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Just a few questions.

Evi Polevhia
Phoenix Naval Operations
Phoenix Naval Systems
#1 - 2017-06-13 08:41:10 UTC
(This entry is not to be considered IC knowledge by anyone. This is merely a public posting of a short story I wrote from my character's perspective. It is being posted here for consideration in the YC 119 New Eden Capsuleer's Writing Contest. For context, the two characters portrayed here in are Evi Polevhia, a loyalist and supporter of Sansha's Nation. And Undersecretary Sebastian Roullew, a baseliner administrator in the True Slave Foundations corporation.)

Set the stage.

--Camera drone 7-Delta: Activated.
--GraviPulse Jets Active. Flight established.
--Maintaining Class S-3N Recording Flight Path
--Documentation of (Evi Polevhia) (Sebastian Roullew) beginning.

"You know why you are here, Miss Polevhia?"

A dim room lit by indirect wall mounted lamps covered in an off white frosted tinting. Various alcoves partially visible with the naked eye occasionally catch the low light in the room and give off a slick, wet look of oiled metal. This does not seem to catch the interest of either of the two people sat in the middle of the room, however, as both of them are completely focused on the other.

One of the two is a young to middle aged looking Capsuleer woman. Her hair pulled back in a tight pony tail accenting her stern Caldari facial features. Her right eye, completely covered over and replaced by a modified SPZ-3 'Torch' Ocular implant giving her increased awareness in the chamber, letting her notice that as she sat in the office there were three small black ten legged spider drones in the far left wall hiding in alcoves. They, along with the camera drone that was recently activated, were monitoring the rooms inhabitants with great interest.

The other individual was an aged man seated in the room was on the other side of the desk, glancing over data tablet readouts under an old fashioned orange tinted NuLight lamp. He was dressed in a finely tailored suit with a small badge on the side of his lapel with the emblem of the True Slave Foundations. Showing the man's allegiance and place of employment without being offensive or brazen while working along outsiders in Eldjötnar. At first it appeared that the man's face was devoid of emotion. But upon reading a few lines in the report before him he began to smile before speaking again to the Capsuleer opposite himself.

"Of course I do, Undersecretary Roullew. Secretary Claramond reported an error in the transference of data between Offices here in home system. As such, some data regarding various officers in my Division needs to be re-entered. Why is this not orchestrated through the Digiscape file transfer protocols?"

Shifting his attention to the Capsuleer, Undersecretary Roullew pushed the datapads on his desk to the side and leaned back slightly in his chair. It creaked under the movement ever so audibly, as if it was crafted with small imperfections to give a feel of something old and authentic rather than new and mass produced. He adjusted his collar and regarded her question for a moment before nodding. "It would be more efficient that way, true. But more members of the Foundations were negatively impacted in the recent transfer error than just your Division. As such it was decided to have an interview process to not only recover any lost or damaged data, but to expand the files on individuals such as yourself. Fill in any holes that were left years ago.....Shall we begin with your origins?"

"Of course, Undersecretary. I was born in the primary medcenter of a Nugoeihuvi owned Relay Outpost in Black Rise. Elunala system near the moderately infamous Asakai system. It is an area of space that as far as I am aware holds little to no strategic significance at all. Which might be precisely why there's no stations proper there."

As the Capsuleer spoke, one of the spider drones in a wall alcove started to descend. Though it walked down the vertical surface the device managed to find suitable grip in the ribbed and nearly organicly flowing surface of the wall as it curved down to the ground. Now on the floor, the spider's ten impossibly thin legs made a barely audiable clicking sound as it slowly stalked across the floor to the base of Polevhia's chair. Almost apprehensively it raised a spindly leg and touched the base of her chair. Noticing the touch the Capsuleer pauses and looks down, sending the spider drone darting under the table in a flurry of legs. With a casual glance up to the wall, Evi no longer saw any other spider drones observing them leaving just the camera drifting nearly silently to her left.

