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119.5 - General Feedback

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Dominous Nolen
Anomalous Existence
The Initiative.
#201 - 2017-05-11 16:16:05 UTC
Que Ess wrote:
Bring back Advanced Audio.

The game is unplayable with audio enabled now.

Feedback thread here >>


"Fly dangerously, Fly safe, Fly whatever, just keep Flying." - Lee Blackwood

Dominous Nolen
Anomalous Existence
The Initiative.
#202 - 2017-05-11 17:18:25 UTC
From patch notes:


YC119 Capsuleer Day Pod SKIN can now be applied to Capsule - Genolution 'Auroral' 197-variant.
Upwell Capsule SKIN and Palatine Capsule SKIN now yield correct market search result when searching from the fitting window.

Any chance there are changes in the works to make these apply permanently after a ship destruction? Right now the skins are more of a novelty item then anything else because you have to keep applying it after every ship swap.


"Fly dangerously, Fly safe, Fly whatever, just keep Flying." - Lee Blackwood

Liu Mayaki
Nomen Est Omen
#203 - 2017-05-11 20:20:15 UTC
It would be interesting to know who was the master-mind of this insane sound changes. Had anybody
ever seen such sound requests in eve forum?

First you messend with scanning. Not only UI was changed, but suddenly were added strange noises (when moving probes), unbearable D-scan sound (could drive you mad in minutes), and even moving thhings in containers. Why should I hear
noise why just holding left button before dropping thing in another container?
So all widely used (thousand times per hour by every player) deeds are sounded. What have we done to CCP for such punishment? Even the most mild person could gone crazy hearing all this bangs and whistles for just several hours.
For several month community cried about sound rollback or at least adding a separate volume control for scanning.
Nope. We used a workaround to mute UI interface. And now what even that is gone. Totally. So now we had to mute all
"Secondary interfaces".

1) Sound rollback is needed.
2) Get the rid of PLEX-vault out of inventory, or move it under filter tab.
3) Why F9 scanning map is showing a tiny system in the center using 1/10 of window?
4) Scanning interface is slow, both previous were better.
5) Why signature ID's stil not saved with "Save Location"? What's the difficulty?

And please stop adding useless sounds!
Nel Arc
Francia-Orientalis Inter Stellas
#204 - 2017-05-11 20:32:14 UTC
Algarion Getz wrote:
Andre Iv wrote:
Terrible patch.
That annoying "clicking" mouse sound back with no ability to deactivate it without turninng off all interface sound
CPU usage grew up. Played last year with 4 character with no problem with all accounts online, after patch even with two windows my notebook is heating to 80C (even on minimal)
The only useful change is contracts time rised to 4 weeks.

I have the same problem!

On my old laptop, Win10 x64 Home, 4 EVE clients running
Before the patch: CPU usage 40-50%
After the patch: CPU usage 80-90%
The graphics settings have not changed.

Also, why would you remove options from the audio tab??? Has anyone ever complained that there are too many options?

Also, the launcher keeps forgeting accounts again.

The same problem with 2 accounts - unreal CCP - you make it harsh for palyers and difficult to keep up with patchmistakes generated by your USemployees dominated workforces. Kick lordly fozzies and other dreamers, make eve a european fine game again- not a patchwork of reddit screeming want/need trolles game.
Dominous Nolen
Anomalous Existence
The Initiative.
#205 - 2017-05-11 20:50:40 UTC  |  Edited by: Dominous Nolen
Nel Arc wrote:

The same problem with 2 accounts - unreal CCP - you make it harsh for palyers and difficult to keep up with patchmistakes generated by your USemployees dominated workforces. Kick lordly fozzies and other dreamers, make eve a european fine game again- not a patchwork of reddit screeming want/need trolles game.

I.... I don't even...


"Fly dangerously, Fly safe, Fly whatever, just keep Flying." - Lee Blackwood

gaming is not a crime
#206 - 2017-05-11 21:41:45 UTC
Bowhead blood raider skin still not added to market...
Mokada Akiga
Bah Weep Grah Na Weep Mini Bahm
#207 - 2017-05-11 22:36:50 UTC
Thora Unni wrote:
AFK Hauler wrote:
At the current valuation of PLEX - to make the new PLEX the same as the oldplex, the price should be $17.60 for 440, or get rid of the "13% bonus" garbage.

If CCP really wanted to give 13% bonus for the same PLEX valuation, then $19.99 would get 565 PLEX.

That is the normal pricing set up for a number of MMOs

19.99 for 1 plex was the old cost. (enough for a month of play time)

now 500 plex which costs 19.99 is enough for a month of play time.

if you want to buy less plex the cost goes up, if you want to buy more plex the cost goes down.

