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Reiner Airlines (a new NPSI community)

Reiner Hass
Mining-Industries and Research
#1 - 2017-05-23 05:13:23 UTC
Sup comrades,

like you can read it down from the title, i opend my own NPSI community through a ingame channel called "Reiner Airlines". Simply join the channel to enjoy pvp public fleets with random pilots from all over new eden, just to have fun by shooting space shipsTwisted

We gonna start small and cheap with a frigate fleet on sunday the 28 of May at around 21:00 eve time from Amarr through known faction-warfare systems. I will provide ships for the verry first fleet for those who want/need one, called SPP (Ship Placement Programm). Those SPP fleets will just happen from time to time. Also i will set up a twitch-stream includeing a web-cam in the next upcomeing days which will most likely run at all my public fleets. Everbody is welcome aslong people keep the proprieties which are basically known NPSI rules. For those who doenst know what NPSI is, NPSI stands for "Not Purple, Shoot it!". So if youre a newbro or just got a newbro friend who wants to make the step into pvp, dont be ashamed and get in fleet to enjoy some fun! Pilots who flown with me in the past should know that i always try to instruct newbros as best as i can during my fleets to make sure they got their own pvp learning curve.

So fly save and meet me ingame in one of my fleetsSmile

Best regards so far,
Reiner Hass o7