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[June] Nullsec Asteroid Cluster and Excavator Drone changes

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Teckos Pech
Goonswarm Federation
#721 - 2017-06-29 16:23:36 UTC
Permit Mining Officer wrote:
CCP Fozzie wrote:
Hey folks.
We continue to keep a close eye on the impacts of the changes to mining ships that have been made over the past six months. After this observation we have decided that we need to make another intervention to keep the economy healthy. This isn't the first of such changes, and once again it is unlikely to be the last.

In the June release we are making a few targeted changes to Nullsec Asteroid Clusters (the ore anomalies created by the Ore Prospecting Array upgrade) and Excavator drones.

Firstly, we are adding a respawn cooldown to all Asteroid Cluster anomalies. This cooldown scales based on the size of the anomaly:
  • 20 minutes for the Small Asteroid Cluster
  • 1 hour for the Medium Asteroid Cluster
  • 2 hours for the Large Asteroid Cluster variants
  • 4 hours for the Enormous Asteroid Cluster variants
  • 5 hours for the Colossal Asteroid Cluster variants

These changes will only have a significant impact on the absolute busiest nullsec mining systems. The vast majority of nullsec miners will not be negatively impacted. The pilots mining in those few extremely busy systems will have the option of staggering when they mine, or simply spreading out to a few extra systems.

We are also making some more small adjustments to the Excavator drones themselves. In June the changes are:
  • About 9% less yield for Ore Excavators
  • 12.5% lower speed for Ore Excavators
  • About 11% longer cycle time for Ice Excavators
  • 10% lower speed for Ice Excavators

We will continue observing the economy after these changes and making adjustments as necessary to keep it healthy for all our players.

its like NO this isnt a sandbox anymore you may not do what you pleaze... i dont do nullsec but this post says like you do what we want not the freedom yaselfs.... weirdo's!!! i pay for my months others do to you dont deside what other players do with there time especially with mining that is already a zombie mode.. Keep hands oFF!! ccp rip again...


Nobody is preventing you from mining in those clusters other than competition from other players.

And everybody pays for their sub one way or the other.

"The curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design."--Friedrich August von Hayek

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Marcus Tedric
Zebra Corp
Goonswarm Federation
#722 - 2017-06-30 13:18:03 UTC
I'm fairly sure Ice Anomalies don't do this.....

But are the Mining anomalies supposed to respawn/refresh at downtime - regardless of timers?

Don't soil your panties, you guys made a good point, we'll look at the numbers again. - CCP Ytterbium

Spartan Arji
Strategically Bad
Goonswarm Federation
#723 - 2017-07-14 21:38:02 UTC
The most stupidest change This change limits what alot of us can do, Especially those players who do not play alot during the week Change back the timers so that way WE CAN ACTUALLY ENJOY OUR TIME ON EVE.

Or change the Timers to something more manageable like

20 Minutes - Small
30 Minutes - Medium
1 Hour - Large
1 Hour & 30 Minutes - Enormous
2 Hours - Colossal

This way alot more people can get stuff in, Especially those who do not play the game often. I Understand that you are trying to Address the MER Numbers and the economy but this is not the fix for it.

CCP you are ruining alot of people's experience and want to play your game. I do not want to stop playing the game but you are making it difficult to play. As Mining is a BIG part of how i make a living in EVE.