You can't market it that way though. So you start at the lowest amount of plex you can buy and call that the base rate and then give a "discount" in "free plex" to each tier above.

The Real finger to people comes in that you can not buy 6 old plex of nu plex exactly IIRC it was 105
You have to buy 99.99 worth of nuplex (2860) which is 140 plex shy. That means you have to spend $9.99 more to get 240 plex leaving you with 100 plex left over and while spending $5

Meaning you spend 109.99 for 3100 plex
Or 28.185plex for each dollar
The old system was 104.99 for 3000 plex (equivalent)
or 28.57plex for each dollar.

meaning it is cheaper per plex but you have to spend more over all.

That is the scam. Force people to buy more than they want and spend more for it. While saying it is actually cheaper per unit.

I don't know the cost of AUR so I don't know how nuplex in amounts under 500 compare to it and the value of items.

More so it has resulted in a devaluation of ISK to USD because the cost of 500plex is almost universally more expensive than 1 plex was prior and that will likely not change because after all this is a game where the general goal for many is to screw people over as much as you can.

exactly, they are ******* us up the ass on the price of plex. Again we all need to boycott for 3m and cancel subs. only then will they listen
Mokada Akiga
Bah Weep Grah Na Weep Mini Bahm
#208 - 2017-05-11 22:43:01 UTC
Tsutomi Sakuma wrote:
AFK Hauler wrote:
Tsutomi Sakuma wrote:
Rivr Luzade wrote:
Drigo Segvian wrote:
So how much was the increase if any? $1, $2 a month? $19.99 a plex?

I spend more on a burger and fries for me and my wife.... #nopoors

A lot more than you think. Just compare these 2 pictures: Old PLEX Prices vs. New PLEX prices. For instance: You got 6 full months of Game Time before the changes, now you only get 5 Months and 72% of the 6th month of game time. That's a lot more than than just 1 or 2 dollars per month in increased cost, infact, it's more than 5 USD on the 6th month that you need to spend extra because you did not get a full month of subscription value.

Those old prices were during a goddamn sale - not even a valid comparison.

Math is hard, I get it...

New PLEX price is 440 for $19.99 - You are counting the "free" plex given that is not part of the price you pay.

The current offering is a SALE price just like the other sale price because some of the PLEX you receive is FREE....

Math is not hard - twisting numbers to suit your argument on the other hand...

The problem with something that is free is that it can be stopped or taken away too. so the BASE of 440 plex for $19.99 is the PRICE of plex and what you are getting. So when they stop the free plex, and they will only a matter of time, you will then need to spend 24.98 to get 1m of game time which is pure bullshit. W

WHOEVER did this needs shot, strung up by the balls or ****, tared, feather and then covered in honey and dropped onto of a fire ant hill for this bad idea. And the dopes of CCP who also thought this would go over well should have the same thing done to them.
Ocean Ormand
Bagel and Lox
#209 - 2017-05-12 00:33:03 UTC
The new probing system doesnt work - while it looks good - it is simply too cluttered with fluff to be actually useful
probing Unreadable

As can be seen the image is simply unreadable. Its well past time that ccp learns that less is more; that a map needs to be clear and legible to be functional.
Helene Fidard
#210 - 2017-05-12 01:00:53 UTC
Dominous Nolen wrote:
Nel Arc wrote:

The same problem with 2 accounts - unreal CCP - you make it harsh for palyers and difficult to keep up with patchmistakes generated by your USemployees dominated workforces. Kick lordly fozzies and other dreamers, make eve a european fine game again- not a patchwork of reddit screeming want/need trolles game.

I.... I don't even...

Lordly Fozzie and the Other Dreamers are definitely one of the more influential usamerican groups but their concept album Svipul and the Balanced Legion from Space was a critical flop on release.

Hey! I don't know about you

but I'm joining CTRL-Q

Mona Me
#211 - 2017-05-12 02:51:02 UTC  |  Edited by: Mona Me
Personally, I don't care about the plex change. If your buying plex with RL cash for game time vs the 14.99 per month or yearly subscription, then it's your fault your paying to much. "Bitter old Vets" will remember the Asian sweat shops that used to sell ISK for RL cash so Plex was a necessary evil.

I don't care about the sound screw up. I'm so used to them screwing up the game and using the player base to do their beta testing for them, I'm over it. I only turn on any sounds when I'm camping a WH.

I do care what they did with the probe screen. The only thing I don't like about it is it takes longer now to probe someone down. I don't like that I have to use the probe size scale. When probing down a target, every second counts. The old system where I could use the curser to expand or contract the sphere size was a faster way of doing it.

