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For your entertainment: lists of largest ever MD bond offerings

EVE Museum
#1 - 2017-06-21 05:52:23 UTC
With the obvious occasion that TEB (The ENornous Bond) is apparently filled and running, I thought it would be fun to list the largest ever endeavours launched in the Market Discussion forum. Please point out those that I have missed, or errors.

Straight up unsecured MD bonds and loans over 100 bn
1) 1,000 bn ISK: Elizabeth Norn big bond (2017). Running.
2) 300 bn ISK: Proton Power. (2016). Succesful.
3) 150 bn ISK: Fannie Anthema (2017). Running. I keep thinking that this must be 150 mil.
4) 100 bn ISK: TornSoul BMBE bond #5. (2010). Succesful.
5) 100 bn ISK: Elizabeth Norn #1. (2015). Succesful.
6) 100 bn ISK: Elizabeth Norn #2. (2015). Succesful.
7) 100 bn ISK: Elizabeth Norn #3. (2016). Succesful.
8) 100 bn ISK: Proton Power. (2016). Succesful.

Bonds and projects secured by Chribba or Grendell (over 300 bn)
1) 1,500 bn ISK: Grendell’s own bank GISK. (2012-2014). Grendell at one point mentioned he has a deposit cap of 1.5 T and he is reaching it. The bank closed succesfully. At the same time, Grendell also ran his usual trickle of large bonds that he secured for other parties. Therefore at one point Grendell surely must have held well over 2 T but it is hard to reconstruct exactly.
2) 1,200 bn ISK: Angelica Everstar AE08. (2015). Secured by Chribba.
3) 1,000 bn ISK: Angelica Everstar AE07. (2015). Secured by Chribba.
4) 1,000 bn ISK: Angelica Everstar AE09. (2015-2016). Secured by Chribba.
5) 530 bn ISK: Zahara Cody (2016). Secured by Grendell.
6) 500 bn ISK: Angelica Everstar AE06/PFA05. (2014). Secured by Chribba.
7) 450 bn ISK: Niraia (GMTB#4). (2012). Secured by Grendell.
8) 350 bn ISK: GLTB#1 (2011-2013). Secured by Grendell.
9) 300 bn ISK: X ATM092. (2015). Secured by Chribba

Multi-personnel banks and other opaque constructions (over 300 bn)
1) c. 2,300(?) bn ISK: Ebank. (2007-2009). EBank was the brainchild of chairman Hexxx, with Amarr Citizen 155 and Lavista Vista being among the other people involved. It is unclear how much ISK was held by any one person at any given time. Ebank went under a bit after CEO Ricdic ran off with around 200 bn ISK.
2) 850 bn ISK: Titans4You. (2009-2010). Investment into copying and sale of titan BPOs. Despite the Titan BPOs being held down within a special board of trustees, Bad Bobby tricked them and ran off with all the ISK.
3) 790 bn ISK: EVE Investment Bank. (2005-2006). 790 bn ISK was what EIB director Cally claimed to have walked off with.
4) ??? bn ISK: The BSAC Exchange. (???-???). I honestly have no idea how much value Block Ukx ever held in the BSAC Exchange project, but it must have been a lot. And it was probably not secured by any means other than himself.
5) c.300 bn ISK. Dynasty Banking. (2008-2009). This bank received received upwards of 300 bn(?) ISK in investments, but went under when Xabier ran off with around 85 bn.
6) ??? (ceiling of 500) bn ISK: The second ISS IPO (2006-2007). It is unclear how much money ISS got before their operations were shot to pieces..

Worth mentioning is the PhaserInc scam in 2011, which claimed having been for over 1 trillion ISk, but was not housed on the MD forum. And there is the Halaima IPO which I believe is more a donation scheme..
Also worth mentioning that in his third party business on the WTS forum, Chribba has held other single ships and/or BPOs worth over 1 trillion ISK.

Finally, it is worth remembering that the most revered IPO in EVE history, the ISS Marginis in 2005, was for just 40 bn ISK altogether.

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Star Killer14
Core World Imperium
#2 - 2017-06-21 07:16:45 UTC
Nice work, it is exciting to see what some of the largest investments that have gone through are. It is also nice to have a list of some of the scams that have happened as well for comparison and a warning.
Cor'El Dahken
Unicorn Fatale
#3 - 2017-06-21 08:13:11 UTC
Interesting read, thanks for putting it together 😊
#4 - 2017-06-21 10:21:54 UTC  |  Edited by: flakeys
Well to be honest BB never walked off with any money.He just stood there waving it around in everyone's face over and over again and in some regards he still is since you could say that he is investing what he took in new MD offers LolBlink.

Still i'm more inclined to have a soft for a scammer like BB then someone who actually walks off with it like ricdic only never to be heard of again.Speaking of wich , has darknesss shown his face in one form or another after he closed the 3rd party and walked off with what he had?That was a 320B scam appearantly but wasn't through MD.

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