"My mother and father were both citizens in good standing in the State and our Mega. They worked in the Entertainment Department, she in holovids and he in management of some aumusement park chain. 'Blast Zone'. I'm not sure if it was popular outside of our region, I hated that work. Both parents are now in Foundations productive custody and have been for about four years now. I have two sisters as well. Ani Polevhia, also a Capsuleer. Independant, occasionally works for the Empires. No connection to the Foundations or Nation despite my attempts. Sharee Polevhia, not a Capsuleer and missing for some seven years now. Presumed dead, last known location was the Gallente system of Duripant. Not sure what she was doing there."

Nodding slowly, Undersecretary Roullew reached back over for one of the datapads and brought up a listing of the Capsuleer's family. "Yes, Sharee. I recall we sent out some agents to track her down back when we accepted your family in to our own family. Our apologies for being unable to track her down. Though do rest assured we will discover what happened to her."
Evi Polevhia
Phoenix Naval Operations
Phoenix Naval Systems
#2 - 2017-06-13 08:41:20 UTC
"Yes. Though I am not terribly concerned. I have accepted the liklihood of her death for some time now."

"And your employment history here. There is much mention of the Caldari Navy early on in your career? Expand on that in your own words, please, Miss Polevhia."

"Of course. Internal Security of Nugoeihuvi was notified of my testing at a young age. Compatibility with Capsule tech, high test scores in math, reasoning, spatial awareness, decision making, reaction time. Both the Caldari Navy and the Science and Trade Institute supported my training. Once graduated I did a stint with the Navy as an 'Independant' agent. I still have many contacts to this day, a list which I believe I surrendered to Alpha when I joined. I know not what became to some of them because some went silent. I trust in Alpha's handling, however. And any remaining contacts I have within the Navy are for the Foundation's use when it needed."

"I see. That all is another matter, however. One which is not for me to comment on. One last question, for now. I shall bring you back later of course but as you most likely know on my data pad here I just recieved an alert that your presence will be required in the hangar shortly. But before you go, tell me. What drove you to seek out the Foundations? I of course have the facts before me of your inclusion in to our ranks....but once again, it puts so much more in to context if I have it in your words."

Having slouched a little, Evi draws herself up a bit more in her chair to sit straight as she thinks over the question a moment. As she did so, her right hand raised up to the side of her face and she ever so slowly traced along where her eye implant dove down in to her skin and bone, connected deep in to her skull.

"I was lost. After fighting for the State, I branched out...truly a free agent. I picked up jobs everywhere, from everyone. I fought rogue drones in Malpais. EoM in Amarr. Serpentis in Placid. Then, driven by ISK, I fought Nation. Not just one engagement. Not even a thousand. Beyond counting were the battles I fought against the endless black horde. And yet it never ended. I was drowning in blood in engagements I thought were helping people. I did....drown, that is. I felt like the only thing I was killing was myself. Until I spoke with Tiberious Thessalonia. And Citizen Ahvar. Together, both showed me that....showed me that I was fighting an impossible war. That they had ships beyond counting. I saw that fighting was meaningless. But peace.....peace is achievable. Nation first struck out in self defense, now it sees the empires as a threat to their existance. With good reason, the empires tried to eliminate them. I....just want the fighting to stop. And I saw no way out of the blood, the violence, the horror....except through Utopia. It may not be what many prefer. But offending the preference of some, I think, is the most preferable path if the end goal is the unification of Man. Because as bad as we are to eachother, it's only a matter of time before we collectively meet a threat that is greater than all the empires put together."

Undersecretary Roullew stood up from his desk slowly, the age in his joints apparent in the creaking of his body. "I thank you for your honesty, Miss Polevhia. We are done here for now. You may attend to the matters for which your Division is meant. I will see you again later, an appointment shall be arranged for the remainder of this discussion."

--Camera drone 7-Delta: Suspend and Upload File Data.
--Recording End- 466f72204e6174696f6e