There is not enough incentive for the player base to use the test server to help further the game. It's just a game. We log on to beat our heads against the keyboard because in the end, we had fun! It's not the job of a paying subscribing player to do the dev's team work for them without something in return. WE PAY to play, not pay to work for them.

Hence, most of us don't bother. I would suggest a better reward for Bata testing on the test server in the future. (I could care less about 2 mil skill pts on the test server, what good is that on Tranquility? They seem to forget simple human nature.)
Andrian Dallocort
Andromida Interstellar Enterprises
#212 - 2017-05-12 07:43:26 UTC
Algarion Getz wrote:
Andrian Dallocort wrote:
I don't understand why people are so upset about a fairly small (10%? 20%?) change in the game money cost to receive free game play.

Its a bad idea that CCP ever allowed anyone to play without paying a monthly subscription cost in real money. Everyone playing EVE should be paying the same amount to play, per character or per account. It seems like a spoiled brat reaction to be stomping feet and threatening to take your toys and go home (ie quit playing EVE) because of a small percentage change. Would it be so wrong, bad, or outrageous if CCP just said they were not going to give away free play anymore and everyone had to pay $10 per month to play? That's not a lot of money, especially compared to the play value obtained by serious players.

There should be no cross-mixing of game and real money, in either direction. Players should not be able to pay real money to have in-game advantages nor should CCP pay players to play the game by giving them free play at some level of achievement, measured using game money.

Keep it pure. Mixing real money and game money is a recipe for ruining a game. CCP should step away from the edge and keep the game honest. We players should help them by embracing paying our fair share in monthly fees in real money so they can run the business, but discouraging the practice of pay-for-advantage.

The game costs 15$ a month, not 10$. In the USA, 15$ might not be a lot of money, but not every country has the same income level as the USA. In many eastern European countries for example, people earn 3-4 times less than in people in the USA, so 15$ are like 60$. So when you run multiple accounts, like most EVE players do, the game costs 120$ or more per month.

PLEX is a great solution for that problem.

Pay-for-advantage is bad, i agree, but i dont see a way to sell game time for ISK without a PLEX (real money) to ISK conversion.

Yeah, the subscription fee varies $10.95 -14.95 per month, depending on how long you commit. And I agree that amount is effectively more in some places than others. Maybe CCP should charge different amounts in different countries. But I don't think they have an obligation to give away free play to anyone and I don't think the answer to some players having less money is to have a system to avoid paying. Mostly I think this is an unhealthy distortion of the game. I guess the only almost good justification is if the game would be damaged significantly if it lost some of these heavy players who can't/won't pay any real money. Online games tend to have to start giving away play a lot as they begin to decline to delay the "player shortage collapse".

Consider that if everyone paid a subscription fee then CCP could lower the fee and achieve the same revenue. I wonder how many players are not paying? Those who do pay subscriptions are paying more to subsidize all the free players.

With regard to people choosing to operate multiple accounts, many characters, multiple simultaneous sessions, etc, these practices should be considered an exploit and not EVE standard practice for advanced players. Any method for a single person to train multiple characters in parallel, to effectively bypass the intended training progression rate, or play with multiple ships simultaneously despite playing solo, are counter to major aspects of the game design. Shouldn't even be allowed so I don't have sympathy for the cost impact of running multiple accounts to circumvent the intended design of the game. Even if CCP allows the practice due to be corrupted by wanting the extra revenue.

Anyway, I'm obviously idealistic about this. :)
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#213 - 2017-05-12 17:16:35 UTC
What are these stupid gongs on undock? Bam Bam ?! Whu need that?!?

Blessed is the man who has nothing to say and remain silent yet!!

marly cortez
Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#214 - 2017-05-13 11:45:04 UTC
AgentMaster wrote:
What are these stupid gongs on undock? Bam Bam ?! Whu need that?!?

Turned off Eve Sounds years ago, not going to play the bing bong game with CCP Devs that have not one clue about how players actually as it stands are forced in the most part to play the game at all, last thing they needed was all the crud currently piled on in the sound department,

Don't care about plex, never spent a single Arrum while they were about, will never use CQ or the Nex store and only ever used the wretched log in facility when I was forced to do so, I pay cash for the game and object strongly to CCP trying to sell me crud I would never even consider buying.

What I do care about is being able to play the game simply and easily, Probe screen is a PITA, simple as that, badly designed over engineered and simply useless from what most players want to use it for, the the guy that thought it up needs to consider a different career, maybe Cartoon artist...That CCP forced this abomination on the players with no options only goes to highlight how little they actually listen to them at all, My guess is that 3D map will be there next gift,,,Odd when you actually think about it though, a 3D map in a 2D game.

