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Singularity test server Accounts not reflecting Tranquility

Center for Advanced Studies
Gallente Federation
#1 - 2017-05-02 13:30:36 UTC
Hi Folks,

I've searched the Assembly Hall and checked the first couple of pages and can't find this topic mentioned so here I go.

Currently the Singularity mirror is performed roughly once every 3 months, so things like account status are locked until the next mirror. Although I'm pretty sure in the past that when my subs lapsed and I resubbed I just submitted a support ticket to get my account updated.... will have a dig and see if I can find anything.

The problem now is with the Alpha and Omega accounts people are finding that they cannot use Singularity for any Omega related testing as their accounts are set to Alpha if this was the state when the last mirror was performed.

Singularity is a very useful resource for players and CCP as it gives people an alternative sandbox to test fits, theories and plans out without consequence. This also means that players can sometimes be testing against a newer codebase, perhaps the next big update from CCP. All of this can only be good for the community and CCP as it helps highlight any issues with updates and also brings an amazing tool to the table for people to utilise.

People have raised the issue several times in the Test Server Feedback thread but receive a standard response along the lines of "we don't care - the mirror will be done in 3 x months" and then the threads are locked.

In the interest of community engagement and keeping subscribers surely this isn't the best way to handle the situation. Now singularity is sitting on better hardware (taken from Tranquility after it received its upgrade) surely it would be possible to perform a more frequent update or somehow design a simple method for players to update their account status (maybe from account management on the website). If they are able to make people Omega during the mass tests surely it would be easy to write some code to check the sub status and then automatically update the status on Sisi.

Anyway thank you for your time and here is a link to the original still open thread in the test server forum -