they can exchange goods for isk. Wormholes with static outs next to locations may become occupied. Exploration capsuleers can scan routes between Gas Co. sites and unload full cargo holds. A new generation of pilots can make homes and settle low security space without the risks of moving freight past gate camps. Gas Co. is a short cut for anyone with goods in their hold to have isk in their wallet.

Gas Co. is designed to be a content creator in Eve. Anyone can own %50 of any Gas Co. station's profit by destroying the station and providing a replacement. A ticker will be added to the replacement station's name signifying who will receive %50 of the profits. All Gas Co. sites will have open docking for all. Service upgrades will be determined at a later date and will go to Gas Co. sites with the highest rates of utilization.

We will be expanding Gas Co. locations after the preliminary roll out currently listed.

Gas Co will be available to install private sites with controlled docking rights. Private sites will be at 90% Jita buy value.

The original pitch for a money lender:

D Rack
Gas Co.
#2 - 2017-07-01 05:15:01 UTC
Eve Gas Co has now launched multiple buildings. Video's of the streams are up. Two buildings lost and six buildings are open for business. Tomorrow we will continue launching Gas Co sites live.