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Test Server Feedback

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[119.6] Fleet QoL improvements and more little things from Five 0

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Sterling Blades
Windstalker Security Corp
United Neopian Federation
#41 - 2017-05-21 17:52:55 UTC
Having finally Been able to log into the test server properly to muck around with structure descriptions, I noticed something a bit annoying. The character limit being at 1000. Alright, nitpicking. I was able to word things properly within the limit without having to leave out too much, but it does leave it very much limited. I'm not asking for a grand essay length character limit on structure bios, and you all have done a good job with the way it currently works, but a character limit of 2000 would offer better utility than the current 1000 limit(speaking as both a structure operator AND a rolelayer here, more so the latter than the former, so I am a bit biased about being limitted on that front.) If the character limit remains 1000 into full release, I have no tangible issues save personal with it staying that way.

The gods are out there. They watch us. They guide, they manipulate. We rally behind the ones we adore, and rain fire against those who rally behind the ones we hate. The question now is, to whom does your allegiance fall behind, dear Empyreans?

Verge of Collapse
#42 - 2017-05-21 18:09:17 UTC
Any plans to fix cynos and fleets?

i.e. If you change fleet with a cyno up, you lose the ability to use the cyno
If you disconnect and reconnect with a cyno up, the cyno is useless even after joining fleet.

There used to be a method to broadcast the cyno and you could still jump to it but that hasn't worked for a year now.
Benito Arias
Angry Mustellid
Lost Obsession
#43 - 2017-05-24 20:59:12 UTC
CCP Lebowski wrote:
The watchlist now shows ship icons.
Double clicking a member in the watchlist no longer opens the show info window for the pilot.

I would not mind if "Show info" action on a WL item was showing information on the ship piloted by person in the WL, like "Show info" on overview item/bracket does. I think knowing ship type that's on there is more important than knowing who's the pilot.
Nicola Arman
Deep Maw Salvage
#44 - 2017-05-26 18:21:41 UTC
<3 this is good stuff
Huren Ogeko
Silver Guardians
Solyaris Chtonium
#45 - 2017-05-26 18:32:44 UTC
One issue we have with standing fleets is ninja bossing to an afk player who then is unavailable to reset the standing fleet advert. Now it is nice to ee there will be a very organised and predictable method of who the boss will be but sometimes that person who is next in line will be afk when the current boss disconnects for whatever reason.

What would be nice is if the boss can set an option to make the advert permanent even if that boss disconnects and boss is transferred to someone else. The advert will stay up no matter who the current boss is until the current boss turns off the advert of the permanent options.

otherwise, I see a lot of nice features in this devblog..some I did not even know Iw anted but now I do want to see them. Looking forward to seeing these changes soon.
Panic Buying.
#46 - 2017-05-27 11:19:46 UTC  |  Edited by: YOU WOT M8
Alanna Northstar wrote:
Can we have those ship icons in the broadcast history too, pretty pretty please?

utec asmo wrote:
I'm disappointed that asking for shield/armor/capacitor still doesn't include the ship type of whoever is asking for it.

This should've been introduced years ago.

100 times this.

Team Five 0 - if you only pay attention to one piece of feedback, please make it this.
I would bet that many of the people reading this thread would happily not have a few of these updates in return for icons on broadcast history.

Sure, watchlist is useful, icons in it - very useful. But the situation that you want to know the hull size of a ship more than any other, is when you are a logistics/fax pilot in a large fleet following the broadcasts in fleet history, and you want to know which people you should skip over because they are in small squishy ships and you have battleships to be saving. That information can swing fight outcomes. It's not like we'd need anything crazy like it changing when they die, just the icon for hull at time of broadcast.

It might sound small, but ask any FC or logi or FAX pilot. Game changer.
Dimitrios Bekas
Pandemic Horde Inc.
Pandemic Horde
#47 - 2017-05-27 23:58:58 UTC
All these little things, Awesome Work !

How many times Logi Pilots opened up the Showinfo while trying to rep the people on the Watchlist....i would totally love to see some Charts and Numbers there ...MILLIONNSSS OF CLICKS ! :D

keep up the "little improvements" and whoever had the idea at ccp to make players post the ideas in the special forum...good job !
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