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Price Checks

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Price Check on 61M SP Pilot

Apollo 4
#1 - 2017-06-21 21:28:46 UTC
I'm returning to EVE to would like to get rid of an alt that I won't be using. Contains everything you would expect, standings, sec status, no kill rights, etc. When I actually sell he will be in NPC corp and in Jita.

Caldari focused, nearly maxed missiles. Strong PI. Very strong scanning. Has marauders, Cov Ops, Tengu, HAC. All Gunnery support skills to 4, small autocannon specialization 4. Capital ships and Caldari carrier, jump drive skills injected but not trained.

I don't really have $500 to spend on extractors or the 38billion or so to buy the extractors in game, otherwise I'd brainbag him, which is what I expect whoever buys him to do.