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Cloon McCloon
Space Fukery
#1 - 2017-03-08 13:42:16 UTC  |  Edited by: Cloon McCloon
I cannot complete a corp industry research job on 4 BPO's from a raitaru engineering complex. a pop-up message comes up that says "Not enough shelf space - you can't add the blueprint as there are simply too many items here already."

The corp hangars are completely empty in this station. There are and were no containers, packaged or otherwise, and i can manually place things into each corp hangar, except #5, which is where the job is supposed to output.

I can click on that hangar, and see that it has no items in it, but i cant even put 1 tritanium into that hangar, or I get that same popup message. So the issue seems to be with the hangar, not with the industry job.

And only this one station... that same corp hangar works fine in all other stations and complex's with corp office hangars.

Any ideas?