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Casserina Leshrac
Sanguine Illuminations
#461 - 2017-06-07 22:34:42 UTC
Halcyon Ember wrote:
Nana Skalski wrote:
Hmm, I think we all have favourite. I have multiple. Sometimes I dont know which one to choose.

*takes out rocket from a drawer*

Actually, this is a model I made myself. Even have blinking light inside the fumes.

I think ms Kim has some of those

Closer to emmulating the Late Mr. Teth's.. *ahem* attributes.

We stand at the Abyss, drawing the Patterns of Fate - Casserina Leshrac, Savant, Sani Sabik.

Halcyon Ember
Repracor Industries
#462 - 2017-06-09 13:24:01 UTC
Deitra Vess wrote:
Diana Kim wrote:

Maybe you do realize that the State has the most intelligent bloodline employed as scientists - Achura?...


Come back after you educate yourself.

On the matter of educating one's self, if one was to buy a +5 intelligence implant and respec their clone to focusing primarially on Intellegence to a point surpassing your esteemed Achuran scientists, by that logic wouldn't that make a Brutor, Sebiestor or oh say for instance ethnic Gallante a more intellegent scientist than an Achuran one?

I don't have enough popcorn for this.

Queen of Chocolate

Halcyon Ember
Repracor Industries
#463 - 2017-06-09 13:46:56 UTC
Jason Galente wrote:
Halcyon Ember wrote:
Jason Galente wrote:
Loai Qerl wrote:

Hell (Veikitamo Gesakaarin)

And here we see why you and I get along so well.

To be fair though, it didn't seem quite that bad.. she at least had old books. It can't really be the archetypal, conceptual hell if there's something, anything, good about it.

Hell is different things to different people. No amount of pleasant books or sweet treats can truly gloss over the things that break you, however you might wish to tell yourself otherwise.

No, but books can offer you the solution to your angst and suffering. If you read enough.

They're not the opiate or the comfort. They're the path out.

They're the potential to find a path. They're a set of directions. The path is far longer and harder than that.

Queen of Chocolate

Che Biko
Alexylva Paradox
#464 - 2017-06-20 12:33:06 UTC
How come this thread has not been used in 10 days?
Aria Jenneth wrote:
(Doctor, quickly! The patient's slipped into a comma!)
{Nurse, prepare an Exclamation ^! stat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!}
Che Biko
Alexylva Paradox
#465 - 2017-06-21 21:02:26 UTC
Not sure if even kul noticed the upside down IV joke. Maybe I overdosed on the exclamation marks. Anyway, jokes tend to not be funny if you have to explain them, so I understand the lack of laughter.
Che Biko
Alexylva Paradox
#466 - 2017-06-21 22:03:32 UTC
Talking about jokes...
James Syagrius wrote:
Commaageddon perhaps, well yes, perhaps a bit too exuberant with them... But still, the point remains.
I get the .