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In-Game Events and Gatherings

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March of the Newbro Events this week 3-10 June

Nikolai Mazinkov
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#1 - 2017-06-02 14:37:49 UTC  |  Edited by: Nikolai Mazinkov
o7 and Welcome,

Below is a full schedule for the March of the Newbro for June 2017, running from 0001 June 3rd, 2017 to 2359 on June 10th. (All Times/Dates are EvE)

If you would like to add an event for this or future MotN events please PM me. Our next run will be September 2017, December 2017, and then MARCH 2018!

This Discord will also include notifications from organizers of their fleets, events, classes, etc:

3 June: Kickoff!

@0200 “Alpha Mayhem” with Red vs Blue. Short PvP tutorial / lesson, Free Arranged Frigate Fight, & then roam! Meet @ Pakkonen. X Up Channel “R-V-B”

4 June

5 June

@1900 Bookmarks Tutorial with Mercenary Academy. Come learn about bookmarks for safe travel, including insta-docking and undocking. Bring a frigate with a MWD. Meet @ Aokanittoh. X Up in Channel "".

@2300 in Keberz, "Bloc Warfare in Null Sec with Test Alliance" / x-up channel "Intro To Blocs"

6 June

@1700-2200 New Player Seminar with Q&A. Requiescat hosts a seminar aimed at helping new players, feel free to come into chat to answer side questions, participate in an AMA afterwards, or just watch!

@2000 "Training Tuesday" with RvB. Topic TBD. Meet @ Josameto. X up in Channel "R-V-B"

@2200 "Frigate Fiesta: A Taco Tuesday Roam" with Mercenary Academy. Meet @ Ichoriya. X up in Channel TBD

7 June

@2100 "Adventure Time" with Mercenary Academy. Bring out your battle Ventures for this epic mining frigate roam. Meet @ Ichoriya. X up in Channel "Mercenary Academy"

@2300 A Guide to PvP with Mercenary Academy. Meet @ Ichoriya, X Up in Channel "Mercenary Academy"

8 June

@2200 PvP Fitting Seminar with Mercenary Academy. Meet @ Ichoriya, X Up in Channel "Mercenary Academy"

9 June

@2000 “Alpha Mayhem” With RvB . Short lesson, Frig Fight, then roam! Free frigates. Meet @ Pakkonen. X Up in Channel “R-V-B”

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