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Lagging interface/graphical errors?

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Deus Reliquit
Real Simple Academy
Brave United
#41 - 2017-05-25 03:14:45 UTC  |  Edited by: Deus Reliquit
Severian Autharch wrote:
I've tried a lot of the recommendations in this thread and nothing works.

My EVE client freezes from time to time and when i hit the Windows Start key the EVE client unfreezes.

I've tried the following:

1) Disabled Mumble overlay
2) Disabled Windows Game Mode
3) Disabled Windows Game Bar
4) Disabled Eve Audio
5) Deleted Eve Shared Cache and Logs folders
6) Add EVE folders to Windows Defender exclusion list.
7) Installed the realtek audio drivers
8) Created a new Profile in Eve by clicking the gears icon in Eve Launcher

Any other suggestions?

You will have to either quite or buy a rig that can handle these game programmers buggy code. It seriously has been off and on for me. Tested on sing weeks ago when the issue first came to light and thought they had it figured out. But today my damn fan on my rig sounded like a Chopper taking off with only one client logged on. Don't know but it seems like their hot fixes add to the lag and screen freezing. And it's not my rig I know it inside out this is on their end Guaranteed. I wonder how many rigs they fried back when the FPS were making cpu's overwork when minimized. They seem to be overly quite about the CPU - GPU issues.
Latorian Echerie
Pipe Jumpers
Pipe Jumpers Consortium
#42 - 2017-06-05 05:31:07 UTC
So I know everyone is saying its mostly a Windows 10 issue and or an AMD one. I have been playing now for quite a while with 2 characters and clients running. The past few days have been hell. My clients will run alright for a bit then get all laggy and choppy. I have uninstalled and reinstalled my nvidia drivers several time. They work fine until I start loading eve. Two clients the past couple of days I started getting memory usage notifications from Windows 7 Ultimate. I am like wtf so I look and my 16GB of RAM are full and the page file that has been created to sustain the MASSIVE memory leak has pushed my SSD to almost max. In total your talking over 32GB of free space on my SSD and 16GB of RAM. At that point things start going haywire and crashing. Had my client crash the first time without a warning from windows and was most annoyed when all my client settings were tossed and had to reset all my toons UI settings and overview. Something has to be leaking in the coding cause tests of the video cards, memory and everything else come out fine. Just getting annoyed with this whole situation right now.
Mikkhi Kisht
Vanity Thy Name Is
#43 - 2017-06-20 18:11:43 UTC
I've updated, deleted, reinstalled, patched, checked & anything else I can think of. Nope, I'm still pushing overheat on my GPU if I move one graphic setting above 'potato' mode. This is with only one account running at a time, I can only imagine the frustration of those using 2+ on one computer if this is their bug too.

What is causing this massive spike in either CPU or GPU processing that cranks the temperatures into hardware meltdown range & when will this be fixed?

I'm hoping if this bug finally gets well & truly smashed, it'll take out two other cosmetic graphic bugs I'm arguing with.

Xena Brox
Imperial Academy
Amarr Empire
#44 - 2017-06-20 22:26:34 UTC
I posted this on another thread about the AMD issues, but it looks like this is the correct thread to put it in. When the Eve client crashed on me yesterday and froze my PC, I brought up task manager and got this problem signature with the Eve exe file:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: exefile.exe
Application Version: 2017.6.115.1974
Application Timestamp: 59395584
Fault Module Name: XAudio2_7.dll
Fault Module Version: 9.29.1962.0
Fault Module Timestamp: 4c0641e5
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 00036b4c
OS Version: 6.1.7601.

If it happens to others again, press Ctrl-Alt-Delete and choose task manager from the list to see if you have the same problem as I've had. It looks to be a wayward audio file on reading the above. Even the slightest thing like that can cause processors to go flat out and freeze software, and I'm running Eve on an i7, so I know there's something wrong there!
Kurigami Inkura
Kurigami Inkura Corporation
#45 - 2017-06-23 05:28:38 UTC
Hey everyone. I'm running into a similar issue on my R9 390. I'm getting an error stating that exefile.exe has been blocked from accessing my Graphics Hardware (computer usually crashes to a black screen). I found this old post:

General consensus is to switch to DX9 as a temp fix. I'm testing it out now on my rig and so far so good. Maybe this will work for you while CCP investigates javascript:insertsmiley('Big smile','/Images/Emoticons/ccp_smile-big.png')
Weasel Juice
Mayhem and Destruction
#46 - 2017-07-28 15:36:36 UTC
Today I experienced this UI lag running a single client.

Apparently fleet broadcasts went through, other fleet members received them. I tried all solutions recommended in this thread to no effect.

It seems that resizing the client can force it out of this buggy state.
Pator Tech School
Minmatar Republic
#47 - 2017-07-29 12:55:18 UTC
The only thing that worked for me was launching in DX9.
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