Have we all not seen this before though, Box ticking Dev's rushing unfinished features into the game because the timetable says they should, not only if they actually work correctly, but no matter, they continue to load up the game with badly written code or because some detached focus group agrees it's a good idea all reducing player satisfaction in pursuit of some as yet to be revealed goal.

CCP may not care about player game satisfaction but the players certainly do, the list of vacant names long moved on due to CCP's attitude towards the paying customer should have been a lesson to be learned in regards what not to do, seems it fell on deaf ears.

Humanity is the thin veneer that remains after you remove the baffled chimp.

Science and Trade Institute
Caldari State
#215 - 2017-05-13 18:25:13 UTC  |  Edited by: nurasd
Please bring back the account's remaining Omega time back ingame to the character sheet in the pilot's services tab. You used to show it and are showing additional training queue times, no reason not to show this.

Also please remove the flash from the New Eden Store every time you add or remove PLEX to/from the PLEX Vault. I handle a lot of PLEX and either being forced to endure that flashing icon (the three lines) or having to click open the New Eden Store every time is absolutely infuriating. Also no need for the flash when you just buy a month's gametime with using PLEX.

This won't make me buy more PLEX, skins or sunglasses, on the contrary, close the game.
ugh zug
Gallente Federation
#216 - 2017-05-14 08:12:47 UTC
the new blood raider content and future pirate factions.... bpc's dropped are bound to be stripped away from the linemen and given to the leadership of whoever runs them ultimately resulting in much effort with little reward for the majority of players running these complexes. At least give decent lp and bounty payout for the groups completing the objective, or a bid system for the pilots in the winning fleet to bid/roll on the rewards to be redeemed on the account. rewarding the players participating is something incursions at least did well. the advanced AI is cool and everything but if the said npcs are going to be causing tidi then is it really worth it? consider how many factions are going to get this system in the future... can your servers handle it?

tldr new blood raider system needs more iteration and should support everyone that completes the content. npc ai thinking complexity should be reduced.

plex changes, if i can't use it remotely much like i do with extractors/injectors/old plex then it's a pita and should burn in a fire. the fact that you are pushing so hard for micro transactions in a subscription game is somewhat infuriating but i can see why a company would milk it's customers for all their worth.

suns/skins, more filler content.

Want me to shut up? Remove content from my post,1B. Remove my content from a thread I have started 2B.

Espejo Roto
#217 - 2017-05-14 10:04:43 UTC
I don't intend to just add to the _very predictable feedback_ on what CCP are doing, but -

Having the perspective of having played/paid this game for a decade, I can tell you that this is one of the moments where they will look at what we do and less of what we say.

Walls of text get skipped, and arguing will just entrench golden geese into their current position on the matter.

Simultaneously granularizing and revaluating PLEX only serves one long term agenda. The immediate effect is to desensitize.

Either jump out of the pot until the water cools down, or get used to the smell of boiling frog.
Paula Myok
Strategic Incompetence
Blue Sun Interstellar Technologies
#218 - 2017-05-14 11:00:12 UTC
RankOutsider wrote:
What happened to donating game time to other characters? I used to use a jita Alt to buy old-time PLEX and then donate that to alts on my other accounts, I don't see how to do that am I missing something?

Yes this ^^^^^

Give me back the advanced sound controls !!!! Now !!!! Not everyone in EVE is as dumb as you think !!!

Your programmers should not take the easy way out. Do your work and give us even MORE sound control not less !!!

Sandbox: An enclosed area filled with sand for children engaged in open-ended, unstructured, imaginative play. Also a place for cats to urinate and defecate...

Caldari Scientific Research
#219 - 2017-05-14 16:02:39 UTC
nurasd wrote:
Please bring back the account's remaining Omega time back ingame to the character sheet in the pilot's services tab.

Ninaa Ohmiras
Science and Trade Institute
Caldari State
#220 - 2017-05-14 21:56:12 UTC
The new scanning window has some strange/unusual "UI language" when adding/using extra probe formations.

For the longest time, I assumed that the pop-up text on the third icon/button at the bottom was a helpful hint popup. It looks similar enough to the ones next to it, "Launch Pinpoint Formation" and "Launch Spread Formation", so I assumed that "+ Save Current Formation" was a tooltip as well, and wondered why nothing happened when I clicked the icon button.

INSTEAD, it turns out that that third popup is not a helpful hint, but an action menu. Styled to look like a hint.

Would it be an idea to make the function and format more clear? Perhaps add a triangle next to it to indicate it's more than an action button. The UI right now had me trying to figure it out for a couple of days (and it's one of those things that once you've discovered it, it's pretty clear ... but it's very unclear how to initially discover it)