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Stealth|Unintended Nerf: NPC Commander/Officer Rate

oiukhp Muvila
#21 - 2017-06-16 07:19:41 UTC
Something something math nerd vs something something goon nerd one-up'ing each other into a something something corner like a couple something something peacocks.

What did we learn?

Goons don't like anyone else thinking they know what they are talking about, and there might have been an adjustment in some officer spawns.

The first one we've known for years, the second might be interesting to hear more about as more info is compiled.

Buggs LeRoach
#22 - 2017-06-16 13:29:13 UTC
Vraygan wrote:
Since the patch, there has been a drastic difference in the number of Rogue Drone Sentient spawns when doing combat sites. My corpmates and I are getting these spawns at least 1/5th to 1/10th as often, compared to before the patch. I don't make this claim lightly. Combined my corp has accumulated over 100 hours of data since the patch. Last month we ran over 1,000 Drone Patrols.

Is this intended?

When each ratter finishes a site, they make a corp BM (with their name-Time) on any Sentient wreck so that it can be looted while they move to the next site. While warping to the next site they add the BM name to our shared spreadsheet, with change tracking, so that us looters can't "forget" to log their BMs. They have been in the habit of making BMs for Sentients for over a month now. (And after the patch they are REALLY motivated to remember to BM them because they've noticed the lack of spawns.) Us looter/salvagers (work at home with personal monitor on Eve) collect the loot, verifying that the ratter isn't padding their numbers with false BMs, and make a portion of the profits.

Same system, same maxed out military index, similar enough ship setups that all make 40-60 mil per hour.

I have access to the API of the people ratting and have looked at their ratting ticks. Sentients give an extra 8-11mil in a single tick, and are pretty easy to find. Their ticks show that they are doing the same amount of work, but getting 1/5th (or worse) as many Sentient spawns.

Yesterday there was 3-4 ratters on at a time for 10 hours, and we didn't get a single Sentient. Last month our lowest Sentient count under the same circumstances is 4, going as high as 10, and we hit that scenario more than half of the days last month...

CCP_Fozzie wrote:
In June we are starting to address the supply of pirate battleship BPCs, with moderate changes to the chance of escalations spawning from the most popular high-end anomalies and larger changes to the drop rates of the BPCs themselves from quite a few NPCs.

I would wager 5Bil that Rogue Drone Sentient spawns are considered escalations, or are some how affected by the patch changes (but CCP_Fozzie didn't know that they were connected in such a way). Seems that moderate means 20%, and the developer inverted the intended chance.

have you checked for traffic through your system , that's causing your bots to safe up or log ?
#23 - 2017-06-16 14:31:09 UTC
Good point. But their ticks dip no more than before. Which is surprising with the event goin on.

On a slightly better note, yesterday we got 16 half our previous average. So hopefully it isn't as bad as initially indicated. But I still am confident the spawn rate was lowered.
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