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Theory of what happened to the Sol System

Ian Zairon
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#1 - 2017-06-11 17:26:49 UTC
I have a very sad theory for what happened to the EVE Gate, and what happened to Earth. For the theory to be possible you have to assume a couple of things. The first thing is that New Eden is more light years away from earth then the amount of time since the, "collapse," of the EVE Gate. The second thing, the less likely thing, is that somehow Sol gained mass.
The theory is that a couple years before the collapse, Earth, from now on I will call them MWH, or Milky Way Humans, detected something approaching the solar system, or something going wrong with Sol. When the Object hit, or the sun got worse, Sol exploded in a supernova. The remains of which is now a pulsar.
This explains everything about the EVE Gate. The radiation is coming from the pulsar on the other side. The massive burst when it collapsed. This even explains the dips in the amount of radiation, which would be the times when it is spinning in a direction which never faces the gate. The fact that Earth never warned New Eden would be explained by the distance between the Milky Way and New Eden. However, it also means that Humans don't exist anymore in the Milky Way, which is the sad part.
Feel free to point out any flaws in the science I used.

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Elmund Egivand
Tribal Liberation Force
Minmatar Republic
#2 - 2017-06-12 04:19:01 UTC  |  Edited by: Elmund Egivand
Er, no. The Eve Gate was found to have become unstable pretty early on, which was why they built the massive Jump Gates to keep it open. However, due to some unknown reason, even that collapsed and imploded. Either it was a technical failure or a natural phenomenon.

Wormhole implosions are never pretty. This was already demonstrated during the Seyllin Incident. However, due to the size of that particular wormhole, it wasn't nearly as catastrophic as the Eve Gate collapse.

As for what happened to the Sol system, nobody knows. However, what we do know is that the colonisation of the Eve Gate was driven by resource scarcity and overpopulation and that the Milky Way already have all the infrastructure in place for self-sufficiency, unlike New Eden colonies which were still building them during the Collapse.

In all likelihood, Eve Gate Collapse affected both sides of the wormhole. However, considering that the Milky Way already has issues with overpopulation and resource scarcity it's very likely there were revolts and full-scale wars in every system for a while. Either the Milky Way is in unrecoverable ruin due to the wars, or it has rebuilt and prospered due to the sudden drop in population due to said revolts and wars and has reached heights beyond what even the Sleepers could imagine because, again, they had everything already in place while New Eden colonies still had to build them during the Collapse.

If the latter happened, it is highly possible that the Milky Way humans had divided into various nations of their own, due to loss of communications and widespread tech failure due to the collapse and the time it would take (much faster than New Eden), to get them repaired, especially considering they had widespread social unrest and violence to deal with at the same time.

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Nana Skalski
Taisaanat Kotei
#3 - 2017-06-12 08:38:15 UTC  |  Edited by: Nana Skalski
There is on hint to what can have happened to the EVE Gate. Its in Cloud Ring description.

Cloud Ring
Named by noted Intaki astronomer Alnadil Jouber, Cloud Ring is notable for its central constellations, which are encompassed by a massive ring of dust and gas expelled from an ancient stellar catastrophe of colossal proportions. The first scientist to observe and detail this phenomenon from observatories in the Placid region, Jouber went on to theorize that analysis of the ring's extent, density, and rate of expansion could give insight as to what monumental event could have caused such a disturbance and when it might have occurred.

He further theorized that such an explosion might have had far-reaching gravitic effects that could destabilize wormholes, and might have been a contributing factor in the collapse of the EVE Gate. While later researchers have discounted many of his ideas, the validity of his theories has yet to be categorically disproven. It is noteworthy that the Sisters of EVE maintain several bases in Placid, from which scientific expeditions to study the Cloud Ring are coordinated.

I think that If SOE is there, its important.

As for what have happened with Terran civilization on the other side of gate, its not known and can be only a field of speculation.
Stig Elendil
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#4 - 2017-06-13 23:07:32 UTC
I think this could help you with your question.

#5 - 2017-06-14 15:35:29 UTC
IIRC the New Eden wormhole was said to have been found in the Canopus system, which is about 313 lightyears away from Sol.

So whatever happened to Sol really didn't affect the wormhole in any way. And my guess is life has gone on, either humanity on the other side is completely destroyed (unlikely), survives in isolated pockets or has gone on entirely Imperium of Man on us where technology stagnates and innovation is forbidden. The original fluff intro said that New Eden was colonized because humanity had already colonized the whole Milky Way and resources were becoming scarce on the other side. Imagine that though, consuming an entire galaxy of resources in mere thousands of years.
Ian Zairon
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#6 - 2017-06-14 16:48:05 UTC
On account of these errors, thank you for pointing them out as they were helpful. The next paragraph will be the corrected version

The wormhole collapse is possible, but I am creating this under the assumption that the EVE Gate description's theory is right and it is still open. The problem of location just makes it more likely as the system could already have the mass needed. "Cloud Ring" may have destabilized it, but that can't be talked about as it has no hard facts. The collapse wouldn't last from the start to the present. Another thing that supports my theory is the temporary star in the Amarr (don't remember how to spell it) homeworld's sky could have been caused by a supernova. I still have no idea why the supernova light's arrival didn't coincide with a message from earth about the collapse. My guess is it happened too quickly and by the time earth knew it would have been redundant.

Like before, point out any mistakes for me to account for.

The way to victory is knowledge, something that standards lack.