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Increasing demand results in increased price

Jenn aSide
Worthless Carebears
Pandemic Horde
#121 - 2017-05-31 18:21:58 UTC
Teckos Pech wrote:
Jenn aSide wrote:
Mr Epeen wrote:
Teckos Pech wrote:

It is the same thing.
That's not even remotely true in the context of the discussion.

Mr Epeen Cool

Yes it is, you just don't want it to be. EVE costs an average of $10.95 at it's lowest subscription price (which you get if you pay yearly). $15 is its price if you pay monthly with cash and 19.99 monthly pay monthly with plex. The fact that you can't pay monthly for $10.95 doesn't make that amount not be the average cost (and lowest cost) of EVE Online.

All of which is moot. If you cannot afford $15 USD per month to play EVE (multiplied by however many accounts one wishes to use), that sucks but it's no emergency or some reason for CCP to intervene in the plex market like some want (whether they'd admit it or not), EVE is a video game made for entertainment purposes and no one owes anyone access to a video game.

EVE is a RIGHT GODDAMMIT! Just like free speech. So I demand that every other EVE players pay more so I an pay less!

Oh I know man, it's right there in the EVEstitution. Specifically the 4th and 5th EVEmendments.

Crap, i think I played too much EVE today. Going to play tanks before work, be back later Big smile